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Official GX1 hack development topic
  • I got the dump. Initially all looks pretty good.

    I hope to start to work on hack soon.

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  • Excellent!

  • G3 would be better..

  • @Failflow

    Do not worry, G3 will be next.

  • @failflow

    I signed up just to counter how ungrateful you sound. We are very lucky that we have people willing to spend their time improving our cameras beyond what Panasonic had intended. I used ptool on my GF1 and can't wait for it on my GX1. I am a bit late to make a donation for the GX1 fund but I will make a donation as soon as the hack is finished to thank Vitaliy for all of his hard work. The GX1 is a great camera but would definitely be made better with manual video mode. I am very interested to see what the GX1/G3 are capable of when pushed to the limit...

  • This is great news! I will donate soon as well.

  • GReat news!! can u preview what's the key feature for GX1? would it be on manual video? :) can't wait and let do the folks here know if need more support

  • Plan is to port features present in GF2, GF3 hacks. Later we'll move to manual thing, as it'll be similar for four cameras.

  • Personally I d like to see how we can take the mp4 h264 wrapper stuff further. ;-)

  • Any news about Gx1 hack development ?

  • @scipio

    I am working on next PTool that will have support for G3 and GX1. Hope it'll be available in June.

  • Super! Great! Can't wait! :)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thank you very much for the fantastic news :)

  • We'll have some release delay due to me being sick for some time :-) But I have only few remaining things to finish, so it'll be soon.

  • Really a good news Vitaliy_Kiselev :) Sorry for your disease. I hope nothing of serious.

  • Good news to end June :) & good health for VK

  • Take care. Priority to health, family and friends. ptool can wait :-)

  • Well said lolodigital! +1!

  • Take care VK. Hope you soon ok again.

  • Hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick.

  • image

    PTool, work in progress.
    Various MP4 specific modes settings are being added.

    382 x 630 - 70K
  • Marvelous VK!! look forward to the release soon :)

  • wonderful... hope to see the same for G3 at the same time as GX1-G3 is one project :) keep up the good work VK!

  • Awesome! Hope you're doing good (healthwise)!

  • Congratulations Vitaliy, it looks absolutely amazing ! Last week i bought the G3 just because of your upcoming genius hack !!!

  • That a very welcoming ptools picture @Vitaliy_Kiselev :-) Congrats on your hard work.