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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • @peternap that looks awesome... which lens did you use?

  • @SisterCities I used my normal walking around lens. A 55mm Nikkor 2.8 micro Nikon mount adapted.

    This patch was worth waiting for. The low light test was next so I drove to town and started shooting a Burger King from about 200 yards at ISO 800. It is amazing! Some noise but fine grained and good sharp images in the lighted areas. That's in 720-60.

    Tomorrow I'll start panning and give it the "I screwed up, can I save the clip" test...Kinda like twit of the year.

  • Which one of driftwoods hacks are best for video high detail and works well with HBR 25p PAL?

  • Here's very high HBR 25p and 720p plus everything else... Please now try Cluster v2c FINAL as P frames on 24p have been slightly tweaked at GOP memory level.

    Driftwood Cluster v2b PAL and NTSC -
    Cluster v2c FINAL 6 GOP -
    Cluster v2c PAL and NTSC 6 GOP all round - 24p graph.png
    1298 x 671 - 75K
    Cluster v2c PAL and NTSC 6 GOP all round - HBR25p graph.png
    1294 x 687 - 86K
  • @driftwood May 31...Left 4 Dead Fan Film Behind the Scenes (Northern Five / Airsoft GI)

    Why do people produce such a bullshit ? What for ? What reality ? What need...??????

  • Thanks Nick for the new settings :)

  • Shot with the Helios 44M and a Cinemorph filter from vid-atlantic to emulate a vertically stretched bokeh aka anamorphic. Sedna Q20a. Tried to make everything soft and vintage in grading. Read info on Vimeo if interested. Enjoy.

  • whole video filmed with use of GH2 with Sedna patch and with Wondlan Carbon:

    Enjoy and spread some LOVE!

  • @Driftwood, is Cluster v2c for for Pal users or for NTSC ?? Thank you for your great work and your time.

  • @benibibe

    What have you filmed lately?

  • 2c for both. There will be v3 in a weeks time.

  • @driftwood 6:04AM ...Here's very high HBR 25p and 720p plus everything else....

    Just come back from town testing V2b (not final):

    Results: SDXC 95MB/s 64GB. - 14-45mm Pana - Iso 160 outside-640 inside -3200 Underground.

    PAL land.24p = no playback in camera, camera stops, restart by removing battery. Mjpeg = card speed/reed error after some seconds, shut down, restart by removing.... HBR = Works fine.

    Result quality playback: top quality in 24p, visible worse quality in HBR comparing 24p
    no flowmotion in the seconds with Mjpeg, HD result simply not usable.

    Only had positiv, impressiv results with all driftwood patches before !???

  • @driftwood, thank you, looking forward to it.

  • Hello and thanks for the patches. Is cluster v2c also suitable for PAL?

  • Sorry I just saw the answer to my question in a previous post, thanks.

  • @Benibube Having just checked my mjpeg settings I realise (as I had working high settings for months) that these are not the correct ones. The adjusted mjpeg settings that you will see in v2d attached below (in a moment) will have my 2K dimensioned 2048 x1152 HD very high quality settings. Apologies for this oversight.

    @xavieramelio for NTSC and PAL - its pretty much there for 6 GOP - looks good allround. However,expect a hi powered 720p for a future Cluster v3.

    Driftwood Cluster v2d with hi quality 2K mjpeg -
  • @driftwood....good timing ...I was about to load 2c...:)

  • @driftwood 5:13PM...thank you Nick !

  • CLUSTER v2e

    Ok this is just about right and NOW with in camera playback too. Please experiment and let me know how you get on with this lill' babe. This will not 'dropout', fallback (call it what u wish) unlike other settings Ive seen of late.

    Superb allround setting for people who want that bit more!

    At ease.

    Cluster v2e -6 GOP - with in cam pback and 2k mjpeg -
  • @Driftwood Are there performance differences between 2d and 2e other than the in-camera playback? I was unclear on whether the comment about fallback mode applied to Cluster 2 versions or only to 2e. I ask because I was about to start testing 2d but I see no reason to do so if it is already obsolete (so I would just head back to a coffee shop and re-load).

  • The only two now to use are v2a (which employs a hbyrid 12 GOP/6GOP) or the all 6 GOP variation v2e. PAL users should defo use 2e.

  • @driftwood only v2e has 2k and v2a doesn't right?

  • @driftwood This is getting confusing. Is 2a the same as the first v2 you posted?

  • Okay - at the coffee shop now. While I am here, here is a Cluster 2D frame shot handheld in NTSC EX SH with a 58mm Rokkor at f/4.0 (vibrant -2, -2, -2, -2 with IR off and shade WB).

    Cluster2D EXSH f4.0 58mm rokkor0006.png
    1280 x 720 - 729K
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