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100Mbps Flow Motion v1.11 Failsafe Patch with HBR 25p & 50p modes
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  • I have been using Flow Motion for a while, have been very happy, and it had not failed until this past weekend. I had been taking lots of short video clips of a grandson playing mini minor baseball. I was using my GH2 with the 45-200 lens in 720p60 and one video clip failed with the write error from over the fence on left field. I had just taken a photo while taking the video clip, and was zooming from 200mm towards 45mm with a busy chain-link fence in the background when it failed. Perhaps taking photos while filming and busy complex subject stresses the setting in ways we had not measured. I am sure that I had taken photos while filming before and it had not failed. Here is a short section of the vimeo clip until it failed.

  • @aljimenez . streamparser will confirm your thoughts plus 720p60 is the "least stable"" mode i believe Lee has said. Maybe switch to H mode if you are zooming with auto focus a lot, those good light, full detail conditions should still produce near max BR for H setting. You could be right about taking photos during video, i've not tried that.

  • @aljimenez I downloaded your original MTS file and checked it out. It appears that video recording stopped when you snapped the photo, but the file was saved properly without corruption. I suspect you're right about taking snapshots while shooting video, as it would undoubtedly put additional stress on the camera's CPU.

  • @LPowell "Listed bitrates are the maximum seen in practice, filming well-lit, sharply-focused, highly detailed scenes. Average shots will produce average bitrates. In low-light conditions, I recommend trying MJPEG HD 1080p30 mode for its ability to maintain high bitrates in near dark conditions." I am very interested in using your Motion Flow but I'm in PAL area and for obvious reasons I have difficulty using MJPEG with 30p in low light conditions. I would understand if compared to the original firmware or another example that you can make me, what percentage will have difficulty in these low light conditions using HBR 25p? thanks

  • Flow Motion:

  • @zcream Ptools has a feature that you can merge settings. I have used it to do what you ask here... Al

  • @zcream As @aljimenez points out, you can add the Pasadena Pulse Audio V2 Beta 2 patch to Flow Motion without disturbing any of the video patch settings. I've done this with the upcoming Flow Motion v2.0 patch that I'm currently working on and have been very impressed with the improvement in audio quality. Thank you, Per Lichtman!

  • @driftwood. Nick, do all of the variations of Canis Majoris use VBR and the only difference is the matrix values that more closely match the time of day?

    Edit. Sorry the wrong place to post.

  • @zcream Thanks for thinking of that. :)

    @LPowell I'm really glad to hear that you appreciate the improvement! I'm looking forward to Flow Motion v2.0.

  • Very much looking forward to FlowMotion 2 (not that FlowMotion 1 isn't great) and love that you are including thepalalias's settings for audio. Any hint on when you might release it?

  • @woodcarver Thanks for your interest, I'm planning on releasing Flow Motion v2 in the next week.

  • @LPowell That’d be swell! Look forward to it.

  • @LPowell May 12 ...there are many, many others, waiting for you...

  • @LPowell Have you posted what's different with 2?

  • @peternap Previous versions of Flow Motion have provided custom Scaling Tables designed to produce P and B-frame image quality comparable to the camera's built-in I-frame image quality. For FM2, I developed completely new Scaling Tables to produce significantly smoother motion quality than the unhacked firmware can manage. I've successfully tested FM2 on flowing water currents that can literally cripple the stock firmware, plunging it into the encoder's low-quality fallback mode. In that respect, I'm aiming to produce a patch that actually improves the reliability of the camera when filming high-detail, fast action shots. FM2 also performs very well in low-light shots, using fine quantization at bitrates over 50Mbps even when underexposed by two stops.

  • @LPowell Thanks! Looking forward to it and hope it preforms well in 720p-60

  • @LPowell , will FM2 work on HBR25p the bit rate ?

  • @feha Class 10 SD cards @ 100Mbs peak in all video modes, all lenses, no restrictions, with file spanning supported at 50Mbps.

  • My first bash with Flowmotion 1 VBR mode. I'm liking the results

  • Gentlemen - Just before I throw in the towel with the Flowmotion v1.1...and perhaps with the GH2....I appeal to ANYone with successful experience with the Flowmotion at 1080 60i FSH.

    After spending over 5 hours a day during the last month attempting to find a program at 1080 60i FSH which both did NOT crash the camera, and which provided superb results, finally, last week I settled upon the Flowmotion v1.1, as highly stable and as performing far better than anything else (which was stable!) in potential for color rendition, contrast, smoothing out noise in very dark shadows without loosing detail, etc.. BUT in running some final test shots about 5 am yesterday morning, my GH2 crashed (which is to say, of course, that it locked up and could only be unlocked by removing and then reinserting the battery) when running Flowmotion of some contrasty, high detail shots, with or without much motion. During the ensuing ten hours, I had some shots that ran anywhere from 4 seconds to 15 minutes before crashing. In desparation, I again downloaded Flowmotion, the Pan v1.1, and latest version of ptools, and reinstalled, with the same results, shooting, as usual, with a variety of SanDisk 64 GB cards, with a capture speed of 95 MB/s.

    Any thoughts or queries from any experienced users would be much appreciated!

  • PS

    OR any suggestions as to any other stable, very effective programs for 1080 60i FSH !

  • One Final Thought!

    Yes, I promise, this is the last! Of all the others I've tested for both stability and performance, Sanity 5 is a very close second to Flowmotion.

  • @David I was going to suggest Sanity 5 David but I never use 1080 I for anything, so I can't really help. You may be better off using the latest hack with the stock settings.

  • @Davidz

    for 60i & 50i I also opt for Sanity. Me personally for Sanity v3.1 rather than V4 or V5 (I use V3.1 when I have to shoot 50i) ...

    Sanity v3.1:

    Sanity 4 & 5:

    edit - attached Sanity V3.1 for PTools 3.65d (latest version)

    Sanity V3 PTools