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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • 'Night' deliberately pushes the matrix very aggresively. Stopped recordings will happen even on default Q20! I have been using this setting on all modes for dark studio recordings with overhead spots and lots of detail on lit subject matter including faces, band equipment like drummers, etc... So far results have been very good.

    'Day pm' Reduces the luminance and chrominance of the Night setting to compensate for the brighter reflective surface of outdoor late afternoons.

    'Skin Tone Soft' Softens the frequencies further and smooths deblocking between adjacenet macroblocks.

    More VY Canis Majoris Settings will appear this week such as 'Day am', 'Motion', 'Smoothie'...and 'VYCM Etc' mode (a serious attempt to improve the noise in ETC mode)

    Below: A 50p grade test of Canis Majoris 'Day - pm' Setting coming soon... :-) Plus, 1/ A quick grab from 'VYCM Night' setting from a 70-200 Canon 30ft away in the dark. 2/ A quick screen grab from the new Icarus Youth video using VY Canis Majoris 'Skin Tone Soft'.

    VY Canis Majoris Fast movement screengrab - Sampled from 'Night' setting.png
    2560 x 1440 - 186K
    VY Canis Majoris - 'Skin Tone Soft' - Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 01.15.57.png
    2560 x 1440 - 4M
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