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GINI cage for GH1, GH2
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  • @jshzr , on your pictures is it GH2 or GH1 ?

  • Looks like Gini renamed cages to GH1.

  • I've sent him @jshzr 's photos and a link to this thread. He said he is working on the issue.

  • @ feha, I have the GH2 on the pictures. The seller e-mailed me back and said they are working on making a new base plate for the GH2 and he will ship that whenever they get it done. 3-4 weeks is his estimated time.

  • @jshzr I found a temporary fix until GINI gets the entire bottom plate redesigned for the GH2. I removed the rectangular screwplate and thumbscrew and replaced it with a male to male 1/4" adapter screw in the second screw hole behind the center. It fits perfectly now. With the side clamp it is pretty secure.

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  • @redbaron, nice. I was thinking of something similar to that. I was going to get a really long 1/4" screw and screw all the way up from my tripod plate through the bottom of the Cage to the gh2 inside the cage :)

  • @redbaron, great fix :-)

  • Are the cage holes standard 1/4" ?

  • yup standard 1/4"

    @redbaron where did you find the male male 1/4" adapter screw? Do you have a link? THANKS

  • Any more updates?

  • I'm still waiting for mine, Gini said this week will post ... a GH2 cage ...

  • They told me, they will ship out by the end of the week.

  • I'm considering ordering this cage on Ebay but the "customs tax" scares me. What have your guys paid for customs to the US?

  • looks like GH2 cage is ready. 7 in stock, much better pictures and free shipping? What happened to gini? Price could be lower though .

  • does the gini rig have a clamp ? please reply with @ ;)

  • @redbaron were you able to tie the top of the cage to the hotshoe?

  • I got my GH2 Cage, here is a short review:

  • @redbaron , @jshzr , did you got your cage ? a replacement ?

  • @feha it arrived at my other house. Have to go pick it up, but i think they only shipped the bottom plate. Will probably have it by sat.

  • @feha looks like they changed the right hand grip portion of the cage for easier access to the knobs. Thanks for the vid review

  • @jshzr , they did rework on the cage, hope you get the right one ... Here is part 2, talking about mounting options ...

  • I won on auction a new GH2 cage that works as a rig configuration. Waiting for it, will make a new video review about this one too.

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  • I hesitated to place an auction on this one too but I chose the "regular" version (no cage,with a baseplate and I Focus), looking forward to your review.

  • @jshzr

    Did you got the cage ? Your impressions ?