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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • @jvalal I'll be happy to answer your questions but we should move the discussion here since it isn't specific to Driftwood settings.

  • Wedding trailer shot on Quantum Xv2! Thanks @driftwood !

  • @bheath. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Glad it's working for you. I will gladly post the settings on the central patch repository area.

  • just to report on my findings:

    we have a shoot planned for lots of brightly coloured design objects on a rotating plate under controlled lighting.

    for this i tested the following: Pictoriß in all its flavours, Sedna AQ1, Dark Matter, SpanMyBitchUp, Flowmotion, GOLGOP13-Sedna and GOP3ZILLA-Sedna, all in their latest versions as of yesterday (17.04.12).

    all at 24H; ASA160; Nikon AIS 35mm, 28mm and 50mm all at f2.0; Shutter at 50; Smooth -2,-2,0,-2.

    Pictoriß and SpanMyBitchUp all showed steplike artefacts on high contrast transtions between the colours white and red, and especially between dark red and bright red. Pictoriß especially had problems with any red also showing tiny grid like blocking in graduated transitions in red.

    Sedna was the best but of course with very high bitrate.

    The surprise winner under such a setup was for us GOLGOP3 and GOP3ZILLA with the Sedna AQ1C matrix. They both showed almost no banding whatsoever and no problems at all with high contrast transitions between red and white. Average data rate was also around 11mb per second so we save on disk space too.

    Thanks to everyone concerned in creating and developing such great settings.

  • @Siddho SpanMyBU V1 or V2? Interesting to hear the results of your testing.

  • @Siddho Interesting findings. Do you have any stills you could post?

  • @thepalalias it was vers 2.

    @dbp we shot so much, always the identical setup and lighting. as we came to a definate conclusion i didnt plan on saving the tests, so they are gone. sorry. i should have known better when testing, but in the heat of the moment i just deleted anything sub-par. the final test was between Quantum Sedna AQ1 and GOLGOP3-Sedna AQ1. Sedna had the edge but we decided for GOLGOP3 because of the lower data rate.

    i should add that with all the higher bitrate patches all the problems were really only visible with high contrast gradiations in red or between red and white edges. all of them apart form the GOLGOP3 and GOP3Zilla patches with Sedna AQ1 Matrix which showed no problems here at all.

    the worst by far were Pictoriß. very visible edge steps and gitter like banding between dark and medium red.

    the lower bitrate patches tested all had serious problems with white lettering on a bright shiny red background. blocky jpeg like artefacts. Flowmotion 1.1 or Natural for example were two of those.

    yet again this was a special test because of the number of brightly coloured objects we have to shoot. i doubt these things would be an issue in normal day to day shooting.

  • @Siddho Interesting and helpful info. Thanks very much!

  • @Siddho thanks for this info. "no banding whatsoever" - magic? ;) what did you end up using at the end and is it possible to see the final result of your footage ?

  • Anyone else finding that [stock, unhacked] audio can drop in and out on some clips, shot with Sedna? Unfortunately, no access to an editing system at the moment, so I don't know whether it's a playback issue only, or if the files are corrupted.

  • Is there a table or short description anywhere of what the various settings are optimized for? It's nice to have so much variety but I haven't figured out when you would want Orion over Mysteron or Sedna over Pictoris, etc.

  • @luxis sorry, i should have said "no visible banding whatsoever".

    this was a special case and also this was not a scientific test. we just used our eyes ;). i am sure a more detailed and time consuming test would have shown more. we just tested under the conditions we have to shoot and fortunately got a result.

    again, i dont think any of this will apply to real life shooting situations, or very rarely.

    the shoot is next week (it supplements a photo shoot). i think we will go with GOLGOP3 with SednaAQ1C matrix. the products we are shooting are new and we have to shoot each item in the identical setup and handover the footage to the customer who will use them as they will see fit. i doubt if i can get permission to upload some examples but i will try.

    thanks again for all the help.

  • @Siddho well, our eyes is the ultimate scientific test ; ) just mbps graphs and such, means nothing if you are not happy with what you see.

    will give this GOLGOP3 a try. thanks for pointing it out.

  • @Siddho, Hi I am interested in trying the settings you mention, where can I find GOLGOP3 to combine with Sedna? Or is it possible for you to post here a zip with the settings combined for those of us that do not feel at ease with combining settings in Ptools? Thank you in advance

  • Waiting for Canis... here Mysteron, color corrected and grain added in post (Gorilla Grain), I am just starting to play with what I can do with colors and other stuff in post. 24H, 58 mm Helios lens.

  • @jrd It's a playback only issue, at least if you are encountering what the rest of us have from time to time.

    @bmcent1 It's not quite that simple. If you want tables, here is one I started for the spanning data on the different settings.

    As you can see, if you are using a SanDisk 64GB 95MB/s, you can get spanning with either Sedna or Mysteron inn 24H mode, but if you want to span in SH mode, you are much safer using Mysteron than one of the Sedna AQ1 A modes. In theory, SpanMyBU V2 should span on a wider range of cards but I have not tested Orion in this respect using the setup for the table.

    Other than that, Pictoris takes up less space than the above settings and Cluster takes up even less space than that (thought Cluster is not an intra setting like the others).

  • @xavieramelio the Zip is in the Official Low GOP topic, series 5 page 14. the setting is thanks to bkmcwd and towi. enjoy.

  • Thanks for the reply @thepalalias. I saw your table. I'm not that interested in spanning, personally. But I have to think when @driftwood or @LPowell set out to make new settings, they must have some goal in mind. Looking through the threads I haven't figured out what it is but a table or quick summary could be a good starting point to understand if it's a setting I should try or not. For example, has someone optimized for HBR (30p), or has someone optimized for low light or higher motion scenes, etc? There are a lot of variations even within Driftwood Quantum X series, so I wondered if it's spelled out somewhere what the "subspecies" ;) are intended to do.

  • @bmcent1 The closest you get are the descriptions right by the download links. :)

    • DarkMatter was made to improve the lowlight performance of Orion.
    • Sedna gets a little more detail than Orion and uses a different matrix. Sedna AQ1 and Q20 are similar, but slightly different and each includes 3 versions: A (most detailed), C (most forgiving) and B (balanced between the two). Driftwood defines these differently in his description - that's just my way of describing. The differences are very subtle.
    • Mysteron fixed issues with shooting in NTSC SH mode from Sedna.
    • Pictoris is the "baby" intra setting, the lowest bitrate without upping the GOP.
    • Cluster is designed to be an even lower bitrate, higher GOP option as opposed to the "image quality first, recording time second" approach of the intra patches.

    Those are a few things to get started off of based on the descriptions and having read the last 3000 or so comments. Sedna vs Mysteron at 24H is one of the harder questions right now.

    Cake and Flow motion both have descriptions near their download links.

  • I'm currently using Orion v4b and Nostalgic -2+1+2-1. Is it just me or do you also think that the skin tones are way to bright and kind of blown out if you use Nostalgic? Or is it Orion in general who takes away the skin tones in the image?

  • @DavidHjlindberg Are you adjusting the white balance to compensate?

  • @DavidHjlindberg try cinema for skin tones

  • Thank you @thepalalias!

    On the your second bullet point, you said Sedna twice, what has more detail than Sedna or Sedna has more detail than what?

    Is it safe to assume that the newer settings, provided they don't give you write errors, have higher quality than older settings?

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