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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • I am leaving for Portugal tomorrow. Would have liked to bring Cluster v2 along but chose Cake v2.2 by balazer instead:

    Together with bkmwcd´s natural patch these are the best mild patches around here:

    If you want an even lower mbs patch, RalphB´s Sanity v5 is pretty good:

    May be there´s still a chance Nick releases his latest patches tonight!? Sorry if the pic is a little offtopic!

    Vakantie hack Sanity V5 en Cake V2.2.jpg
    4500 x 2848 - 1M
  • @ishvar nice setup! lucky you have 2 cams : ) u can load one stable settings on one and top quality on the on the other, if no multicam is needed.

    @all along these lines: is H and L setting different in terms of matrix,compression,etc ...or is it just the bit rates and the arbitrary name? if these and all others could be fully adjusted through ptools maybe a mixed patch can be created/loaded let say half Sedna(H) and half(Mysteron) etc...or any other combination(s) . testing would be easier too ;) is this technically possible?

    mysteron and SH: i noticed when using 720 50p SH , the time left shown is 4 times less then the actual time left for this mode. if it says - r10sec - that means 40 sec of actual recording time are left(720p SH).

    also sometimes SH 720 50p (especially if longer)files would not playback straight away after recorded , a one second recording of whatever and the file usually plays, if error or not possible to play it just fast off/on would do the trick.

    checked spanning (in this mode and in 24L)and it works on a 95mbit/16gb SanDisk until i stop it or it runs out of space...created files are over the usual (crap) fat16 size 4gb. will try the 24H.

  • @MattRobertson7 Nice video! What picture profile/settings did u use?

  • A little bit of Orion and spanmybitch up. Enjoy!

  • Nice. I really like that curve station wagon shot, with the little zoom.

  • @blackspot Thanks! I used standard -2, -2, -2, 0

  • @jokami, awesome work!

  • Who has had experience with Mysteron and Orion? Just interested to see which delivers a better end product. I've just gotten my GH2 and hacked it, and only used the Mysteron, but it's amazing to say the least. The videos posted here say it all...

  • @ishvar : Welcome! Which place are you going to?

  • @jvalal sorry for the late reply. The pre-hack IS pretty good. If you download the original, you can see there is a huge difference in the blacks, though -- plus there is actually a strange vertical black band on the left in the pre-hack footage. It may be because there is actually color information in the pre-hack shot, since the sky was turning blue, but I think in general, they both look pretty good. It's not that great of a "test" because there's a lot of empty space, not a whole lot of detail, and not much in the way of colors, so the original codec is able to perform very well comparatively. I just happened to have the two shots, so I thought I'd put them side by side.

  • @thepalalias All good yesterday with the BC? The Big Comparison?

  • @Kihlian All our testers were shot by canon-users ;-)

  • @Kihlian A lot of people turned out for the test and good times were had by all. If you have ever tried to direct 7 other cameramen, shoot footage yourself and direct on camera talent, you may have a sense for how tired I was at the end of it, but it waas so great to conduct a comparison at a level no one had really attempted before.

    Not all the settings I had wanted to compare, could be but we got some nice 1 to 1 pairings, nonetheless. There may be some of us shooting supplemental testing soon to fill in the gaps a bit more. But I think one of my favorite moments was when six of us were standing side by side, shooting the same subject, swapping in different lenses until each had been shot with the patches loaded on our respective cameras in the streetlight at night. At that point, everyone agreed about one thing: they wanted a Nokton. ;)

    The footage I can`t wait to see is the Mysteron vs Mysteron Burst 1 to 1 comparison.

  • @thepalalias ...but it waas so great to conduct a comparison at a level etc. etc. ...I´m jealous and envious...

  • hey everybody

    here a short video that i shot yesterday for a project. sedna A AQ1 with canon FD50mm F1.4 and 14-140HD

    and this is an other one

  • Thank you @sage and @oedipax !

  • Shot on Sedna AQ1, our entry for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge.

    Thank-you @vitaliy_kiselev @driftwood and @shian

  • Recording issues still persist. I just purchased a brand new 64GB/95MB write card thinking it would solve the errors I'm receiving. It didn't. Can anyone provide some guidance here?

    Card >>

  • @jvalal I am looking through your old posts trying to find the specific issue you mentioned. Please mention what version you are using and which settings you have configured it with.

    EDIT: Went through your old posts and could not find the answers I was looking for. In my testing yesterday, no patch encountered those sort of write errors in 24H or SH mode on any of the cards used with any settings in NTSC. We did not test EX modes. The card you linked to only had a write speed error on one test and that was using Mysteron Burst in a very high detail shot.

    Did you try re-formatting the card?

  • Sorry for the late reply, but I have ordered a Sandisk 16GB Class 10 95MB/s SDHC card which is apprantly suppose to handle Sedena Q20 in all modes? Because once again, like my previous 32GB card, it keeps stop reocording in Manual movie mode and especially at ISO128000 :(

  • @GH2_fan So you are using the new card but it is giving you that error? How long does it tend to record before giving you that error.

  • @MattRobertson7 Nice video, but there is some weird artifact starting at 0:27 as you pan left. Is this in the original video, or is this from Vimeo?

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