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PTool v3.65d topic
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  • @ahbleza that would be most excellent, but not too much of a big thing.

  • While I suspect it's just an elaborate buildup to April 1st, my wish list would be some hacking of the text display on the camera, so we can know more about exactly which settings are selected. And get rid of this FH / FS crap. If I select 1080p30, I want to see it on the display.

  • his favorite, April Fools jokes !!!

  • i hate april fools, it messes up google for years to come and nearly always it's just for attracting traffic to one site i really hate it

  • if it's not a prank, please can it be the option to capture video using the full height of the sensor - 1440x1080 perhaps?

  • oh no. oh no oh no, VK is pulling an april fools prank. shit.

  • April fools is also in a few days

    oh shit, that's cruel :(

  • Since when was the cripple crown 5dmark3 the standard of advance of 1080p 60 fps. The $ 600 nex 5n does it.

  • I am neither saying that it is nor that it is not, but there are Sony cameras that do 1080 60P with comparable sensor size, so the reason other cameras usually do not so far is clearly not sensor size. Edit: I started typing before the last post. :)

  • @fatpig "it is certainly not 1080 60p. not even the 5dm3 does it."

    The 5Dm3 also doesn't even resolve full 1080p... for starters.

    And the lack of 1080p 60fps is probably due to canon product crippling... not hardware capabilities. Why do people still assume these companies are out to produce the best products? They're really not. They're trying to release the least amount of updates for each new model, while still enticing people to buy it. That's their goal.

    Also, since when did "whatever the new canon DSLRs features are" become an indicator of what other cameras can and cannot do? The C300 doesn't do 60fps at 1080p at a $16,000 price tag... yet last time I checked... both the AF-100 and FS100 could for $4k. So it's not a large sensor problem... and it's not a price problem. It's the fact that canon wants to sell you 60fps 1080p 4 years down the road as a new feature...

  • BT=Panasonic decided to give @VK a job, Panasonic want @VK and @driftwood to work on a special GH

  • Gh2 have 3 cpus,i think 60p is not a problem to GH2

  • it is certainly not 1080 60p. not even the 5dm3 does it.^^ seems to be large sensor problem.

  • +1 ;) it sure is

  • April fools is also in a few days

  • 1/48 shutter speed at 24fps would be awesome. It would give us a little more light and make motion a tad more fluid.

  • I have no idea of what that mean but i'll be happy with 1080 30p hdmi out :)

  • i think 25p 30P out from the sensor not 50i

  • is it 1080 60p hdmi out?

  • I dunno, I read somewhere that the option for the 4:2:2 just wasn't there on the GH2. Really don't know first hand, this is just what I've read here.

  • There is 4:2:2 on the GH1 mjpeg... so why not in the GH2?

  • @starstuff

    Well, I certainly don't know for sure... but from what I've read, the 4:2:0 is more-or-less implemented from a hardware level than a software one. So it's not even an option in the coding. But, again, I don't know for sure.

  • Ha, a single obscure remark from Vitaliy and the community goes crazy :D But can someone enlighten me why exactly 10-bit and/or 4:2:2 is impossible? I thought it's a codec limitation and not one by the camera itself? There's the AVC-LongG class (10-bit/4:2:2 output) within AVC-Intra Panasonic advertised with. So why exactly is it impossible on the GH2? I'm not saying it is since I obviously have no idea, I'm just curious to know...

  • Instead you can resize a 2k!

  • Hacked iDR! :)

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