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PTool v3.65d topic
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  • Over on the dvxuser they mentioned 4K

  • Every day is xmas here!!

  • 4k??? For the little I know about codecs, at the risk of being ridiculed, It's impossible to see 4k 24p on the gh2 in avchd. Besides, 10 bit 4:2:2 would be better which already is impossible. Even removing the 40 frames limit would melt the sensor... I just know that if Vitaliy managed to hack the hdmi to have uncompressed footage, I'm going to build him a statue in Soho.

    Vitaliy, give us some tips... We all are so curious...

  • Big thing? Vitaly got a E-M5 and has already hacked it? LOL! I wish.

  • If vitaliy gives uncompressed 4k, I'll donate a GH2 to him and build him a statue. :-)

  • Maybe it's got nothing to do with ptools? He just released this version so why release another so close in time? Affiliate links in PV? Celebrating the death of Trotsky in Gulag? Game theory section? It's probably some kind of collaboration on the agenda.

  • @oscillian agreed, probably not ptools related. most likely information about new camera or similar.

  • @liquidfiy This current release is for GF3... so if VK is working on BigThing®™ maybe he didn't want the release schedule to push back the GF3 update?

    Also VK may only 'discuss' BigThing®™, and possibly only core team will have access to it...


  • @alcomposer Do you have privileged information from Vitaliy? :-)

  • @paglez No, Just my 3 Cents, (however I do know who Mixerman is... :D )

    But considering how the last 'major' versions of PTools were released, testing by the core team was very important.

  • well... here i go checking PV constantly for the next 2-5 days.

  • All this announcements of VK and driftwood are making me crazy!! ;-) I can not imagine what else can be extracted from this machine, which is already great with this hack!

  • I also think that a kind of technicolor cinema picture style of the color profiles would be the only "big thing". 4K or any other improvements with the same video look would be a "little things"...

  • My hopeful guess is that having discovered the hidden features, VK has worked out he can put his own code there, and we'll have something magic lanternish

  • We've already got the best camera going, the rest is gravy.

  • agreed with johnnymossville

  • 1080p-60FPS? (or higher FPS?)

  •     Announcment about BT (Big Thing) will follow in next few days.

    That sounds like Jim Jannard ;-)

  • Darn... the suspense is killing me!!!

  • GH2 was endorsed by Romney would be Beer Time for BT

  • Maybe 444 out the USB port.

  • keep on dreaming brian :p

  • Too much? :)

  • I say color profiles. That seemed to be on his radar before he started working on the GF3. That would be something huge but still within reason.

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