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PTool v3.65d topic
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  • Are there any improvements to manual control of GF2, included in the 'few fixes'?

  • Could it be VK will release his own firmware to work with Ptools

  • wow, what does @VK and @driftwood have cooking. BT; has to be really really big, can't wait!! Anticipation killing me lol.

  • All I can say is WOW, my wishes are:

    1. uncrippled HDMI
    2. audio monitoring via AVOUT/DIGITAL

    Cant wait for the announcement :-)

  • What about changing AVCHD frame-rate?

    That would be really something!!! I would happily send my 24H Timebuster settings to the trash bin.

  • Turning the GH2 into a powerful 4 song mp3 player using the discovery below ???

    or even better, porting rockbox on the GH2 (great alternative firmware for good old mp3 players :

  • Maybe he's getting married...

  • Maybe focus peaking ?:-))

    Thanks @Vitaliy

  • Exciting...Keep it up King VK !

  • Thanks vitaliy from a far place in the world!

  • X-ray mode, see thru things like those old glasses did from Madison Ave :-)

  • Bravo Mister Vitaliy Kiselev!!

  • Inverted shooting through the viewfinder. Like on the iPhone. Extreme Iris Close Up mode.

  • Full refunds maybe?

  • Maybe enabled video mode for 3D lens ? ..... I know ..... I know that would be only for a very small target group and really for fun only but I would be happy :D

  • So what could BT be. Jello, no way must be hardware base, limited by sensor readout. We already have higher bitrate, so a no. So whats left to hack. Film mode would be a big one with flatter profile for example for bigger DR. A function to set the I-dynamic that is useless in its current implementation, again for more DR. Hack of the 1 second 40 fps 4 megapixel mode to longer time or continuously at 24 fps. Clean HDMI with true 4.2.2 . Ha ha ha should stop here, I am getting crazy.

  • Sometimes you wonder that even small thinks like this can find convinient and not at first sight thought applications.

    Time limit for extreme settings, time limit for timelapsers, what else ..... you will see soon that there will come more if enough creative people think about it.

  • If it could make 3rd party battery shown level. That would be Beer Time for BT :=)

  • @oscillian I laughed so hard at your first comment. It was necessary!

  • Pay no attention to my previous comments, I was merely trying to be funny. So on a more serious note: We are probably getting continous light from the flash, finally turning the GH2 into a proper videocamera.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    It wasn't clear in the notes. Does the new Ptool allow manual video mode for the GF3? Also the GF3 still lacks the 1080p 80% slow motion, 720p @ 60 FPS, true 1080i/60, and ETC modes of the GH2, right? If you added those in then BRAVO to you. If not then still a great job. Thanks for your hard work.

  • @thepalalias

    It allows the camera to fail gracefully if it cannot span. You cannot use the 30 minute time limit patch with it though.

  • Does it let you set a time limit for a recording?

    Yep. It is only useful for very high bitrate patches that fail to span to protect footage and be sure that camera stops properly.

  • I should have a chance to download tonight, but what is the recording limit patch? Does it let you set a time limit for a recording? Or is it a patch to keep the card from trying to span? Or something else?

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