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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • @woodybrando: You might want to look around at some other threads on here which examined the tungsten WB "trick". I seem to recall that most comments were not so favorable. Because of GH2's limited 8-bit 4:2:0 encoding, I'd personally be very hesitant to shoot footage that routinely required huge amounts of WB correction in post... seems to me like the cure might end up being worse than the disease in many cases.

  • @zaven13 Can you post your settings please?

  • @andyvia68

    nice grade, but in the opening seconds some kind of object flies by. Couldn't help but watch again. Looked like a UFO. Anywho, if you created it in post, brilliant if not it's even better.

  • What bitrate are most of you averaging with Sedna?

  • @liquidify. Here is my current settings that I use. Sedna A Q20 for 24P. Sanity with Sedna matrix for 720p60, 1080i60 and HBR. You can use the same settings for PAL also.

  • Ah, @zaven13 you have to post it in .zip or it doesn't download. Sounds like good stuff. Have you compared Orion to Sanity in 720? I always though Orion looked amazing in 720. I'm excited about this one though because I am really liking all varieties of Sedna and I liked 3.1 sanity too.

  • @liquidify. Just added the zip file above. I really like the sharpness of the Sedna. I can adjust the color using different color profiles or in the post.

  • Hello ufo has not been put in post, you're right ... it's weird

  • Hello ufo has not been put in post, you're right ... it's weird

  • exsample test STOP MOTION with GH2 SEDNA Q20 CHROMA KEY 24FPS 1/320:

    and workflow in VEGAS VIDEO

  • "There will be a new version of Cluster (v2) together with Per's Audio settings and Sedna matrix settings tonight." @driftwood Please, please, please,please.... ps: could we increase the bitrates of cluster around 88/100Mbps.( Cause spanmyBU, Quantum100v3 worked really good even with Verbatim C10 cards). Thanks to V.K. and N.D. and all the contributor friends.

  • Test Patch SEDNA B Settings: Great all round detail. AQ1 Filmed with GH2 and Voigtlander 25 mm (Low light)

  • gh2 driftwood hack on Vimeo!

    really liking the new sedna a q1 setting. It graded really easy and held up. -2-2,-2,-2 standard lenses used 8mm, 17-50 2.8, 35mm 1.4, 58mm with sankor 16c the last shot was at f16 3200 iso and the noise wasn't bad at all.

  • I definitely agree with cjdincer...please

  • Little test, V1.1 vs Sedna A Q20, picture profile estandar 0000, 50 mm Nikon lens, F 1: 1.4 aperture 5.6, 24H. This are the clips I transcoded with 5DtoRGB to prores422, no color correction applied, V1.1 was 16.93 mbps and Sedna A 116.46 mbps. Sorry for vimeo quality, I have a free acount. I already shot an interview with Sedna C Q20, I was very pleased with the results, I had a little error on the first clip around 8 seconds in, try at other times and it keep happening, anyone experiencing the same? I use a Sandisk extreme pro sd card. Also I get broken sound till 8 seconds in the clip with Sedna A and C Q20 also with the original V1.1 maybe a problem when I transcode???

  • Waiting for Cluster 2.0 :-), with Sedna ... :-)

  • @feha ...I would love to try out Cluster 2.0+ Sedna ...sounds intriguing..

  • You can merge Cluster with Sedna yourselves, v easy takes a few minutes, nice combo :)

  • Transcend 64 gig type 10 card.. yesterday had several freezes HBR 25, complete, had to open and reset battery in. Sedna C AQ1.. also write errors couple of times..

  • @Zaven13....Just when I get happy with one, they get better. This thing is faster than a Briary Branch Woman! Thanks, I'll try it today!

  • @Zavin, I gave it a few tests. The image quality is the best I've tried yet. I couldn't get it to lock up even on the screen of death with that nasty 14-42 lens wide open full zoom and tele ext on at 3200 iso, 1080-24. That's amazing for this 45mb card, It did stop recording just after 4 minutes but it may not with my 95mb card. Thank you and Driftwood!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @peternap The reason for stopping at 4 minutes is it's not spanning (Sedna is not a spanning patch). After 4gigs, it not writing a sequential file (spanning) that continues. It may span with the 95mb card though. Hope it goes well! Salud

  • Another shot with the Driftwood Sedna B. 720p50 (played at p25).

    Lumix 25mm/1.4 ISO 800/1600. Smooth 4 x -2. On a Sandisk 16/45MB.

  • okay looks like i'll stay away from shooting everything in tungsten to reduce noise. I don't like spending more time in post than i have too.

    also sedna a q1 has spanned fine for me on the 95mb/s extreme pro card

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