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ThrusMT Follow Focus
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  • While I think the play of the gearbox is amazing, I have trouble to lock the "swing away" clamp.
    It easily moves from it's locked postiton while operating it, no matter how hard I tighten it.

    Does anybody have the same problem or have a good solution for this?
  • Yep, it is known design flaw.
    If you have real solution, make 3D model and you'll get it made :-)
    See out design contest topic.
  • My 2 cents:

  • @jaecjaec
    I liked the clear, well-staged shots of the Follow Focus unit in your review. I also had an initial problem with the switchable gear wheel similar to what you found. Both the gear wheel and the metal shaft appear to be machined with a slightly flattened D-shaped cross-section, intended to prevent the wheel from rotating on the shaft. However, the wheel material is compressible enough that it can be forced onto the shaft without aligning it to the D-shaped flat spot on the shaft. If force-fit in this way, the pressure on the wheel from the shaft can make it difficult to remove. I was able to carefully pry the one in my unit loose with a flat-blade screwdriver, without damaging it.
  • @jaecjaec

    Big thanks for your videos.
    I see that your modification is not latest, they have nice animation on their ebay listings showing small mod to made to the pointer to allow fast conversion to 360 degree rotation.
    About gear - just apply some force :-)
    As for adjustment arm - this is just design flaw.
    Feel free to propose solution.
  • Quick question for NF4 users (especially if you have also used the NF2). Does the fact that the NF4 no longer has a sliding horizontal adjustment plate like on the NF2 make any difference in terms of maneuverability, or is that plate essentially unnecessary in your experience?

    Cheers, C

  • i have it, it's awesome

  • i have it, it's awesome

    Yeh, well, maybe so but it is not exactly confidence inspiring when I point out the slippage issue mentioned here and they say that they ship with an extra NF1 fixed old style arm, "just in case". No returns either. So you are stuck if you get a defective model. What, they can't check it before they send it out from the factory?

  • So you are stuck if you get a defective model

    WTF is this?
    TrusMT is checking their products and I do not remember single issue with very big number of FF sold via deals.

  • I am speaking about purchases through ebay. I did not know that you still offer this through deals. On ebay it says they do not accept returns. When I spoke with Julie yesterday, she said herself that some customers still had problems with their units, which is why they include an NF1. In this thread there and on several others elsewhere there are people who are describing the same defect withe the swing arm....

  • In this thread there and on several others elsewhere there are people who are describing the same defect withe the swing arm....

    It is not defect. It is design flaw.
    And Julie said you that they include free fixed arm for guys who require total guarantee.
    So, I do not understand all the fuss.

  • The fuss is that if someone pays for a quick release arm, it's because they want one that works. Not a classical fixed arm solution. Two different things. In my case i do not want to deal with baseplate clearance issues in certain configurations. A quick release solution also enables quick flipping without having to remove everything from the rails.

  • @yoclay

    So, how about read posts slightly back?
    Find the total solution and they'll implement it in an instant.
    So, if you really want only adjustable arm and it must be totally secure, and be in same price range, you need to wait.

  • The point is some people have the issue and some don't. What I don't understand is why they can't just test quality control before they send out. That seems strange, don't you think?

  • By the way, why don't they just use rosettes in the swing arm? That's what Letus did to solve that issue. Only probably with the Letus is that silly caliper quick release below. Huge clearance issues with a solution like that.

  • TrusMT has redesigned the pivot swing arm so it does not slip, they incorporated tapered pins, see photo. I have the new part and it works! I would contact (Julie) telling them you would like the new part using the address below. Mine came within a week. This makes the Follow Focus useable.

    1024 x 575 - 88K
  • Yep, seems like they improved the only weak part of their FF.




  • just to confirm that the new design is a HUGE improvement. just got an upgraded part and it works. it's rock solid now! can use my follow focus again! :) great service from trusmt... as always!

  • I have one problem with the Trusmt NF2 I just got today. It might be the rig I'm using, but locked down every on tight, when I pull focus with the Trusmt FF and gears the lens always bulges. I'm using a GH2, Canon FD lenses, Ciecio7 adapter(brand new), and Indisystems rails and rail block.

    And, how do you remove the hard stops?

    Also, @Vitaliy_Kiselev what is with those terribly photoshopped weights in that photo?

  • the lens always bulges.

    It is not FF issue. I suggest to use lens support, good adapter, check camera base.

    I am sure that we had discussion abotu similar thing recently.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev What adapter and lens support do you recommend?

  • anybody know if the trusmt follow focus works with the SLR Magic 12mm.

  • Sorry, can't answer that one.

    But I just want to tell all of you that TrusMT has excellent customer service!

    For the second time they went to great length to help me with adjustable arm problems, fast, friendly and efficiently. I want to thank Julie in particular, who took care of my issue and responded to my mails in a clear and timely manner.

    If a Chinese company cares that well for their buyers, it's leaving many sellers in the "west" far behind. Wanted to make that clear since there were so many complaints here about SLRMagic – obviously there are huge differences between individual companies just like anywhere else.

    Plus, the latest version of the adjustable arm has cured the slipping problem completely.

  • Came in to respond about my new NF4 FF, I owned the iKan FG model that came with speed crank and whip. And while those two accessories alone is what initially sold me on the unit over a year ago, the backlash on it is not usuable for repeatable focus.

    Well I just sold the iKan and bought this FF from TrustMT. Boy is it a night and day difference in backlash. Everything cranks down tight as everyone mentioned in regards to their updates and changes. A/B stops is the best thing ever, can't wait to rack focus on a slider for next gig. For the price I think this is hands down the better of the FF out their right now. The only other one I had eyed is the Lanparte that VK has posted. Now I need to lock my whole rig down to prevent micro movements from lens and cam body.