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Image shift while focusing with FF
  • Hi, Are you guys aware of image shifting while focusing with FF ? It seems like the lens moves because of the torque applied to it, causing the image to move. I got a gini FF, some nikon & yashica lenses, but the problem appears with every lenses... Just to be clear I'm not speaking about "breathing" but some kind of unwanted movement from the lens while focusing. Is there a solution or is it a well-know issue with still lenses ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • This is a well known issue with still lenses – one of the reasons why true cine glass is pretty expensive. Try to adjust the FF to apply the least torque possible without slipping.

  • @krotal

    I suggest good camera base, good rods and lens support.
    Plus do not overtighten FF.

    I also suggest to post some short video sample.

  • After a bit more testing, I managed to minimize this issue by enlarging the lens gear diameter, reducing the torque applied to the lens. Smooth rack de/focus becomes possible but fast focusing causes way too much shifting.I'll post some video samples , but anyway, focusing with FF needs pratice I guess ;)

  • Another thing that plays into the equation is the quality of the adapter... play - > image shifting.

  • Sure, but i use a Novoflex nikon/mft adapter, this one's pretty stiff so I don't believe it may cause any play. The main problem may come from my rubber adjustable gears, i'd better pick up some cinematics or similar gears. For now I use a simple trick : apply a little bit of torque to the FF before recording so that the lens moves, once the lens is stable, start recording and focusing without releasing torque.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev : Although my gini plate seems to be good, can you recommend some other good baseplates ?

  • Even with a good mount you'll get play with an adapter. You may want to check out the Arri LS-10 which allows you to tie the lens down to stop shift. Expensive though.

    The Zacuto Z-Mount II looks like it does the same kind of thing.

  • In fact it's the whole camera that's moving up and down on the baseplate... Don't know what to do, maybe the lanparte baseplate will solve this problem but i'm not sure.

  • @krotal

    I specially advised two point camera bases. One point can act weird. And yes, you need good adapter, good camera base and good lens support.

    Btw, Varavon lens support is one of the good ones.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev : Sorry I didn't quite understand, you mean two point rod attachment (i.e front and rear clamps on Lanparte base ?). Anyway thanks for your help i'll purchase LPT baseplate and check out varavon lens support.

  • I purchased the varavon lens support from vitaliy's deals about a month ago and my lens shift problem has all but disappeared with my nikon glass.

  • @pinger007 : That's a very good news, I'll check it out :)

  • @Krotal let me know how the lens support goes.

  • I've seen people use a second FF opposite the main one, to counteract the torque force. Not sure if this is the best solution. I think the lens support with top tie-down may be better to prevent lens move while operated by FF.

  • @mo7ies : Pretty expensive solution, indeed ;) The Lanparte Baseplate + Varavon lens support will solve the problem (I hope so). @Greek_m43 : I'll keep you informed

  • @Greek_m43 The Varavon lense support solved my shifting problem, thanks for the tip @Vitaliy_Kiselev !

  • I got the lens support and it helps a little and now I need to get a new camera base. I'm not sure what base to get since the GH2 with Canon FD lenses is small and compact. Right now everything is slammed together; matte box, FF, ans lens support. Any suggestions?

  • @Greek_m43 which support did you get and how did you mount it? Please post some pics of your rig, thanks.

  • @mo7ies I have the IndiSystem rig, but I got it a long time ago, time to move on. I'll post photos tomorrow when I get to work.

  • @mo7ies Here's some photos of the rig. The wiggle is coming from the base, so I just need a new base now.

    5184 x 3456 - 3M
    5184 x 3456 - 3M
    5184 x 3456 - 3M
    5184 x 3456 - 3M
    5184 x 3456 - 3M
    5184 x 3456 - 3M
  • Nice rig, thanks for sharing.

    Lens support: is that top "varavon" labeled thing a stretchable rubber piece? If so, it's unlikely it will hold the lens in place - you need something completely solid. I'm receiving delivery on the same support tomorrow, hmmmm... time to DIY the top part? :)

    On the other hand, with your 50mm lens, why even a need for the support? Does the lens move because of the Nikon-m43 adapter play??

  • @mo7ies Thanks... well the lens support has support from the bottom and the band to go over the top. The FD-m43 adapter is solid, it's the camera base that I have. I just need to find a more solid base that doesn't have any awkward screws in the front and that my camera can get up to the front of the rig.

  • @Greek_m43

    Also try good carbon or alu rods. As ones that come with Indiesystem rigs are flexible as hell.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Totally agree. How do you guys feel about Jag35. Seems like everything can fit on there perfectly, just a matter of minimal flexing.

  • IMHO Jag35 has a rather spotty quality record. Some stuff is OK, some is garbage, so it's a crapshoot. I understand they are trying to deliver at a low price point (usually), but if it doesn't work as intended, then price don't matter... Maybe try reputable Chinese manufacturers either on eBay, or catch Vitaliy's low-price offerings on this forum - which are usually a bit lower than the cheapest eBay price on the same item.