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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 2: Sedna A, B, C
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  • Excellent !!! straight out of the camera.

    ORION v4b , 24H , ISO 160 , Nostalgic -2 -2 0 -2 , FD 50mm 1.8

    1920 x 1080 - 4M
  • Just some untouched 720 60p handheld stuff with Orion V4b. I will try and upload the MTS file a bit later in the day.

  • @driftwood, hope your daughter is doing better. My wife has a 5th and 6th molar on the upper jaw with the 6th being impossible to extract due to being so close to the eye. The 6th seems to have been encased and it is not growing sufficiently fast as to cause a problem. The 5ths have been extracted with much pain along with the 4ths. Like a shark for sure. Wonder if my future kids will have these problems too. Thank you for your work.

  • As a comparison to my previous video, here's a new one, filmed with the original firmware 1.1 at 3200 iso. the video before I had filmed with the pictoris patch "orion matrix". The next video I'm filming with the dark matter patch - nostalgic mode only color -2 / HBR Mode. Automatic white balance. 12mm f1.6 hyperprime and 45mm olympus f 1.8.

  • @jhero - Holy crap, the detail in that roof!

  • @cosimo_bullo And it wasn't in total focus!

  • The Quantum X v2 Orion certainly is evolving, The test that was produced a shot time ago uses late afternoon Light more in tune with TV advertising. We need to remember the fundamentals. Vitaly,Driftwood,Stonebat,Stray continue to push the envelop in all directions, for some of us we need to work in the realm of Light and composition, to push the creative values of the Camera and its firmware that has been created. Average Bit Rate 134.... Thanks gentlemen and the rest, contribute.

    Downtown Test.psd
  • @exilenorth amazing richness in colours and visual acuity, i'd say veru filmic, though i am no expert.

  • do the orion patches work with SD extreme 30MB/s cards? How about in 80% mode

  • @exilenorth, awesome shot.

  • @peterosinski I have personally had no problems with 80% at 720 60p using the 30mb 8GB card.

  • With Sandisk 32Gb 95Mb/s I am getting "Motion recording was cancelled due to the limitation of the writing speed of the card" message. It is working fine with movie mode, 24p, but when I create my own settings on the camera and save them as C1, C2 or C3, it is giving me this message only with 720p mode. 1080i is recording fine.

    What is the problem? I have a project on Friday and I am still struggling with this problem. I do need 720p.

  • @uzland try this.
    After you have updated the gh2 with the new settings, check your menu settings and set them they way you want, now turn off the gh2.
    Then turn it on again, and NOW FORMAT the sdcard.
    Going this route give me a lot less errors.

  • @pchristoph- what mode did you use to get the resolustion higher than HD thanks, chris

  • @Stray Isn't Neoscene better than 5D2RGB for color grading as it upsample 4:2:0 to 4:2:2?

  • @klem007 hi, I hack again using rocket V3 and it works fine with the card I have, I was getting over 50 mb on the clip I try, I need to go and shoot something real to be able to see how it works. I guess "adaptable bit rate" means that it may go higher sometime depending on what I am shooting? I do not know I have to see if it will still work on other situations, I am very exited...

  • Anyone editing with premiere cs4 can give me some advise on project settings? I try different things and the clips do not play smooth for editing. I had try 5dtoRGB and edit with FC6 (time for me to update software, I guess) and it worked fine, should I stick to that work flow? thank you for any advice.

  • @terry2 I'm not sure why you're aiming this question at me, or in this thread, but 5D2RGB puts out 4:2:2 anyway. 5D2RGB is a conversion tool, not a grading package. You use it for any number of reasons; if your using an NLE, or any other kind of app, that doesn't support AVCHD (and I don't think there are many that don't now).. or you don't trust the way your application is converting/upsampling the AVCHD footage. Or you think it gives you a better starting point for grading/CC work. Yeah, Neoscene upsamples your AVCHD footage for you anyway, Premiere will also upsample it to 4:4:4, Vegas upsamples too IIRC. Pretty much every half decent application upsamples your footage before any processing is performed on it.

    Edit : ah right so neoscene is just another conversion tool (I figured maybe it was something else too) , shows what I know, then the answer is I've no idea what the difference would be. Apart from that 5D2RGB is free. I've never used neoscene.

  • @xavieramelio yep, stick to what works. CS4 wasn't that great at supporting AVCHD, I've no idea how it would cope with hacked footage. Also, this isn't really the thread for these things, this is for feedback on driftwoods settings. I'm sure there is a thread for workflows here.. somewhere.. maybe. Anyway CS4 should be good with 5D2RGB converted files too.

  • @driftwood Hello Nick once again thanks for your amazing settings...I have a question though. Which settings in the GH2 do YOU use? Nostalgic? Cinema?? Do you have a prefered one?

  • Nostalgic I prefer. Cinema 2nd. Smooth 3rd! :-)

  • @exilenorth Awesome footage and these settings obviously allow GH2 to produce a very detailed wide shot. Just an observation - has anyone noticed that in areas where red is very saturated there is a lot of 'blocking' or jagged edges happening with that color? I've noticed this on my footage with various monitors, not sure if its the monitor? Seems to only happen with bright red areas of the image, while all other details are crisp.

  • @hawk312 Blocky reds are typical for 4:2:0.
    Take a look at the animated image in the top right of this page: This shows the difference between 4:2:0 and 4:2:2.

    Also, not to confuse this with other issues there may be with the GH2 red channel. The RED channel does appear to have more noise than expected. driftwood is looking closer into this...

  • @hawk312 thats the next evolution of the Dark Matter MAtrix to look at - the Chroma Red (Cr) ... doing this at the mo...

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