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GH2 hack HDMI output testing
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  • Not sure I understand this last comment and I apologize if this has been beat to death here, but the HDMI out from GH2 is not giving me anything. I have a Liliput 7inch monitor and just went out and bought a zacuto snap to go with my Z finder and both get no signal from my GH2 with Aquamotion and HDMI set to auto. If others are seeing an image in their EVFs and monitors, is there something I'm missing here? Being far-sighted this camera is almost useless without a better aid for focus. Any picture, even without true color would be great. Thanks and Happy Holidays, everyone!
  • Never mind. Figured it out.
  • @balazer @Kanintesova I fallow the discussion on the HDMI out here. I hope is OK. I tried today recording (new firmware, p25) with the AJAioHD to Prores. The HDMI puts out 8bRGB Full Range. That's great, but of course, force you to color correction (balacks goes all way down to -10%).

    I've recorded some shoots with the Window Info showing up. That gives a good reference because the text and small symbols are pure black (000)and white (255,255,255), and they seat on the bottom end and on top of the waveform (FCs waveform monitor on th Capture window).. No point on discussing if the signal is 422 or 420 because is 8bRGB. I've been monitoring on a broadcast JVC and on a PANA plasma 42", and the picture looks of a very high quality. If would be great if I could make a test with a proper color chart but I haven't got one and in this remote place is impossible to get it. A color chart would also allows me to compare the picture out of the HDMI with the one recorded in camera. I've recorded with the camera on top of a tripod so no way to tell if the picture is PSF or real interlaced. i'll do some more tests.

  • Yes it would be interesting to see and perhaps a comparison of the same scene with one of the intra patch

  • @Rafa: Looking at the spec, AJAIoHD appears to only capture YUV422. How did you capture RGB444 then? Maybe you meant "8bYUV Full Range" (which is still video, albeit non-legal) instead of 8bRGB, which is RGB444? I'm really waiting on clarifications on this, thanks!

  • @radikalfilm @danyyyel , I haven't said that I captured RGB (I captured Prores). I said that I captured the HDMI out of the GH2 that, for what I see is 8bRGB. The AJA converts the RGB source to YUV so can be captured through FW800. FW800 doesn't allows transfer HD/RGB in real time. I wanted to check this because many people asks if the signal is 8 or 10b YUB/422. Is 8bRGB. BTW, when in RGB there is not point of saying RGB444. Pro RGB is always 444. Its doesn't exist 422 or 420 RGB. RGB can't be downsampled as YUV.

    My hopes was that the GH2 would put out PSF to avoid any de-interlacing, but nope. Is plain Interlaced (camera in HBR/p25) what gets out of the HDMI and I haven't seen any kind of glitch in the picture. Being able to record the signal at 8-10b/YUV-422 and avoiding the AVCHD clipping would be great. Needing to de-interlace all the stuff is not that appealing. During the weekend I will make some test to compare in-camera recording with the NANO and I will post some pics. I need more eyes to have a look.
    I wish I had a proper color chart.

  • Is there any change that there will come a hack for live monitoring in 720P mode? I bought the GH2 especially for arial video shoots in 720P / 50fps mode with my multirotor (Flexacopter) but without live monitoring its almost useless :(

    Here an example of a winter windmill shoot, the GH2 (V1.1) was set to 720P but the HDMI connection forced it to 1080i / 25fps and ruined the shot so we edited it to an old filmisch look.

  • I believe that nothing changed with new firmware. But in fact you can shoot 1080i without problem and deinterlace in post. This will give you pretty much the same quality as 720p.

  • It will not give 50fps :(

  • Sure it does. You just need to separate fields and debob. Here is one way to do it:

    Same results can be archived in After Effects by throwing your clip into a 50Fps timeline. Make sure to check preserve highest quality in clip properties.

  • Perhaps a foolish question. is the HDMI before or after;

    the film styles. nostalgia, smooth, etc

    the noise reduction etc

  • Can someone please explain to me why we cant get 4K, 4:2:2 raw signal from the GH2's HDMI???

  • Are you serious? Maybe because it is spitting out crippled 4:2:0 1080p, and this seems to be hardwired (done in hardware that you can not reprogram)???

  • Even the cameras from RED don't spit out 4K or RAW via HDMI…

  • Really? not even the RED??? Cause I remember back in the days with my HV30 that a certain user was able to capture 2048x1560 via. HDMI if it was set to 'Photo mode (it used the full sensor and that was its actual resolution)'.

    What hardware specifically in the GH2 that's crippling the raw signal to be outputted HDMI?

  • Ask Panny ;-)

  • just wondering if there's something wrong with my camera, or that's how it works... but seen plenty of people reporting that it works for them... so wondering what am i doing wrong ?! no matter what i cannot get a live feed when it's set to PAL. works fine in NTSC, with all available modes (no 720 available) in live preview and playback mode. but if switched to PAL it doesnt work no matter what. but playback mode works fine. confused! ;/

  • on wiki it says HDMI can do 2560 × 1600 @ 75 and 4096 × 2160 @ 24. Anyone tried photo mode output on the gh2?

  • @holco most people i have seen doing aerial are using a second cam, keychain cams, that have hdmi mounted next to their dslr...this provides the hdmi outout to the fpv goggles or camera. its a work around, but not terribly expensive for the little cam, and they are light.

  • I'm finding this quite confusing. With an HDMI monitor attached what modes can the GH2 record? Is it only 1080i50? Or can the camera record 1080p24 whilst outputting 1080i50 to the HDMI port?

  • With a monitor plugged into the HDMI port, the camera can record in every mode except no 720P and no ETC. Also, expanded focus is disabled.

  • " every mode except no 720P"

    Is this still true with the latest firmware? I have no evidence that it is not - just wondering if this annoyance has been fixed.

  • Firmware 1.1 changes nothing with HDMI. Same as before.

  • " Same as before"