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GH2 hack HDMI output testing
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  • @meijerhans just out of curiosity, why 720p and not HBR (1080p)?

    @all. On this subject, I remember that once upon a time I got ETC mode and HDMI out working at the same time. Now, I'm not sure if that was just a dream or that it had something to do with the previous firmware version or other settings? Can anyone help me out?

  • So - correct me if I am wrong - the 1080i is the only one video recording mode when HDMI is plugged in? Or camera records on any other modes (including progressive), but HDMI output is always 1080 interlaced..?

  • There are only two modes that are sent out the HDMI port - 1080i and 24P. The 24P is embedded in a 1080i signal, so 3:2 pulldown is added. However, removing the pulldown is not easy because it's non-standard. Go here for a detailed explanation.!

  • Thanks for clarifying. And 3:2 pulldown regarding NTSC only, not PAL?

  • If you shoot 24P in PAL, there is pulldown added which can only be removed with Avisynth. It's something like 25:24 pulldown. PAL users are probably better off shooting 25P in HBR mode. That's the only mode that sends a clean signal out the HDMI without any additional fields added in. However, there is still the issue of the jaggy chroma to deal with.

  • I am still confused... As if HDMI out signal of GH2 is always 1080i - why in the GH2 menu Setup > HDMI mode - we have 4 choices: Auto/1080i/720p/480p. What is purpose of that???

    Does 1080i HDMI out affect also recorded video files - but on SD card - while using HDMI? I mean: are we stuck to 1080i video files recorded on SD when watching live on external HDMI monitor? Seems stupid, but I want be sure...

  • That setup is buggy and was never fixed by Panny.

    But don't worry, HDMI has no effect on what is recorded to your card.

  • @valdi99 Those HDMI menu choices pertain to playback mode, not record mode. In record mode the HDMI output is always 1080i.

  • I've been reading through the pages of comments and am confused...seems to be some conflicting information.

    I have a B4 mount lens (Canon 15x9.5B) with a B4 to M4/3 adapter for my GH2. It looks beautiful but you need to use 1:1 Crop (ExTele mode) to go past the vignetting. It is difficult to get good focus on the small LCD screen.

    I see some people say that they have figured out a way to get HDMI monitoring to work, but it only shows up once recording. This would work for me but I have not been able to get it to do this.

    Are there particular settings in the pTools hack that need selected? Are there particular record settings that this will work with? Or does it not work at all as others have said?

    If you have gotten it to work, can you give a detailed step-by-step process for dummies for how to get HDMI Monitoring to work in ExTele?

  • ExTele does not work when a cable is plugged into the HDMI port. End of story.

  • Hello All,

    I really need your help. I am using a GH2 in a studio with lots of white light, I capture with a white background, I capture directly to a PC using a MXO2 so I am using the HDMI Output.

    Is there a patch to make the HDMI output better becuase I am capturing and I am getting noise.......

    Please help. Thank you

  • The patches do not affect the HDMI output, only the in-camera recording. You say you're getting noise - what ISO are you using? If you have lots of light, set ISO to 160. That will produce the cleanest picture possible.

  • @wildfile i am with you on ETC with HDMI out. I even remember that I did have exTele working once with ptool 3.63d. You will need to load the old v1.0 to get this experimental feature called ExTele check disable. See separate post here. But I never got it to work again.

    Ralph_B has been testing this before I even got a GH2, so I'm afraid he's right. Also Vitaliy says it here. So it won't work. End of story.

  • @authorleon: Make sure to record to the card at the same time you try to record from HDMI. That should end the noise (if your ISO is not too high).

  • It's idle speculation at this point, but the most likely reason 720P, ETC and focus assist are disabled when HDMI output is used, is that there isn't enough processing power on board to handle all these functions simultaneously.

  • After reading all the posts, that was a lot!

    What came of this part, if any:

    • Output is always 1080i on 'auto', never progressive regardless of camera mode or PTools config (I am now testing with HDMI option in menu set to 720p)
  • Trying to record while plugged into a monitor at 5o or 60 fps in progressive. I don't need to record from the hdmi signal, just to the card. whenever I plug in the monitor it will only record in 24 or 25p... How do I fix this? Thanks so much for the help!!!!!

    PS: I am flying the GH2 on a S800 and Zenmuse gimbal. also interested in a hack that won't crash. I followed multiple threads here on the subject but my camera always seems to freeze half way through flight.

  • @Sugareffect sadly you cant fix this... GH2 will not let you record in 60p with a an external monitor connected to the HDMI...hack or no hack. :(... If you see an image on the monitor check that it didnt switch from SH(60p) to FSH(60i) on you automatically too.

  • @No_SuRReNDeR, Thanks so much for the response. What a joke. It is ruining my footage. as you can imagine there is a lot of fast movement and panning when using it on a heli. There is major jitter with 24p... I need my 60!!!

  • Has this changed recently? I had an external monitor connected and seemed to be able to record 720p60 (moon t7) to the card without problems. There was another post somewhere saying that maybe it really doesn't record 720p60 but instead it record 1080/60i. But I checked with StreamParser and it shows 720p60.

  • Never mind. I was wrong... I must have recorded some content without external monitor connected.

  • It took two days for me to figure this out, why I cannot use my field monitor on these higher bitrates until I ´ve searched: "missing record mode". How you guys suppose to film without field monitor anyways? Im using the Flow Motion v2 and love this 720p @ 50mb/s / 50fps, but I cannot run this at our Steady 3000 (3-axis camera gimbals). So, what we´re about to do all these fancy bitrates then :-)?

  • Can you still use the av out, my monitor has s-video input as well, so thats like 480p at most, I figure for 720 shots maybe I could just switch the input?

  • Hello. I'm five years late to the party. Did anyone ever get a usable HDMI out from this camera? I'm trying to use one for streaming lectures. I was hoping I'd be able to stream a 1080p30 image from the HDMI out - but having just read this whole thread it looks like I might have bought the wrong camera. It won't be convenient to be constantly pressing the record button. Was it a failure as a streaming device? Would be most grateful for any info if anyone can remember back that far.

  • You need:

    • System set to NTSC

    • Manual Movie mode

    As soon as you start recording the camera will output fullframe. If you want to run it for extended time, get a DC adapter to get rid of the battery, add a large SD, and install a patch with dialed down bitrate for manual mode.

    So you press the record button once when you start... not constantly. Combined with proper lens at lighting it still kicks..