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GH2 hack HDMI output testing
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  • @nomad "At first view it seems that HDMI in PAL is just 50i"

    The 'HDMI Mode' menu in the PAL GH2 only offers 1080i, 720P and 576P

    When I plug the GH2 into my TV it reports it as 1080i and when I press record, the TV doesn't miss a beat - report a change in format/aspect. Not sure if that was a given.
  • The HDMI Mode switch doesn't work at all. As soon as I connect anything, it switches to 1080i50, whatever I've set before.

    In my post I was strictly talking about shooting in 24p. It will be output in a very strange cadence in 50i.

    Shooting in 50i should give a proper HDMI signal, but I haven't yet tested that carefully enough.

    If 25p ever became a reality, it should get out correctly too, since it's a very simple thing to show it in 50i (called segmented progressive frames or PsF).
  • On set this weekend, the gh2 decided to encode 1080i50 instead of 720p50 when plugged into a monitor (for focus pulling)..
    Actually, I'm guessing this was the problem after reading nomads comment above. (I was surprised to see some files in 1080i50 - and quizzed if anyone had changed anything on the camera) Is there a way to work around this?
  • We hope so…
  • @RRRR Plugged into a monitor/recorder its either gonna switch to 1080i/50 or /60 - this was confirmed on a Ninja recently - basically everything else grays out on the GH2. Standard issue which Panny said there is no 720 out working out of HDMI - but why is it there in the firmware? - technically theyre misleading users.
  • Little bit off topic but you'd have thought most laptops of today would be sporting a HDMI IN like this one.

    It would be nice to see a smaller laptop featuring something like the above with monitoring and potentially record to any codec straight to the NLE.
  • Hello,

    For Mac users I have implemented inverse telecine PAL 25i->23.976p for the HDMI.
    So far tested on one short file only!
    For the 30i->23.976p and 30i->29.97i conversions I need test files. Mild compression is acceptable (Photo-JPEG, ProRes422). (Deinterlacer v3.8a6 at the bottom of the Deinterlacer section).
  • Driftwood, I've been looking for a HDMI input solution for a PC laptop, for applying a live LUT, and stretch anamorphic. Then it would be nice to output HDMI to a 32" monitor for clents.
  • @disneytoy
    Why not try the blackmagic cards (there is a USB3 for windows)
  • Hey, I have just recently discovered the HDMI output to recorder talk, and then realized that my GH1 doesnt do clean HDMI out.... :(
    If the GH2 is hackable, is there a possibility to see a GH1 hack?(or is it hardware limited??) I would love you guys for it!!
    Also, has anyone tried recording to a Pix220/240? I been reading up on them and apparently those devices can do do the 3:2 pulldown automatically. If some one has one, or we could donate to rent one, it could be good to see if worked right....
  • Hate to say this but the Gh1 can't even do a live feed through the HDMI plug when its on or recording footage.

    As for the Gh2 it can and I don't want to put any hopes down because I would love to have a clean HDMI feed myself, but a lot of people have worked on it with limited results. From what I've seen here and one person who bought a hyperdeck at B8H, the HDMI feed as it is right now is 8-bit 4:2:0 so there's no point recording out that way if what you want is better quality footage.
  • The bad thing about it: It looks good on the first glance, but pana somehow crippled it, so you will need to run all footage trough an avisynth script to restore field order. Nice DIY solution for greenscreen work once in a while, but nothing i would use on a daily base.
  • And with the hack the quality is so close to HDMI, it's not worth the hazzle IMHO. The only exception might be 60i/50i and a fast ProRes workflow via Ninja.
  • I guess the main issue would be to have the camera avoid recording interlaced when plugged in to a monitor..
    While it's not necessary to record via hdmi, it certainly is helpful for reference and focus pulling to blow up the image on an external monitor.

    Though, it's perhaps not possible to find a solution for that problem only.
  • Ehm.. Afaik it only transfers interlaced via Hdmi, recording is fine when plugged in.
  • @Meierhans: did you re-set the recording mode after plugging in then? From my experience the camera reverts to recording interlaced when plugged into a monitor.
  • HDMI out problems? Here's the reason:
    NO camera currently correctly outputs progressive through HDMI.

    Read this for great explanation and why HDMI is using PsF in its output.

    HDMI Recorders:

    Atamos Ninja Owners:
  • Well, most of these Problems apply to 24p.
    25p as PsF is pretty easy: just tell the editing system it IS progressive and you are set.
  • I bought a HP 2311x LCD monitor with 1920x1080, DVI and HDMI. When I plug in my GH-2 via HDMI to the monitor, It's not detected. I tried with a HDMI to DVI connector and same trouble. If I hit the play button on the camera, The camera display says its outputting to the Monitor, and while in this mode It does detect and I can see the monitor.

    But I can't get it to work while in the movie mode. I want to use the display for clients.

    I did have success awhile ago going HDMI to a Samsung TV.

    Is there any settings I can play with to get the HDMI live output to work?


  • Guys, has anyone tried using the blackmagic intensity card with Procaster from livestream?

    Procaster is free software on windows or mac and I use it for webcasting live events. I am thinking it could take the 1080 50i and deinterlace it and you could livestream at 25 progressive.
  • Yes you could do this, but remember that the HDMI signal even in the 50i mode is outputting non-standard interlaced frames, something like repeating a field every second. :-(

    I am sure that the blackmagic intesity card would work. Maybe users that have the Blackmagic Intensity card can comment? I know that there are a few out there! :-D
  • I'm going to go to B & H today and buy it.... it's the only card that I could see working with a laptop and that is usb 3.0

    If it doesn't work I'll return it. What I am trying to figure out is if I have to hack the GH2 or not... and what exactly are the best setting for the hdmi out... 1080 50i... then hit record.... then have a 64gb card in and just stream away? That being that the procaster even recognizes the blackmagic card.... welp.. I guess I'll see in a bit.
  • @Blackout

    As far as I remember this card has big compatibility problems, so you need to have your laptop with you.
  • Yeah I am bringing it... from what I can see in the reviews it will work on high end msi laptops with a software patch you download... a quadcore i7 msi laptop luckily is what I have...

    Going to bring the laptop and gh2 and a 4g card to a bistro near b & h and do a test.... so you're saying I DON'T need to patch / hack it for this?

  • Currently no. There is nothing you would gain for HDMI. However you will NEED to enable recording in camera to put the GH2 into the correct HDMI output mode.