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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • drunken, i'll wait for the result :)

  • All you grade testers, have fun.

    2nd one is the out of cam still.

    Contax Zeiss 28@2.8 + NDs and junk. Guess which profile. :B

    Orion V4b

    1284 x 724 - 1M
    1282 x 722 - 991K
  • @Nino_Ilacqua I second what you said Quantum X v.2 looks the most filmic to my eye that's my take..

  • :)

    1284 x 724 - 182K
  • As I'm sure a shed load of us are - I'm making TV here every week and looking at this and comparing it to some V expensive grades and thinking oh .... great work chaps - surpassing what I'm seeing day to day, that millions of ppl are viewing.

  • @videohq There's a 1 Light PNG along with it that's what ended up going into the cut for now :B

    Until we go to the color house to finish.

    I tend to lean toward natural, I guess that makes it seem like there wasn't anything done xD Haha -- for clarification, the murky warm one's straight out of cam.

  • filmic? ;)

    @kholi nostalgic -2 x4?

    1280 x 720 - 3M
    1280 x 720 - 2M
  • @kholi Can you just let us know what profile you used? :P

  • What is that big ass blur on the green bush below the mcdonald's sign?

  • mashed mosquito on the wind shield ;)

  • @kanintesova

    Yup. LOL

    It's Cinema profile. Didn't mean for people to actually guess. LOL Was just typin' on my way into a meeting.


    I actually like that, brighter. Slightly magenta bias on my screens ( two calibrated Apple's and a calibrated studio LCD for coloring.), otherwise pretty much what I'd do for some quick cut-ins/shoe leather.

  • @kholi orion v4b with cinema -2-2-2-2?

  • @cinemon

    Yup. Cinema -2 x 4

    But this still (attached)

    Was Cinema +1, -2, 0, -2

    Still experimenting but these might be the settings I sit on for a while.

    1281 x 727 - 1M
  • @driftwood is that 2K from the mjpg !!??

  • never mind.. read the post about monitor size. Was hoping... ;-)

  • Firstly, thanks so much for all the hard work! Just tried v3B Rocket RC and SpanMyBitchUp v2b, both did crash with my Kingston 32GB Class 10 100X Memory card was formatted after each firmware change.

    SpanMyBitchUp crashes pretty quickly for me, freezing whole camera. Having focus tracking on seems to speed up the crash too, although it's probably the panning rather than the focus processing. Either way I only got around 10-20 seconds footage in 1080 FSH mode, tried about 3 times in different lighting environs. This is as much as I tried with this firmware.

    Rocket did much better, usually recording ok at 1080 FSH . I got recording stop 'limitations of recording card' occasionally while panning on the stress charts however. I haven't got to spanning limit but doubt it'll work based on these results so far. I started recording again after that however which was fine until I pressed record button again to stop recording, that caused a full camera freeze. Next time I tried this it started/stopped just fine.

    1080 FH seems to work quite well, 312MB for 36 seconds of footage (including fast panning and stress charts). Plays back on camera fine, and on media player (version 12, win-7). vlc couldn't handle it, with the frame freezing up on the stress charts. All I-frames, Average Video Bitrate = 69,527,913

    Recording in 720 SH didn't give me any problems during recording, but results in corrupted video. Can't playback on device, media player has jumpy video with bottom of frame occasionally corrupted, vlc has smooth playback in places, gray screen or freeze frame in others (mostly during times of high panning). 720 H gives same results.

    All tests on rocket were with i.Dynamic and flicker reduction (1/50) enabled.

    I might have to get myself a faster (and bigger) card if I want to do more with high bitrates! After next paycheck maybe.

    Cheers, Andrew

  • @stanlymanly2 Your video looks amazing! Which lens did you use? What settings in the camera? What did you use for grading? Thanks Izhar

  • Orion w/panny 100-300 crashed on both high and low quality today, basically anytime I tried to pan. Gonna try b tomorrow. But 24h looks beautiful, even on etc. Backing up cards but will try to post a few grabs.

  • @driftwood , that Pictoris sneak peek looks amazing. Thank you for your tireless work.

    In my view Pictoris might become the most used hack for reliability, quality and file size for the GH2. Can't wait!

  • Question to All: Who prefers my matrix (based on AVC-Intra's official one and scaled by myself after a months eval and testing) or who prefers the official GH2 matrix? Should I work on pushing the Luma values a little further?

    Let me know.


  • @kholi

    That looks so beautifully amazing - about the best I've seen so far. I'm definitely going to try those settings out. Would you alter anything if you weren't using a Black Diffusion 3?

  • My two takes at Nick's shot using the technique described here:

    @driftwood I tested yesterday Quantum X v3b in all PAL modes (1080 & 720), with and without ETC, at low (160) and high (2500) ISO on a SanDisk 64GB 95MB/s card with panny 14-140: everything went fine, except once (but this has already been reported) : HBR failed once on high ISO (after 17s, had to remove the battery & clip was recorded with size 0 on the card).

    The quality level is so good that, to my amateur eyes, I was hard pressed to find any glaring differences (except in motion between 24/25p/50i and 50p) between the different modes on my Viera screen: top quality across the board without any distracting compression artifacts (I filmed outdoors and dimly lit indoors environments), which is probably what many of us want in the first place.

    Kudos Vitaliy & Nick for your untiring work.

    2560 x 1440 - 4M
    2560 x 1440 - 4M
  • @driftwood I am unqualified to answer your question. :-)

  • @pwc

    That first one made me say, "OOOoooooooo....", out loud. Very nice!

  • @driftwood

    Who prefers my matrix and who prefers the official GH2 matrix?

    I think I prefer something in between. Then again, it’s a paradigm shift for me. I’m used to GH2’s native matrix but with sharpening pulled all the way down to -2. If I had the option of getting the same sharpness at 0, I’d consider it ideal.

    Does your scaled AVC-Intra matrix affect processor load in any way? I’m having reliability issues with most of the modes and was wondering if switching back to the original GH2 matrix will help. (Or does it make no difference in this respect?)

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