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Olympus EM-5 topic
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  • I don't know why, but I hate this camera. :-(

  • I don't like it either. It is trying too hard to be a camera.

  • I wonder why we always must go back to old camera designs to have a "real" photographers camera? The E-M5 will appeal to memory lane dudes.

    For what it is, I like Pentax K-01. It will be a nice complement to my GH2. Waiting for the price to lower just a tad, and I will buy that.

  • Can't understand those type of companies. This is suppose to be a pro/enthusiast camera and they can't put something as simple as 24p. It is true that it is foremost a photo camera but we are in the world of the hybrid now (look at the latest high-end camera from Nikon). Video is becoming an important feature in a DSLR and the level of users who are supposed to buy this, will at least know or learn what is 24 frames per second or progressive output.

  • That's so disappointing of Olympus since the inception of the PEN. All only have 30fps. Olympus could have sold more camera's simply by adding more frame rates. But Olympus is really focussed on Japanese market. At least Panasonic gives European users 25fps or 24fps for their camera's, and America and Japan 30fps. Hopefully Pentax K-01 will have full manual video control. I think the Pentax will be a great allrounder.

  • Isn't Olympus in the same boat as Nikon? Not having a professional video camera division to cannibalize? Actually I don't know if they even have a consumer camcorder division. They really should go all out with the video features. I really do like it as photo camera, call me old fashion if you want but I love the styling and the quality finish

  • That is why it is so dazzling. They have everything to gain and nothing too loose. At least Nikon is making a big effort. I am not too convinced about the image quality of the latest Nikon D4 and D800 (At least compared to the gh2) but in terms of features they are top notch.

    These guys could exploit a niche (ala gh2) but even higher because they don't have any video camera line to protect like Panasonic with the af-100. They are so clueless that it seems as if it cost them to put these things like higher bitrate, multiple frame-rate etc. I don't own any Olympus gear, but if this camera had true 1080p resolution without aliasing/moire (as gh2), 24/25/60 fps (even at avchd 2.0 bitrate), lower jello with higher readout sensor, flat cine-gama profile (or customizable picture profile like Canon and Nikon), 8 bit 422 or much better 10 bit clean hdmi output, I would be first in line to buy one. But for now, they look more like some stupid out of date brand, that does not even consider my attention.

  • @danyyyel

    Things that you are asking for is impossible.

    They do not produce sensors and LSI. So, they did that they could.

  • ... and I belief that their typical target group (I guess hobby/vacation photo shooter, male, age 40-70) is so big that the video pros and enthusiast crowed is rather pointless to them. Nothing for to risk a support nightmare because the cheapest sd card isn't cutting it for them in video mode.

    to top the GH2, a camera would need all the GH2 merits (guess pixel binning makes it the winner) plus better dynamic range and color/gamma handling. Also the latest Nikons seem to fail with their down scale method and this will render all their well meant video ambitions useless ...

  • More consumer electronics I don't need to buy. Scratch Olympus off the list of cameras to learn and build workflow pipelines for.

  • I don't think it could ever compete with the GH2 in video terms. However, as a photographers camera it could be a great one. I've got several very very nice weather sealed Olympus lenses (like the 50-200 f2.8-3.5) that don't AF very well on the GH2. No problem for video but it would be nice for stills (like wildlife and weddings) so I still use an Olympus DSLR. They are claiming that the OM-D, with the newly implemented AF, will work properly with their older 4/3 lenses. If this is really true it will be great for users of the older Olympus 4/3's camera. They are clearly aiming it at a very different market to the GH2. It's more of a 4/3 E-5 replacement. It still has the potential to be a great stills camera.

  • Olympus is a camera company, and they need to cover their core customers first, photographers. Having owned a number of E-DSLRs, I like how they operate, much more so than my GH1 (for stills, I feel even my Ricoh GRD functions better). I also like the look of Olympus out of camera jpegs better.

  • I think it will do fine as a photographers camera, if the RAW is good. I've compared the same sensor between Panasonic and Olympus a couple of times, and it amazes me that Olympus gets a sharper image and less noise at the same ISO. So if the noise is slightly less than G3, I think this weather sealed camera may well become a favorite because of the size and built. I think it will sell better than E-P3 and many other camera's. I don't like the looks, but many will.

  • @TheNewDeal Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, I don‘t care who produces the camera with the best quality for the lowest price. At the moment its Panasonic and it seems that they will keep this position for while ... the Canon 5D Mark3 needs to be perfect in all regards to make me fork out around 3000,- bucks.

  • E-5 went mirrorless. Thus E-m5.

  • I prefer the handling and overall image quality for stills of my Olympus e620 over the GH2 and it's not really a recent camera. The jpeg's out of camera are excellent. There is no doubt they make great stills cameras and some fantastic lenses.

  • Any chance of hacking this thing?

  • @pomoville I'm gonna guess the answer is "no". Unless someone else wants to do it, there doesn't seem to be much worthy of a hack in the OM-D. No 24p, no 25p, no 60p, no build in mic in, no headphone out.

    Well actually, it does have one redeeming value for video, the sensor IS has great potential with all lens'.

    But my guess is that Vitaliy is busy with all his other projects. he'll probably kick my butt for putting words in his mouth though :(

  • I imagined as such. Since it wasn't possible to at 24p to the GF1, I assume it isn't on this one either. It could've been a contender, but oh well.

  • an example of the in body stabalization:

    general framing at around 3:50, and some panning at around 8:00. Seems like the best in body stabilization I've ever seen, the horizontal panning looks like it's on a tripod.

    It also shows off the Skew later in the video, definitely noticeable, I believe they are correcting for some of it with the IS as well.

    What I'm curious about is, the live feed that the presenter is using. I wonder if it's HDMI, because it looks pretty "clean" (no HUD), when in recording mode... More information is needed!

  • e-m5 looking more like e-5...

  • The IBIS for video is just darn awesome, surely there must be some software IS on that too

  • The E-M5 photos on Focus Numerique site look good. The skin tone of the model is very goodm much better than my Gh1. That 45mm f1.8 looks like a winner.

  • Yes, the RAW at Focus Numerique look really good. I think it may be the best FourThirds RAW. Noise at high iso is really fine grain. I'm looking at iso 3200 RAW made indoors with only lamps as lighting and I think it looks way better than Panasonic. Not that I care too much about high iso. Still, I think this camera will sell well. Olympus has done good.