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A knife and two bazookas to a gun fight
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  • Does it have anything to do with the shutter speed? I'm just throwing out ideas, dunno which is right, but anything below 60 @ 720 60 produces different framerate footage.

    Could that be the culprit when combined with HDMI out?

  • @amateur

    In one sense no because D9 relied on a lot of VFX where 4K and better colour sampling would have helped a lot.

    In one sense yes because on standard shots, in a current cinema not yet upgraded to a 4K projector, 1080p is fine.

  • @EOSHD

    Nice to know that in BR they have the same edge. But for me best BR are from IMAX imaging very fine details, i think their camera is not digital. Tell me if i'm wrong...

    just look at the lantern scene in the cave :

  • Just tried the HDMI out 720/60 thing. Very freakin' weird.

    Thanks for the info, guys.

  • Whatever you set in your camera, if you attach something to HDMI, it reverts to 1080. Not hacked (yet?).

    Plus, yes, if you don't record to a card at the same time, the image changes. Vitaliy suggested to patch in a very low bitrate and just have the cam recording all the time.

  • @David_Cole Judging from those screen grabs, there's more detail delivered by the Scarlet. Noticeably in the clouds and in the palm leaves, where the GH2 muddies just a little bit in this shot. The edge of the sign is sharper on the Scarlet. Flexibility in grading of course also goes to the 4k image, so you know what you pay the extra for. Still, a very nice rendition by the GH2, specially for small screen work. Good to have choices; stealth, mobility, budget, lenses are plusses on the GH2 side.

    PS: Did you end up qualifying the Tokina lenses?

  • Will we ever have a flat P-log?

  • It is fun to see red vs gh2 in action, but it do not chage the fact that tomorrow i am still shooting with my gh2. It is like my Nissan Micra vs Ferrari. Results will not make any difference. Tomorrow i still drive with Nissan.

  • GH2 Vs same cost other camera -------> winner is GH2!!!!!!

    GH2 Vs RED (as we say Fiat Vs Ferrari)------> Winner is Ferrari but!!!! Fiat can follow very easy the Ferrari!!! If this is not impressive, i don't know what else could be! And from whatever i read & see, only the fact that GH2 makes people wanted to compare it with REALLY PRO and MUCH more expensive cameras, Panasonic has already reach its target!!!

  • Thought I add two night shots (the only light source were the street lamps):

    Scarlet with Arri/Zeiss 40mm 2.1, 1280 ASA, Redcolor2, Redgamma2, 4K scaled to 2K:

    2048 x 1080 - 4M
  • The GH2 with Minolta Rokkor 35mm 1.8, 1250 ASA, Smooth, all at -2, Quantum 9b:

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Wow... GH2 actually looks better to me in those two shots. Does the Red do any noise precessing on-board though? Or do people usually de-noise after Redcine or something?

    Although, Red's never been the king of good looking low-light footage though when I think about it... If you go above the rating of 800asa or whatever the MX was rated at, the footage is not so pretty anymore.

  • @otcx, Perhaps you should make a very important point clear for yourself : - Do you drive for the sake of driving !? or - Do you drive for getting from the point A to arrive at the point B and what was needed to be delivered ?

    If Nissan gets you to the point B with a certain level skills in driving then you could congratulate yourself for saving a load of money for not buying the FeRRari. That said i admit while driving the FeRRari you will be turning more heads , but that doesn't change a thing about getting to the B.

  • @010101

    I see the point. Did not ment to be rude or anything. Just red is wet dream for me. Eaven when GH2 produce oustanding quality pictures, it just is no match to reds raw codec what let you do lot of things in post.

  • No, RED doesn't do anything in camera but recording RAW, the only correction is black shading.

    Yes, the DR and resolution is far better, but low-light capability is not. Even a Sony FS100 sees far more in the dark.

    The GH2 is capable of outstanding pictures in the right hands if HDTV is enough.

  • @otcx

    On the other hand though... the GH2 offers allot of things on the production side that Red cannot do.

    • easier footage storage
    • less DI work
    • more affordable to multi-cam
    • less set-up time, allowing you to DP yourself and multi-task
    • more set-ups per day
    • less insurance
    • a few more

    I weighed out the pro/con's and I would actually rather shoot on the GH2 for now than Scarlet. I have no real need for 4k and the frame-rates are just too low on the new Scarlet-X for the price. The 2/3" Scarlet with 120fps was very exciting... but the new max of 30 is just too low. And I don't want to deal with the crop when over-cranking.

    In short, don't beat yourself up over Scarlet. RAW workflow is nice, but it's not everything... ;)

  • I agree with most points, but RED is a different philosophy.

    These cameras were made to have a lot of room for DI, so needing DI is not a minus if that is the intended workflow. With GH2 you have to get everything right in the first place, even with the best patches there is far less room to move in post.

    And after three years with the R1, I challenge you any day on set-up time ;-)

  • @nomad You know just my point. I am not saying that gh2 is not exellent cam, It is. But comparing 2 different things is not fair to gh2 or red. Maby it is my bad English.

  • All you're really looking at is an HDR image compared to a normal image in Natural Light. If the Image was in a controled enviorment, i.e. movie set, you would have a better judgement of the two cameras.

  • Gh2 is good enough.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • @nomad "These cameras were made to have a lot of room for DI, so needing DI is not a minus if that is the intended work-flow."

    Yea, true. I just meant more if you needed a quick turn around, for whatever reason, and don't have the time to render out the Red footage... but still need that sharp digital cinema look.

    "And after three years with the R1, I challenge you any day on set-up time ;-)"

    Uh oh... set-up race! We need to film this and start a web-series like Top Chef... "Film Warz"!!!

  • In every episode slowest wll be kicked out in tribal meeting, and fastest get extra lens for a week.

  • hai anyone tried CanisMajoris Night with Red scarlet???