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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • thanks, I was able to.

  • Hello, I did some testing on GH2 v1.1 HBR, low light testing in New York City, last night. Link:

  • @producer "Anyone using successfully GH1 with the ISO patch?"

    Yup, it works for me. I didn't think it did at first. But then I set the AVCHD Record Mode to P and it started working... (at least I think it's working... Exposure is right for that ISO and 30 SS). But I had to press in and rotate the front dial to get it to start working. Right after selecting ISO 3200, if I just pressed the shutter release button to start recording all I got was Auto at about 400 ISO - and the front dial did not increment exposure compensation at all.

    After pressing in and rotating the front dial however, then I got 3200 ISO and the front dial (not pressed in) began working to increment exposure comp like it's should.

    Why? I dunno.

    It doesn't work in S or M modes tho... Only P and A as far as I can tell..

  • BTW, 3200 ISO in video does not look so bad like stills do. I suppose that's because of the temporal resolution which doesn't (obviously) exist in still images. :)

    BTW, BTW... Did GH1 ever have still capture during video recording before? A single image which accompanies each MPEG .mov file? (I guess you can tell I don't usually use MPEG recording. :P

  • Update: My SD card came, UHS1, 95mb/s 32GB, I loaded 3.63d, no glitches, plays on the camera and on pc even at the highest settings, 24H. Thank you Andy Harris and Vitaliy. I will be donating soon. Thank you again.

  • @clarkpnoy what was the lens you used in your HBR low light test posted on the 9th?

  • Kit lens 14-140mm. Wished I have the pancake lens. 14-140 is very goog, if I could only go lower than 4.0.

  • mean to say very good.

  • @Tesselator: It is because all pixels are used but the end picture is downsized, so the noise is reduced by calculating averages in color and luminosity channels :)

  • Can you please explain that in layman's term, I am still learning. Thanks.

  • my 3.63d test with my new card. link:

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev How high is probability on making ISO adjustable during recording?

  • Vitaly, what's the progress?

  • @Luc Be patient: In the GF2 development hack topik on januari 10 VK gave this answer:

    "I am working on GF2 and hope that updated PTool with GH2 v1.1 and GF2 support will be ready in January."

    Please note the "hope" in his answer - not a promise;-)

    I'm convinced that Vitaliy works hard on it. Don't forget to donate!

  • As I said, I am working on it.

    Today did few special scripts for IDA. So, GF2 and GF3 (I hope) work will be faster.

  • Take your time. Even Chinese people are taking some break.

  • Maybe Vitaliy should clone himself to increase productivity. Either way, I don't know if I can take the withdrawals for much longer.

  • VK, was there a minor change in the 3.63d firmware between ‎07 ‎November ‎2011, ‏‎10:28:04 and ‎08 ‎November ‎2011, ‏‎01:35:04? (As in 120fps mode and something else?)

  • any chance in the ne ptool for the gh2 the Bulb shutter mode can be open for upto 30mins or indefinate until released? that would be better. They really messed up on the time limit there, i want to do a long exposure

  • with the Bulb Mode time limit removed you could do some amazing night time and star field exposures

  • Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the correct GH2 forum to ask these questions together, since they seem to be scattered into different forums. Here it goes: Hi, I'm a new user I just ordered my GH-2 with the 14-140 lens two nights ago (February 12, 2012). I'm a video editor and looking to film professionally. The videos all look amazing. Here's my question - the reason I bought it was the combination of having amazing footage coupled with longer recording times than mirrored cams -7d, 5dmk2. Here's my question - I don't know what SD Cards to buy. I call Samy's Camera in California and they say get SD extreme's which are super expensive. What's the minimum SD card you'd get?

    I got this from The Driftwood Patch Pack What’s Included: SpanMyBitchUp patch is good quality for spanning with long record times. 32gig card = 1.04hr record time AQuamotion v2 is medium-high quality with decent spanning recording times + 80% slowdown / EX TELE. 32gig card = 44min record time TerrAQuake is seAQuake but less quality frame sizes for poorer type 10 cards. record time not yet tested. SeAQuake is Very High Quality for hi-end SD cards. 32gig card = approx 20min record time

    So is this just one of many hack packages or are there more? I've never hacked a camera or anything for that matter. I'm looking to shoot professional video and want to pull out the best I can, however most of my footage will end up online in places like Vimeo.

    Also I don't know if I'll hack the thing because there's been so many hacks that I've lost track it feels like. If I decide to do it, do I start with the first one you did and gradually keep upgrading them the same way or do I just skip directly to the latest hack? I see Panasonic's website has a new firmware update. Is that an option or will my camera come with it and is that the firmware that Vitaliy is working on hacking right now? I'm trying to find a summary page that says the advantages of it, but it's so scattered and mostly in 2011 that I have not found one place that has all the hacks together in one place with their descriptions.

    Lastly, does the hack affect the recording time/battery life? I'm reading the battery forum right now and I'm still confused. I want to scream out, WHICH SPARE BATTERY DO I BUY PEOPLE? Seems like a consensus just isn't made in that forum Haha! Thanks Eddie

  • @RickD

    +1 on the longer bulb mode. I also would love to be able to use the electronic shutter for RAW pictures. Those two things would be hug for astrophotography with the GH2.

  • Hi eddietor. For your answers you can use the faq at the top of the site. Basically, there are many different settings for the ptool program that you will be using to hack your GH2. You can figure out which cards are good in the F.A.Q at the top. It might eat into your battery life a little but I haven't noticed much. Don't worry it's really not that scary just read the faw and come back for more questions.

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