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Official Low GOP topic, series 3
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  • quantum 5
    720p/60 gets card write errors in a few seconds in both high and low quality.
    sandisk 30mb/sec. I pan and zoom with 14-140 lens.

    1080i seems stable.
  • Fwiw... 1080i will give you much better slow mo on the gh2 in particular (if there is enough bitrate).
  • @sage 16gb sandisk extreme hd video 30mb/s
  • @tody dw we'll be fine tuning Quantum for type 10s and 64GB 95Mbp/s cards - thanks for the testing. Nick
  • mjpeg stopped after ~1:30 minutes of recording with the Transcend 32, footage looks great tho! great work !

    @FGCU guess I better upgrade!

    @Sage, why is 1080i better?
  • @FGCU, there's very little difference in performance between the 30 MB/s and 95 MB/s cards when used over the HS interface, which has a top speed of less than 25 MB/s. If you optimize for the 95 MB/s cards, you'll squeeze out a few more percentage points, at best. It hardly makes any difference.
  • @Driftwood, just patched Quantum, the 2048x864 it isn't 2:37 right out of the camera right? I would need need a 1.33x adapter like the LA7200? And, the 2160x810 would be 2:66 with the 1.33x adapter? Sorry for the noob question.
  • Also, any chance MJPEG 2560 x 1080 will come back in future versions or is it too unstable compared to 2048x864? I have Sandisk 64gb 95mb/s.
  • First of all i wanna say thanks to Vitaly @driftwood @kae Lpowell and all the other developpers and testers for making this $700 camera a real Movie Making tool. I really apreciate yall hard work and passion.

    I know that's not possible with Seaquake but Is it possible with Aquamotion V.2 or another patch to have 1 file of 7 minutes if record for 7 minutes long? I need one file of 7 minutes and not 2 files of 3:50 and 3:10.
    The reason why i need this is because i shoot music videos and if the song is longer than 4 minutes than it will be harder to sync the shots.

    Thanks in advance
  • The only way would be to lower the bitrate that far that 7 minutes fit into 4 Gb. Which I guess you don´t want. The 4 Gb limit is caused by fat32 file system, and there is no way around it itm.
  • Ok so i guess i will have to merge the files in post..But besides Aquamotion V.2 is there another higher quality patch like seaquake or quantum v4 or v5 that spans in 24H? Knowing that i will get a transcend sdxc 64gb class 10 because i heard 2 or 3 users saying they work good and allows spanning.
  • Guess its to goal to reach reliable spanning on this card at highest bitrates. But its still beeing testet, so i would not rely on it itm. Just wait another 2 weeks, until then downgrade to something that has been tested to the end.
  • @soru
    I made a new patch again. :-)
    The maximum frame size is set to 1M as well as my usual patch.
    Please try.

    In this patch, it is ignored except 24p(24H).
    Please combine with your favorite patch except 1080p.

    Second patch is "GOLGOP3-13 V2".
    *Spanning in 24p with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC Card.

    1297 x 633 - 200K
    1295 x 632 - 185K
    1296 x 632 - 189K
    bkmcwd GOLGOP3-13
    GOLGOP3-13 V2 ISO3200 SPAN.JPG
    1294 x 632 - 203K
  • @Swiss_Boy, please refer to this thread for all your spanning questions. But yet, it does appear that so far at least the transcend SDXC and sandisk SDXC cards both span at the highest settings -- be careful before buying too much though; in early days of the hack most class 10 cards spanned, and then more and more fell by the wayside as things proceeded; as always with technology buy what you absolutely need and no more.

    Spanning thread:
  • @JDN ok yeah i know we are never sure of what will happen next. But i think i will buy one transcend SDXC anyway because it looks like the best choice for price and GB's. And if it's not spanning with the quantum i will just use it with Aquamotion V.2 or something else..
  • @Swiss_Boy, you shouldn't worry, seems to span with Quantum from reports I've read. But you never know what the mad genius driftwood will come up with next ;-)
  • @driftwood can i lowering the 24L and FH/H video bitrate setting to what i want, or it is linked to 24H FSH/SH? Ideally i want to keep a low bitrate under 50M for obtaining a more usable workflow.. But i want to maintain your last high bitrate discover too^^
  • @bkmwcd, does the 1M frame size max mean the largest possible frame is 200k more than the latest driftwood Quantum patches? I really like how detail is rendered in your test videos, so just wondering. I could see using GOP1 for general purpose moving shots and GOP3 for locked off landscapes where it's less about motion and more about the absolute max detail without artifacts. Does that sound right?
  • Hello,

    I have GH2 and SanDisc extreme pro 16gb 45MB/s card and I have lot of problems to find the best patch. Can somebody give me a hint? Almost everytime camera tells that card is too slow :(

    Thank You a lot :)
  • @Leka the 30MB/s generally perform a bit better than the 45MB/s UHS-1 cards... bu they're not all that bad. Are you sure you have a genuine Sandisk card and not a third-party seller counterfeit?
  • @JDN are you sure that the transcend SDXC spans with Quantum because @Jspatz just said the opposit...don't know what to think know...
  • @Etb lower away and test. :-)
  • @Oedipax
    "does the 1M frame size max mean the largest possible frame is 200k more than the latest driftwood Quantum patches?"


    "Does that sound right?"

    Although I think that your idea is right, I also consider another thing simultaneously.
    I love Intra patches of driftwood, of course.
    And I remember patches of Chris and Stray are admired.
    Although the difference between 12GOP and 3GOP can be recognized with MY EYES, it is difficult to recognize the difference between 3GOP and 1GOP.
    Moreover, the patches of Chris and Stray had realized the very beautiful pictures, when frame size became the maximum.
    My friends and me felt the possibility of the improvement in image quality by setting frame size to 1M from the patches of Chris and Stray.
    Then, I have tried to realize frame size of 1M with Low GOP.

    Since I am poor at English, although I cannot do discussion, after completing Intra patch, I feel sense of incongruity for the atmosphere which had admired the patches of Chris and Stray completely having been lost.
    Since I think that there should be various possibilities and liking, I would like to make the patch which continues to be different from other persons.

    Thanks. :-)
  • You can get even bigger i frame sizes than 1M with chris's patches. But look at it another way, which is the best 'average' frame size continually shooting? Test any chart :-) bkmcwd patches are a very good balance between frame sizes and short gop.
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