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Tascam DR-100 MK II
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    - Improved mics
    - Improved preamps with more gain and less noise (this is big)
    - Better AD/DA converters
    - Locking XLRs
    - SPDIF input
    - Looks like it can record 4 external channels


    Very interesting
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  • Anyone know the street price?
    I have the old DR100, the locking XLR's is also a nice upgrade.
  • As far as I remember around the same as TR100, <$350
  • This is great news, added to my list
  • Better preamps is essential, will be very interesting to see how much better! But they didn't change the cardoid mics direction (like their newer smaller models, and zoom h4n)? I also hope it will have some 4 channel capability, utilising both external and internal like zoom h4n and roland r-26 (but from what I can see, it doesn't look like that). Maybe easier to read the specs when the english site is updated:)
  • @evero

    Their cardiod mikes direction is already the same as on Zoom.
    They are at the same angle, just inside this metal things :-)
  • external and internal simultaneously would be great :)
  • Damn, I just buy the TASCAM DR-100 two months ago.. I wish It released earlier ;(

    Anyone had try this? Is it big improvement from the old model?
  • Tascam's website states for the DR-100:
    "High-performance microphone preamp with 60dB of gain
    Premium AKM Audio4Pro™ A/D converters with over 100dB signal to noise ratio"

    While the DR-100 Mk II states:
    "S/N Ratio 92dB or more(XLR LINE 1 IN→LINE OUT, Fs44.1kHz, +24dBu input, JEITA)"

    Wouldn't the original DR-100 be better in noise then? Because it looks like the A/D converter is better in the original just going from the specs?

    Was looking at getting the DR-100.. 4 channels would be awesome though. But B&H says its a 2 channel recorder, not 4.

    edit: Another section of the page says "The section AD / DA will use the electronics IC ※ Asahi Audio4pro ™ brand beyond the S / N 100dB", so looks promising.
  • @Athiril
    All recorders use good AD converters.
    Problem lies in microphone preamps.
    DR100 have low gain and quite noise preamp.
  • If this thing has 4 tracks, then it is mine otherwise, no... (I need it for lavalieres)
  • I thought the DR-100 Mk I had -good- pre-amps, ie: better than the DR-40 which is the same as one of the lower models, and better than the Zoom H4n
  • Thanks for the heads up Vitaliy! I really like the Tascam DR100 when I need a mic-xlr-DR100-padded cable-DSLR signal chain for dual sound. I will likely be picking up this new version when it comes out.

    This is a great list of recorders by Signal/Noise Ratios some surprise performers in there like the Sony PCM-M10 and Roland R09HR.
  • @phenixone > it doesn't have 4 track.
  • Dispite not beeing 4 channel, I still have hopes for this recorder. But what do you guys think of pairing this DR100 mk2 with a Røde NTG 3 shotgun?

    The NTG3 must have phantom power, and in my limited experience with the first DR100, using Phantom seemed to drain the batteries pretty fast. On the Roland R-26 it's possible to specify phantom on/off indicidually on the two XLR inputs. I hope this is possible on the DR100 mk2, because the other XLR will connect to a Sennheiser G3 (doesn't need phantom).

    - DR-100 mk2
    - Røde NTG3 (used NTG2 before with original DR100, but that was not a good combination, from what I've heard the NTG 3 have lower noise floor, and requires less from the preamp)
    (And a Sennheiser G3 from time to time)

    ... Does it seem like a reasonable sound setup for documentary production?
  • I get about 3 to 4 hours off phantom power. That's pretty good. Batteries are cheap too.

  • @brianluce wow. Is that with included (Li-Ion) battery? Or combined with both Li-Ion and AA batteries?

    Any opinions on using the NTG 3 mic with Tascam DR100/DR100 mk2?
    (sorry if I'm a little offtopic here, but I hope others also are interested to see what equipment/shotguns mics that suits there recorders well)
  • I am in the market for a field recorder and am very interested in this unit. Any one have any experience with the DR100mk2 yet? It sells for $299us at Sweetwater, 2 year warranty and free shipping. The Roland R26 sells for $499, 2 year warranty free shipping. The Tascam is a 2 stereo track recorder the Roland is 6 track, 3 stereo.

  • Hey @digitaldooda,

    I currently have the MK11. Can say that it is a VERY good unit. The pre-amps are VERY clean, and the unit is very well made.

    Personally I use this for NTG3, and also for recording line out of theatre / music shows. Works very well on both occasions.

    Let me know if you have any questions...

  • You have the new olympus LS-100 in between the Tascam and the roland r26. It seems to be quite good for $ 400.

  • Could be except it supposedly only captures 2 channels at a time. It cannot record both XLR audio signals and the built-in condenser mic signals at the same time.

  • @digitaldooda,

    You talking about the Olympus...? I am aware of this limitation with the MKII.

  • Yes. The Olympus LS100. I have not confirmed this as yet. Tascam's literature suggests the DR100MkII can record from both the internal mics in stereo and the XLR/Line inputs at the same time either in stereo with 2 mics or mono fed to both channels. Is this so? The Roland R26 can record to 6 mono channels or 3 stereo according to their add literature. All 4 internals and the XLR/Lines simultaneously. I will report more info on the Olympus as it becomes available.

  • The DR-100mkii has a major selling point which hasn't been mentioned: S/PDIF input. Prior to the DR-100mkii, the most affordable digital recorder with an S/PDIF input was the Marantz PMD661, which retails for double the price of the Tascam at $600.

    Although 2-track recording may be a significant limitation (2 channels are fine for my needs), I think the ability to receive external digital signals outweighs it. I plan to connect a Sound Devices USBPre2 with my DR-100mkii via S/PDIF output, which should allow for degradation-free recording at $950 total (Tascam - $300, SD - $650).

    If you like the idea of using a higher end device as the front-end of your recording chain, the DR-100mkii offers incredible value. If you're looking for an all-purpose field recording device, the Oly LS-100 or Roland R-26 look great, and may be better options. (I can't attest to the DR-100mkiis performance as a stand-alone recording solution quite yet, as I'll be using it for the first time on a shoot this weekend.)