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Tascam DR-100 MK II
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  • @Fran_Guidry and @3Kids: Thanks.

    I wrote the above before watching videos of the DR-60D in action, and saw how smell it is: in photos those handles on the sides make it look larger. But it looks like the deciding factor's going to be the microphones on the DR100. I need mikes, and these'd be a good start for me.

  • I have a problem related to Tascam DR 100(1) and NTG 3. Sorry for posting here but I hope you can help me. I have DR 100 few years now and I got NTG 3 last year. I used this only once for testing and I did not needed since then. I took them both today and I find out very bad results. I will not try to explain as I record quick sample for you.

    Tacsam is set Mid gain volume 10 phantom on 0,5m above-indoor and then is old damage Shure 58 the sam settings but no Phantom and 10cm distance. As i don't have other mic I don't know how to find out if it is mic or Tascam problem but this sounds bad to me. In fact them both mics sound similar. My fixing in post makes this worst. I hope its Tascam issue. Any suggestions?

  • Quick question; when you set the dr-100 to line 2 and you're recording sound from a mixer, is any of the uni or omni directional mic turn on? I know it's a 2 channel recorded but I am wondering if it only applies to the uni or omni or both XLRs.

  • I just tested Tascam DR100mkII with Sound Devices USBPre 2. S/PDIF output from USBPre 2 to Tascam DR100mkII S/PDIF input. It works fantastic. No calibrating output/input levels, worrying about clipping etc. It just works like you are using USBPre 2 on computer as audio interface. It utilizes USBPre 2 preamps & limiter directly. Truly professional sound quality.