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  • Thank you very much for the ISO unlock. It's very handy!

    I'm not sure if this has been requested, but would there be a way to enable AUTO ISO when filming in Manual mode (M)?
  • Is there a web page that lists, or outlines, the features of the hack? I've been checking the web, and I've only managed to find out that it opens some ISO settings and doesn't open new framerate settings. It'd be great if there was a page that spells out what the hack actually does-- does such a page exist?
  • @Brian_Siano This tutorial lists the key features : . I have posted this here before too. Have you ever considered instead of just complaining.. i dunno, DOWNLOADING IT? That will enable you to simply see what the options are... its not like this site has an abundance of information concerning what the hack "actually does".
  • OSGondar-- Thanks for the link: there really ought to be an official page outlining the current features. As for "i dunno, DOWNLOADING IT," that wouldn't make much sense, as I don't own a GH2 to begin with. I'm shopping, and the features of the hack may influence my choice of camera.
  • While the site was very helpful in my successfully hacking my GH2, I too believe that, as Brian Siano suggests, there be a there be a page on this site that outlines the features and how-to of the hack. Since this website is a collaborative effort (under Vitaliy's supervision), wouldn't it be possible to have a sort-of Wiki page, with all the information one needs to successfully hack the camera and get the results desired in one place. It could be updated, refined, and edited by all the collaborators with the knowledge to bring new GH2 owners up-to-speed quickly and without the frustrations many new users experience? Even the GH1-hack-info wiki site isn't a collaborative effort.
  • Hi,

    The ISO unlock feature is available for GH1?
  • Look guys,

    I understand that you would love to get spoon fed everything with a platinum spoon by a genie who simply tells you which camera to get but frankly I think everyone on this site has put in a lot of time reading through all the topics and working issues out on their own, and yes taking a chance and actually buying a Gh1 and/or Gh2 and seeing what it can and cannot do for themselves. And then coming back here for more advice and giving advice based on their work with the Gh13 and Gh23. In short this site isn't for people who want to be spoon fed everything. You need to take some initiative to read through what's already here and make your own decisions, and make your own list of what it can do.

    At the end of the day this is a bit like college where no one wants to carry dead weight on their back. If you want to join the study group you have to kind of carry your own weight, get up to speed and offer useful information to this site.

    If you want to be lazy about everything this isn't the way to go and the gh13 and Gh23 aren't a fit for you. But if you really feel a list should be made of the gh13 and the gh23, why not make a topic yourself and write up a list. It isn't a bad idea but I think you should take the initiative to do it yourself.

  • Yippee ki-yay Pedro Well Said!
  • I agree with @pedro on this subject, you see @Brian_Siano this IS the official page to find out all that stuff, if you spend enough time reading the threads on here you will downright become a bit of an expert on the on all of your questions, spend some time reading on here and you will see that its true, how do you think the rest of got this far? I'm glad you liked my tutorial ( @greenshift ) but it should be noted i write about it assuming you are at least trying! but still having trouble.

    On the other hand i guess you guys are right that there could be an easier way than reading a bunch of threads covering the topics separately but i will say ( @Brian_Siano ) that having the camera or not does not stop you from opening ptools and seeing the options & features it offers while you consider purchasing this FANTASTIC camera. I'm with the patchers and testers on this and spend time on developing and testing and cant say i sympathize much for someone that just wants the answers when we all put a lot of time in discussing the topics you are interested in. Those very topics and threads have all of your answers!

    I am happy to provide my website to you and my videos that result of my tests and even the tutorials i write to make it easier for those who still cant manage, but i do that assuming you are at lease trying and putting in an effort, i don't feel happy about anyone demanding more tests and answers when all they have to do is read a little more to find out everything they need to know just a thread or two over. I'm sorry if you didn't like my response about downloading Ptool and seeing for your self, but its not hard to find the answers on here or my site or many others like it either, just a little of your time reading for A LOT of our time to get those answers to you. On my page besides the tutorial there was another thread about driftwood patches with VIDEO tests! As well as another post i did covering audio quality & it's possibilities. What more could you want? I definitively covered all the important stuff and this site as well goes into more depth on all the technicalities. We put a lot of work into this stuff for you and for free, you just have to put a little effort into consuming it.. surely you can see why we feel that you want to be spoon fed.
  • Yes, everything is here on this website (and others @OSGondar) for those that take the time to read and digest the information. I've spent a lot of time reading and learning here. It is not laziness but the fear of bricking the camera that led me to being overly cautious, and finally, to the desire to want a concise and complete how-to page. I've read many posts by smart people having trouble hacking their cameras. I've read the same "stupid questions" and same answers on multiple pages. My thinking was that having a Personal-View Wiki where the new user is "spoon fed" the whys and wherefores of the hack might save everyone a lot of time, prevent some rants, and ultimately contribute to the growth and advancement of this comunity. On the other hand, perhaps not having one will keep out the riff-raff, but that isn't evident so far.

    So now, should I be the person to start such a page? I truly appreciate the effort everyone's put in to this forum.

  • Let me explain why a simple FAQ would be of immense help. One of the concerns I originally had about the Stalin hack is whether it enabled 30 or 60 fps at 1920 x 1080 resolution, progressive scan. I know the answer _now_, of course. But to _find_ that answer, I had to read several dozen messages at least three or four different blogs devoted to the GH2 and other cameras, and evaluate a lot of contradictory information. Depending on who was asked, I learned a) that the hack _did_ enable this, b) that the hack did not enable this but it might be possible in a future version, c) that the camera _could not_ be configured to work that way, d) that the camera's mJPEG feature could accomplish this, e) that the mJPEG method was limited to about eight seconds' worth of recording time, and f) that the upcoming GH3 would _certainly_ include these features so wait until then...

    In other words, I _did_ read through a lot of blog messages, as OSGondar demands. At no point could I regard any bit of it as definitively true or false, let alone complete.

    And yes, some of these other blogs had OSGondars as well. People would wander in, ask a perfectly valid technical question, and be told by some angry kid that they had to read every blog post before even considering asking such "stupid" questions. And when people stop asking questions, that cuts down on the information content of the blog, doesn't it?

    So I don't think it's stupid or silly or selfish to suggest that _this_ website offer an FAQ of simple and definitive answers culled from the blog posts. At they very least, we'd know it was _definitive_, as far as the Stalin hack's concerned. Otherwise, we're left with our respective Google-fu and a jungle of incomplete answers, rumors, and misinformation.
  • I have been reading this site since the before the gh2 got hacked and I personally feel that Brian Siano is right. This should not be a place for elitism. It seems every time a person wanders in her and want to know a simple question people crucify them. Who wants to spend hours pouring over a message board to understand this hack? I feel like if there was an official faq or even god forbid a News page where only important new updates in the scene are posted everything would be fine. Other sites are like this and people don't have any problem.

    And the biginner and Basic questions thread is a joke. There should be a simple FAQ so that we could maybe ovoid people repeatedly asking such questions like "does this hack work for GH1."
  • @Brian_Siano Great post. I totally agree.
  • @Brian_Siano @cyfernoa @greenshift

    There is a good reason why every forum and thread and place like this on the internet starts of with a very familiar stickied thread.

    "Please read the forums and ensure your question has not already been answered before posting" Its not elitism , its simply a matter of not wanting our time wasted answering the same questions over and over again. People will even ask just comments away form the answer not bothering to read a little. its ridiculous.

    All i'm saying is the answers are all over this site and many others, especially personal-view with many a dedicated member and the origin for all the information you seek. After the first few hundred pull that lazy crap don't be surprised if we start to frown at any behavior close to it. Don't blame us, blame every lazy s.o.b not caring for wasting people's time. I did say it would NOT be a bad idea to have a thread spoon feeding you guys, if anything just to cut the drama of discussing crap like this. I could be testing, instead i got sucked into this baby shit. great. if you have nothing to contribute you don't get to make demands. is that really elitism? i don't think it is. You're not satisfied with dedicated threads and hard working individuals answering the questions already and in detail, you also want us to take extra time to organize and spoon feed it to you. If you are so included make those very threads yourselves, why haven't you taken the time already if your so adamant, to spoon feed the others that share that very point? The rest of us have our focus in putting in the work elsewhere, that's all it is. You wouldnt have the answers without the hard working testers but still you sit there and say ok now arrange it neatly for me. f- that. if that's all you can contribute then shut up and create that very "spoon feed me the answers thread" you so much desire, that's clearly all you have to offer this community.
  • + 1 for FAQ
  • @OSGondar

    Making useful FAQ requires constant work to update and maintain it.
    And all prior expirience tells what it is hard to do.
  • Agree. It's a mess; little snippets of very useful information burried in a wealth of posts. A wiki would be a far better format for a lot of this information. Either you devote days to reading through every topic, or you loose out. A wiki is not that hard to maintain and there is clearly a dedicated community here that could support it.
  • Developers and Testers perspective of this topic and any of the 'hack' threads is that of a researcher publishing their finding for their peers only.

    Real World users looking for a collated, edited summation of what has been achieved will be disappointed since there are no threads that a Moderator 'stickies' so as to prevent redundant questioning (other than the vault).

    Making useful FAQ does not require constant work, rather a single thread that is dedicated, locked, and posted at top of DEV forum, rather than sending all non testers to the Noob thread which is equivalent to reading a tabloid like the Enquirer to find news.

    Credit to all the testers, developers and researchers as that is what we all are, however, unless there is an editor that sets up the basis for a member contributed wiki site, there is going to be a lot of 'us and them' postings.
  • @jeffryalan

    No problem.
    Find reputable member who'll promise to spend his time on writing and maintaining wiki page and
    I''ll add it at
  • i always thought Vitaliys Instructions in the first post in this thread were more than enough for me. :) everythings explained. :)
  • OSgondar writes: "There is a good reason why every forum and thread and place like this on the internet starts of with a very familiar stickied thread."

    I agree. And if such a stickied thread could be found here, it might have avoided a lot of argument.

    I'd also like to mention that the first post in _this_ thread-- which, I'll assume, is the sticky-- announces the release of the latest version of the hack, plus a list of steps to install it. There is no mention of what it actually _does_.
  • @Brian_Siano

    >There is no mention of what it actually _does_.

    This is because this is inside software.

  • PTools can do many things to your GH2, or nothing. You cannot just launch PTools, dump firmware to your camera and be done, Ptools has many parameters that, if set in correct combinations, will improve your camera. IT is not just firmware that you dump, it is a hacking tool for modifying camera firmware. That is as close as you will get to what it "does", but as a hacking tool you can do many things with it.

    Vitaliy and other hard working individuals here do a lot of work hacking et cetera, and this site is (among other things), the place where a lot of their communication and group work to hack this takes place. The things that Vitaliy has cracked open on this camera are amazing, so give the guy some slack if he's not super interested in walking every newbie through what his FREE hack tool is capable of.
  • This is great news. We just need someone to agree to run the wiki and everything should run more smoothly. This will also help Vitaliy save time on answering the same questions over and over.

    A question I have not seen before however is if we will be able to use the current version of ptools on the updated firmware that should be coming any day now.
  • @Brian_Siano don't twist my words. I basically said there is usually a thread or disclaimer that says READ FIRST, ask second. I don't support spoon feeding you the information. If you want the faq so bad why don't you volunteer to help.

    The rest of us want to spend our time to test and develop patches and ptool. For end user If you simply open ptools you can see what it does and there are plenty of hints in it to help you and lots of info on this site. Please don't quote me again if you are going to twist my words like that or mention me in your statements. thanks.
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