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Z-CAM E1 Camera 100 Mbps hack for 4K DCI (fw v0.31)
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  • @markr041 ...changing the subject , mark if you've got or will get the mod screen for the hero 9, could you evaluate whether it might be appropriate mod for this cam. thanks

  • @kurth Good question. I am awaiting the screen, and I will try it out on a number of cameras, including this one! Should be here at the end of next week. In principle, if this cam has a 1080 standard stream via HDMI it should work.

  • @markr041 ...well I've been reading the hero 9 thread and had the notion about e1. Interesting cam, the gopro. ok thanks

  • Guys, does anybody have iZugar E1 or iZugar's firmware? Are Z-CAM and iZugar E1 different?

  • Sorry Long Time AVK

    when planning and testing the conversion of the e1 to active cooling, i came across a few interesting details

    1.) sensor cooling of up to 50C to between 10 and 15C is most effective

    2.) The cooling is almost invisible with video ( 3D noise reductin ) , with photo especially with ISO values ​​of more than 400 massively less noise

    3.) After an update from Izuga E1 to the current Fw, the 1x1 resolution of 2500x2500 disappears this can be fixed / undone with a small hardware hack

    My conversion of the E1 to active cooling has meanwhile become:

    1.) E1 has become E2 housing hack with active cooling without a ventilator in which the chips and memory are also better cooled

    2.) the Accu has grown to 1sLipo 1000mAh

    3.) The New E1 box that looks like an RED e2 style eloxal Aluminium Housing 100x100x100mm

  • @Bob_Hawk can you send a photo? :)

  • I first recreated the housing parts with 3D printing until they fit.

    now a friend is milling the 20mm thick aluminum on a CNC machine As a finish, the aluminum fire red is anodized ...... the MN34230 sensor and Ambarella A9S75 are each cooled via a small peltier element with 15x15mm to the housing

    I cool down to + 10C to avoid condensation.

  • Oh yes, I'll be selling the next few days on Ebay or direkt to here

    The newer remote module set from IZUGA for 4 Zcam E1s

    1x master 3x slave incl. 4 cabel 1 short for Stereo config 3x 100mm long for 4cam setup

    function can be shown via a current video

    that is recognized with firmware 0.31 even without config on the SD

    who of you hardcore zcam gamers was interested in advance PM with a serious offer to me

    I also ship worldwide

  • @bob_hawk no improvement n video?

  • After about 10 minutes, the E1 normally has a sensor temperature of over 40C at 4K30

    in the E1 you can only switch the "3D noise reduction" to weak / medium or strong

    at weak something can be seen that the image noises less when the sensor is cold.

    In the photo mode, the difference between 48C and 10C sensor temperature is clearly visible

    the photo mode has never interested in the E1 except maybe for time-lapse

  • Noise that does not arise does not need to be removed.

    The new panasonic / blackmagic red everywhere great importance is attached to good sensor cooling.

    and the sensors were not operated up to the limmit.

    Only Zcam claims that the noise is not a problem for you .....

    Zcam has its external noise removal software to iron out noisy images again

    Look the open BMPCC Pic

    The huge success of BMPCC was partly due to the image quality .... the BMMCC had already cooled the sensor with a peltier element

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  • I don't know what horror awaits us when "Storryboard" manages to deactivate the noise suppression with a pach

    I suspect a lot of reading errors that the 3D noise reduction had eliminated so far

    The E1 is what it is .....: a compact cam with 4/3 interchangeable lenses---> i have 4 X E1 :-)

    The E1 will never be a cinema camera like the blackmagic pocket 4K or the E2, --> it lacks the technical requirements

  • I am selling mine iZugar Z4XL Remote Kabel Set on EBAY

    Shipping woldwide with Tracking 10€

    if you are interested , To special people i also make special prices

    please contact here in the forum via private mail ... so that I can distinguish you from ebay customers

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  • If 1080p 4:2:2 HDMI is interpolated properly, the noise will be substantially reduced and bad pixels will be mitigated. A good 1080p will be the best option from this cam, if noise reduction can be canceled.

  • My setup for live music events and weddings:

    3 x Zcam E1 started simultaneously as multicam recordings via remote.

    In 3x 4k 30 Fps 3x the 100mbit hack --- 3x 128 Gb sandisk extreme pro

    if there is little light, use lenses with at least F1.8 or F2 and switch off the automatics

    The noise reduction set to low and a flat profile (less contrast, less color)

    So I have achieved the best results with my 3 Zcam E3 even in low light

    Good lenses !!! and time for color grading with Davinci Resolve are the most important things

    meanwhile I use 2 x LM12XC KOWA manual lenses for the left and right stage cam

    Set it once and let it run .. the hyperfocal distance at 12mm F2 makes it possibleI....I love this Lenses

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  • @storyboardcreativity

    Is there any way to output RAW 4K with the E1? Will the SD chip or USB allow dumping 4K RAW (DNG) to SD or USB external SSD?

    I have a Sigma FP which does this... if the E1 could be made to do this... what an awesome pairing!

  • NO.. live Stream on wlan lower than 400x600 ...Read on the last 15 Tabs you found all Information to E1

    Max 1080p on hdmi only 60 fps....ok 30p Filming double same Frame

  • I meant via firmware hack... obviously it doesn’t do it from factory. Just dumping DNG files out to disk is not an expensive operation - provided that I/O is fast enough to keep up

  • Nop no raw

    On my BMMCC dng RAW on 1080 p60 Need sdcard 100mbit write Speed SanDisk Extreme PRO

  • I was asking about out through USB (like sigma FP)

  • Jeep 100% right Firmware Hack ist the simple'and Easy way to modd a e1 to a Cinema Camera...better a Sigma FP

  • I have 3 x Running ZCAM E1 international Version plus 2 x 4-channel RC remote

    and 1 Z Cam E1 as a spare Parts Store

    Location Europe and true am considering selling them