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Z-CAM E1 Camera 100 Mbps hack for 4K DCI (fw v0.31)
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  • He have nothing intrest on Zcam E1 Update

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, how can I contact them? :D As I understand correctly, they do not use Ambarella SoCs already (after E1).

  • @storyboarrdcreativity have you any cance the 4k24 push to 4k30 ? , and Auto Switch on wifi ...this was a Killer Future For E1 with Defekt Displays

  • Today checked the "real" (from sensor) resolution of "1280x720 120 FPS" mode in E1 => it's 1536x512

  • Why does eric such a shit !! The sensor had a 2x2 mode for 1080p and a 3x3 mode for 720p240 I have a suspicion In one of the earlier versions before 0.31, Zcam had shown a great 720p240 video with a bursting water-filled air balloon ??? it would be interesting to check the last update and the version of IZugar, which still sells the e1

  • @Bob_Hawk, hey! Can you provide me their 240 fps video and firmware version, where it was good? Maybe I can make changes in firmware to reach same quality.

  • Just could bypass tuning system of E1. Now video is not resized in 120 fps and 240 fps mode (you get real 1536x512 and 1536x288 videos on sd-card). It can help to reduce amount of artifacts (because pipeline before was: sensor -> pipe -> resize -> MCTF -> h.264 -> sd-card). There were a lot of artifacts after video resizing. Now next target is to reduce steps between sensor lines that are read during capture (because now video seems "flattened" vertically).

  • Ok, I've reversed almost whole pipeline from photodiode array reading and to saving video to file. Patch for "true 240 fps mode" is done, tomorrow I'll test it on real optics and scenes.

  • I've noticed that when pipe sends 1536x288, from sensor we get 1536x384. Seems that we still can increase resolution for capturing slow motion.

  • 1280x720 @ 240fps Video1. ok ---

    Video2. better---

    I have on my E1 -> 384P240 not intrest --720P240 intrest--720P120 intrest--720p60-960P120 intrest (4:3) on today i make test record

  • My Tricki Crop Video intrest for 1" or 2/3" lenses

  • Tip for all User from B4 2/3 Lenses .....The --->> 1900x1900 30P mode

    perfekt Fit For 2/3 ENG Lenses without 2X extender
    I Test the optical Resolution on My Canon J50 with SIEMENS Stern .....

    Optical Resolution Top --> without Extender with 1900x1900 30P up 9,5mm to 475mm -F1.4 -from9,5-200mm Optical Resolution ok --> With 2x Extender with 1920x1080 60P up 19mm to 950mm -F2.8 -from19-400mm on J50 over the point from 200 / 400mm F1.4/2.8 go linear to F2,8/F4.5

    F1.4 on 200mm its incredibel for the 20Kg Canon J50Lens

  • Storryboard I would like to thank you for your excellent development and donate me financially

    25 € in any case

    if that with the automatic wifi when turn on or the complete display of the internal dispay on HDMI output

    Does this work worth 50 € for me as an amateur

    PayPal ...or other Way

  • or over Patreon ---> i make your first sponsor

  • @Bob_Hawk, wow, I did not think that somebody can donate me for my development. I don't even have patreon or anything else. I'll think about it. Thank you!

    About "auto_wifi" mod - I think, it's not difficult. I'll try to do it very soon.

  • @ storyboardcreativity,

    Thank you for your really exciting work! We love the Z-cam E1 and have six of them that we use regularly to create multi-cam videos. After trying your hacks at all resolutions with a Sandisk Extreme Pro V30 SD card, only the HD resolutions appear to work reliably for extended recording times. Heat is definitely an issue. The cameras do get VERY hot especially at recording 4k resolutions, and they usually freeze after about 17-50 sec of recording time. Would your MJPEG percentage patch allow us to ramp up the data rate in percentages to find out what would constitute a reliable data stream for higher resolution recording? Many thanks for sharing all of your research!

  • @RussianBlue, I very often use my own patches for making videos and never had problems with overheat before (I always record 4K + record with external HDMI recorder). I can try to check it soon.

  • i dont use MJPEG .....i use 264 without ! Log.....with Flat curve with the cumulativ patch !!! i miss on pach for 1080p50 and 1080p60

    on the last update kill Zcam the old flat log he was a flat curve easy grading with BMMCC Cine lut

    to on 264 extreeme critical ZCAM2 Lut

  • @storyboardcreativity, Will the Z-cam E1 WITH the cumulative patch output 4k over HDMI? It does not with the normal FW 0.31. Also, could a similar patch be used for the Z-CAM S1 VR ? It has four lenses and SONY Exmore sensors...

  • @RussianBlue, doesn't E1 export 4K through HDMI? I saw this mode in E1 firmware (4K 24 fps HDMI).

  • @storyboardcreativity, my mistake: I meant to say that in FW 0.30 only HD video is output to HDMI. I have not yet tried 4k HDMI output with FW 0.31. In any case, the HDMI output is always an uncompressed signal, correct?

  • @RussianBlue, yes. If you are Russian, you can write me in Russian :)

  • I downloaded the v31 from the zcam site a few weeks ago and have just gotten around to trying this and it just doesn't seem to work. I get peaks of 65/70mbps occasionally but it still seems to be recording at around 60mbps on the whole. Did zcam release anew version of the v31 firmware that stops this from working or am I using a setting that doesn't work ? To clarify, I'm using the cumulative patch from the github page.

  • @adybady ....see my feb 23rd post on page 3 of this thread

  • This still doesn't work for me @kurth :( I was doing that already (saving the fiel from RAW) and if its line return related, my files were already using UNIX format line returns (I use Notepad ++ all day and this confirms it was already in that format).

    How bizzare, what could I be doing wrong... my understanding is that with the 'Cumulative Patch' file (not edited after downloading) I should be able to select any standard 4k format for video recording and it will just work. Am I missing something there? Are there other settings in the camera that need to be set to specific things ?

    You don't still have the download of the firmware do you in case its different to the one currently hosted by zcam ?