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War: Trump lost, began the war has, story of rigged election results
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  • Looking at markets, present info and talks Trump is winning.

  • The results so far indicate Joe Biden has underperformed in Florida and Georgia in comparison to his polling there.

    With about 91% of the Florida vote in, Donald Trump leads Biden by about 3 points, 51%-48%.

    In Georgia, where 54% of the vote is in, Trump leads by 13 points, 56%-43%.

  • Its looking like it will be Biden, but close, and we won't know until tomorrow. Certainly any thought of a blowout, landslide, etc, was a complete fantasy.

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  • "We're approaching a nightmare scenario. They're both essentially declaring victory."

    It seems like it.

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    At least all spectacle made lot of people to vote, and this is good for ruling class. As it indicates that lot of people still have unfounded false hopes.

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  • And now to most important things of all

    Voters in the American capital Washington, DC, have voted to decriminalize the cultivation, storage and non-commercial distribution of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

    Finally it will break balance and peace to Washington DC, as without mushrooms it is very hard to tolerate the mess int his place.

  • It looks like biden will win with exactly 270 electoral college votes , and trump with 3 less. That'll be close enough for recounts. This'll go on for weeks, with intermittent riots. I agree that the voter turnout is a sign americans haven't learned anything since 911. Diddly dee and diddly dum. Ralph Nader said the last time he ran, that if voter turnout was less than 45%, elections could be challenged in court. Poor Ralph.

  • While I still think its horrible we have to watch our President falsely claim victory and flail around about fraud, the rest of the Republican establishment is giving no indications they'll follow him down this road. I expect things to get counted, Biden to squeak it out and a good 40% of the country to decide its total fraud and listen to Trump's ramblings, which will be dangerous and unfortunate. With a Republican Senate and Supreme Court and a Dem House and Presidency things will shamble on in a sort of status quo and at least maybe we won't hear from the current idiot every damn day anymore.

  • @kellar ...I couldn't give a shite which of these p'sos are elected, but it's a game and it's got rules. This isn't the first time in history recounting was demanded. Trump is completely within his legal rights to demand recounts wherever it appears close, or if there's documented fraud like florida 2000. Get over it. I think it's horrible that the last president you people elected was still a war criminal, just like the one before that, who was responsible for murdering a half million iraqis and afghans, and the one before that, who dissolved yugoslavia into ceralbox countries. And they all lie(d) profusely to the citizens. Patriotism is a mental disorder. But being republican or democrat is an outright psychosis.

  • USA deserves to die

  • @endotoxic namesakedly. I would think someone from peru would , or at least should know that spain was the country that sucked your blood dry for 400 years, before americans even knew peru was on their highschool maps. At least galeano thought so.

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  • @jleo

    It is only very start of the things.

  • Who said die is bad?

  • My comment meant much more than it’s simple form. USA is in an state of chaos really internally and externally, for real kurth, you know it’s true. Yes USA has made grate things for humanity.

    But Now, now it’s a problem, a real fucking hard to deal problem. Obesity, government, companies, pedofilia heavens, bad schools, manipulation of media, the country who kills more people and has more wars, the more toxic in much ways that is indescribable. Please accept it, It’s no longer what it was, take a look at the youth of America, hey Vitaly your youth hmmm... no comment. I’m talking About the actual culture. you know where things are heading, come on!!

    let’s not start counting the bad things let’s analyze.

    Yes, it has grate things but all of them where made in the past. Our dear boomers has let’s us a world and a country who it’s valuable thoughts norms and pride was a role Model that still permeates grate part of the world, and as all empires it requires grate skill for creating such a wonderful country and yet is the most desired place by the majority of the world To live or prosper for real. No one wants to prospere in Russia sorry vitaliy, and let accept it China is the working example like the USA in the 50, jut they... don’t have human rights, and and is really bad that social credit and person ai control lord, they also need change, but don’t you feel, don’t you feel it, listen to that... that force, it’s real, ya yes they are poor and undeveloped on some areas and unfair state abuses worst than USA, but don’t you feel that force, that development, that strictness, That firmness nazi like shit, they’re decided with purpose. , they are buying, expanding in the new way, in the silence, here in Peru, they have bought china government lots of Gold and steel mines, and I’m not talking about the sea ports and the brands adquistions, and this is happening around the world at really big speed,don’t ask me links you know more than me. Look at their developement in Africa’s it’s crazy no, no it’s CRAZY SHIT.

    That’s why USA it’s afraid really afraid, from outside seem desparate ina subtle way.

    But the boomers also lets us chaos, complexity in problems such as waste an war and consequences of those wars that will never be redeemed nor compensated nor monetary or spiritual. Deals so corrupt violent abusive, and evil, WOLDWIDE that are done for impose of power. Dear boomers, fuck I love my dad, but he let me a world full of wrongs decisions and hard core complex irraparable problems. And dude they still alive and rocking like bill gates and pedofila Powerfull amigos.still fucking our world and living the perfect life while assuming all is gonna be alright like my dad!!!

    Come on negate de satanic nature of several states is USA is dumb. I’m not a Jesus believer here, fuck him, but satanic shit is really bad concept of life and living, it intoxicates and Currupts basics of life.

    I do believe is facts, and please don’t ask me for links, you are very smart and have more than enough examples of what I’m talking about.

    It’s a dicotomy, I like USA but I know that it’s already crumbling and if baiden or trump wins by 2025 it will be a civil war, it will begin to destroy by inside. People won’t aloud a vaccine even if the push so hard, you have weapons, thas the first law you have if I think. The pedofilia the corruptness the real purpose of military the killings, the exes use of force, all this you have, and are rotten, such grate land and people need better, need REAL CHANGE, and boy they will have it.

    Death my dear friend has lots of meaningful Interpretations

    And please don’t speak for the good ones, they are Gonna be alright when chaos starts, they will be the base of the new foundation, and maybe a new country will arise, but now USA is a problem For the world and you know really, really, really need to change.

    Die, to born again, a country can do that!!!

    But to construct any building you need to destroy the rock to make cement destroy the land to make a base, destroy the tree to make the shield. How many things you need to destroy to make anything for a good, even the food you took.

    It’s a glorious thing!

    Don’t hate me, it’s my opinion, nothing more.

    But hey don’t listen to me, you see like you said I’m just and undeveloped, mestizo, poor, Bad family Spaniard conquered súbdito.

    But we have a benefit you know, like in Mexico, we know we have the people an the resources, but shit holes like china Russia and USA constantly makes us not develop. But some of us we have, and see from outside the real outside, And boy we understand Both world, the poor and rich, and analyze without any favorites because all of them sucks our blood our gold our fruit, and maintain us undeveloped, and this kurth, you also know.

    Let it die kurth

    And Mordor vitaliy is getting close, you have an I think more much more healthy young people, more natural and conected to earth. I’m avoiding the alcohol problem that mean 70% of Mordor problems.

    An my country, why even mention the record imprisioned constant presidents !!!! And don’t count our Chicha culture Dumb poor unintelligent Degenerate subpair badcopy version of an already degenerate role model of The world USA.

    Damm I love Peru it’s dumb has fucking hell of resources, it’s always in political problems restraining the advancement of the country, but first world countries always buy permits to make things happen so finally the political class never developed thus undeveloping the country it’s people it’s services. This makes the corruption so bast and easy that is an art just interpreting the meaning of country. But hey if you have a father with the money that gives you the better schools and gives you plane tickets and you know the world and puts you in high class you are a lucky guy, you don’t miss first world, not only you have acces to first world and understand it feel it and see it maybe live on it, you also return to undeveloped country understand and living in a harder way is rough here, but luck make but you live in a bubble resembling developed country. So nice! making decisions, making money, understanding the game,

    if you are poor you are fucked.

    Owe my beloved Perú so complex Poor undeveloped and nature rich It’s a paradise you can get anything!!, Really!! The food my god! but it’s complex country so undeveloped that we have several millennial variety of culture than USA will ever had, so poor that we have more climates biodiversity the USA will ever have, but so dumb at the same time that we are still developing.

    Imagine us developed and with our second biggest gold mine in the world !! And all sour variety!!! That’s why the keep us undeveloped.

    Unless we don’t harm anybody outside our country.

    Here You have to be pendejo something the gringo doesn’t Have a real translation and doesn’t born with.

    Who said die is bad?

  • Haha, republican sheep are amazing, in Pennsylvania they shout 'stop the count', in Arizona 'count that votes' :DDD

  • @brudney It's nothing funny ...really one side or another the world would go to pieces...

  • If the world want some more peaceful years - we need any form of Trump victory, even military coup will do.

  • Yes, a military coup sounds like a very peaceful process indeed.

  • I really hope Trump makes it for the peaceful years also. Baiden will bring war but I’m afraid if is china shit will get more than real, this new type of wars are very dirty and China has no mercy.

  • @endotoxic ...yep chinas coming, better hope usa and it's allies are ready. Die is not a nothing word. You expressed yourself better in the last post. For the same reasons you love peru, i luv mex. I totally get it.

  • I don't think Trump would be the dove that he has presented himself as. He threatened Iran and bombed that iconic general of theirs, probably oversaw that coup attempt on Erdogan, and tried shenanigans in Venezuela with Juan Guaido. Ultimately, USA can almost be counted on to launch military action every 5 years or so. Maybe things have changed, but maybe not

  • @robertGL

    Well, don't you think that he failed too much? He kind of tried, but stuff did not work out.