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Z-CAM E1 Camera 100 Mbps hack for 4K DCI (fw v0.31)
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  • Thanks for your answer So e1 outputs is 1080p 10bits 4.4.4 (shuttle will record 4.2.2) but what about frame rate? I will want to record 1080p 25fps. Is it possible or only 50 or 60fps possible??

  • @hugobors

    You'll have to make a script to remove duplicate frames from Shuttle 2 recording result

  • So if I unsterdtand well what you are saying, e1 outputs only 50 or 60? So exit cinematic look at 25fps and shutter at 50?? And what will do the script you talk about? And how to build it? Thanks

  • @storyboardcreativity how do you know it's 10-bit 444 over hdmi? It could be 8bit 420 in wrapper

  • @zcream I'm not sure it's 4:4:4, but it's 10-bit - I've checked gradient curve levels

  • And that's 25p inside 60i?

  • @zcream

    HDMI frequency is fixed :) So, we have to remove duplicate frames from sequence

  • You posted that you used shuttle 2. That only records till 1080p30. How you record 1080p50 so you throw away every second frame?

  • @zcream

    I recorded 24p from E2, it became more fps because of HDMI - I had to remove duplicate frames

  • So the shuttle 2 records at 48fps and you make it 24p in post? Or you record at 24p and it becomes 12p in post?

  • @zcream

    From MediaInfo:

    Frame rate : 29.970 (30000/1001) FPS

    It records 29.970 and I remove some duplicates to make it 24p

  • if I want to force hard drives to fill I load e1 4k30 material into Davinci and save it in h264 10bit

    The following facts are known from data sheets

    sensor 10bit max 4k30 4096p24 from Sensor

    chipset 8bit e1 recording 60mbit ,,e1 100mbit hack

    ALl data move within this framework

    on the monitor out max 1080p60 even at 4k30 and the image data comes from the data stream that runs into the memory

    (please read the data sheets for the chipset beforehand)

    Such ideas have surfaced several times since this treat was created

    Does the HDMI of the E1 allow more than 8 bits to be read No

    where should 10 bits come from? certainly not from the chipset?

    the E1 is what it is and will certainly not reach the performance of an E2 or the Bmmcc4k

    Storryboard is the only one that has made real progress

    THANK YOU Storyboarrdcreativity

  • I often search through the entire treat. 14 pages are a lot, but they help to understand the E1 and the incompleteness. a gopro 6 is also not a cinema camera, and that's the ugly brother of the E1

  • @storyboardcreativity that is 24p in 29.97p pulldown. How do you do this pulldown?

  • @Bob_Hawk

    For some reason I really got 10-bits from HDMI for some time ago. Checked it - seems like real 10-bits. Chipset can't encode H.264 10-bit, but seems like it really shows 10-bit video through HDMI (from video buffer before encoding H.264).

  • @zcream

    I used old script for AE... yes, It's stupid :DDD

    Used something like this: Don't know for now, but a year ago it worked awful as shit - I had to remake script for new AE versions.

  • @Bob_Hawk @zcream @hugobors

    Here is test for E1 HDMI luma channel. You can see 8-bit levels on the 1st picture and HDMI-levels on the 2nd (I made legacy AE contrast for clarity). On the second screenshot clearly visible, that between 8-bit levels we have new additional 2 levels.

    1955 x 633 - 67K
    1978 x 642 - 286K
  • Thanks @stiryboardcreativity. So if I understand well you have to remove duplicate frame in post after the record in bm shuttle? It’s a pitty!!!

  • @hugobors

    Yes, we have to remove duplicates in post :(

  • So ssd must be 2times bigger than necessary if I understand well!! Sorry for these maybe stupid questions but : If I set e1 to 1080p 25fps, I can shoot in 1/50s, so hdmi will transport 1080p 50fps, which is 2 Time the same picture, record it to ssd in bm shuttle. If I create a project in da Vinci (or other edit software) that is 25fps, and I import the 50fps file, it just remove 1 on 2 frames? So it result with exactly the original 1080p 25fps captured by sensor?

    Thanks Hugues

  • Output is 29.97 fps and 25p inside it.

  • @storyboardcreativity how do you check for duplicate frames? If I have a program that reads them and deletes exactly same frame will that work?

  • @zcream

    Watch my messages upper - I told about duplicate frame remover for AE

  • Hi, I have a zcam with its backpanel and buttons not working, so far I've been using it thru http. Something went off and I can not connect. Any chance to use the autoexec.ash to start with wifi on, or do a factory reset? Thanks