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RJ Follow Focus, looks very good
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  • A little late but I bought this follow focus and am mostly happy with it. I say mostly because the shaft has a wobble (its slightly warped) which is severe enough to pull the lens gear out of track with some of the Nikon lens I use with my GH2. I can usually avoid it by paying close attention when I line the gears up but its not ideal. Otherwise, for $150, it has a nice feel and does a solid job when lined up correctly.
  • My cinematic FF broke down so went for a cheaper alternative. Just picked this up, works like a charm

    Think the trick is to find a biting point of contact between the two gears. Dun stack them right against each other. The way to do it is stagger the contact.

    To be fair, some aspects of the design could be improved - eg, the gear strapped to the lenses could be better built. If you use it on small MF lenses (even the Nokton 0.95) which have longer throws, the excess part of the wheel gets in the way.
  • So, are people using this FF ok with the pancakes now, by friction, per the video? I've always been interested in this FF, but with my heavy use of the 20mm 1.7, i'd always resisted the temptation.
  • @kazuo Thank you for the information although I returned the FF to jinfinance a few months ago.

    Right now I'm using an adjustable bottle opener - I know, sounds a bit "ghetto" and looks corny but it works great and best of all it saved me roughly $140 :)
  • Hello everyone,
    Do you think it will be feasible to mount this FF without any rails system ? As the D-Focus one (detachable rail clamp et optional 1/4" screw plate).
    Basically I'm looking for a cheap FF solution that doesn't involve special rigs. Don't need marking : I only want to avoid direct fingers contact with the lens.
    I'll appreciate any advices.
  • Unfortunately not cos this FF draws its stability from being fastened onto the rods. It's designed to fit a 15mm rail system (industry standard) so am not sure how you could put it to alternative uses. Also, there isn't any lever for you to adjust the vertical level of this gear (unlike some more expensive FFs).

    When you incorporate this FF into a proper rail system (by this I mean one designed and built acccording to industry specs) you would notice how intricate and precise these systems are in terms of their construction. I actually bought a quick release plate thinking I could mount it on my rig, but I soon realised that the thinkness of the plate completely threw my camera out of alignment with the FF gear.
  • @jasonp mine has a definite play to it, not big but rather noticeable; I can't bother to ship it from Russia back to China and you've mentioned that you've opened the gearbox — any suggestions on how to do that?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have the first RJ FF and the Fotga Quick release FF. Both quite nice for their price (Fotga lacks the possibility of changing side of the wheel in contact with the gear). So now I want to upgrade a bit and I am aiming at the Lanparte A/B Hard stop FF.

    Does anyone knows about that follow focus? Is it the same quality than Lanparte but without the colours and brand? I tried to search reviews on the net but found nothing...

    Thanks in advance.

  • @jobilo , i asked them and they said it is made from same factory as LanParte ...

  • @feha , thanks a lot, finally I think I will wait for the Lanparte FF to be on the Personal-view's periodical catch deals!