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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Thank you VK for hosting the PV GH5 chat with Nick =) I downloaded the transcript & it answered many of my questions.

  • Why is all IPB gop?, no intra at a starting point with.gh5??

  • Thank you VK for hosting the PV GH5 chat with Nick =) I downloaded the transcript & it answered many of my questions.

    Nick and members who participated are more responsible for this :-).

    Nick promised to answer all questions missed later and post all answers.

  • Low light ISO test from Nick...

    Go to Vimeo and download the 4K version to get an accurate assessment.

  • GH5 does not show exposure info when using auto exposure. Nick Driftwood said that in a GH5 chat. I hope they will fix it for final FW.

    GH5 has auto iso in M with EV comp but it wont show what iso it is using. Weird?

    GH5 will show all exposure info in 5.2k video. Makes no sense.

  • I think someone mentioned here 4 track audio recording. I think it would be a really cool feature and could be done with firmware update. GH5 XLR Adapter + 3.5mm Mic input = 4 channel audio.

  • @fancydancer

    It was just question. Can be impossible in hardware or such.

  • I wander what NR setting was used for that "Low light ISO test from Nick..."

    I wold love to see a proper ISO test shot from a tripod with all ISO settings properly exposed, standard profile with everything default, in 4K 100 Mb/sec (for having a reference to Gh4 and other cameras). :)

  • I'll never understand the auto iso in M mode thing.

  • @joethepro, you don't need to. Others who have a use for that feature, understand it very well. :)-

  • @joethepro. I understand and look forward very much to utilising it.!

  • Regarding the chat with Nick Can you guys ask Him to pass a question to Japan: when 100mm+ macro lens is planned? No coma, etc, can be Leica read: pricey. Thanks.

  • Judging by those several videos it seems like the highlight rolloff is very harsh, and also the blacks were completely crushed, probably in grading, so we could not really see how it handles underexposed areas, how noisy or smudgy they are. For now, my main concern with this camera is the dynamic range.

    That ice cutting documentary was underexposed/graded to be very dark and moody, and yet, the highlights on the bar, the practicals, speculars on ice and in backgrounds are all just hard edged glowing clipped blobs of white with no detail whatsoever.

    Also in Nick's video shot in the streets, for example around 0'20'' the buildings in the BG are melted with skies, I am aware that it was super fast run and gun test, but still it makes me uncomfortable, I really hope that it can look much better, since I was really into buying this camera.

    On paper everything is amazing, they nailed it with this camera, but still, different ball game is how flattering and 'cinematic' image really feels. It might be highly subjective but, highlight rolloff and underexposed areas are one of most important aspects of that elusive definition.

  • Highlight rolloff will be improved by V-Log like it is on the GH4.

  • Is the hybrid log gamma something will give the camera extra dynamic range (over v log) ? Is it like the dual gain feature in alexa and blackmagic cameras ?What will it do exactly ?

  • @sammy: You can find HLG briefly described here.

    Of course, HLG does not change the dynamic range the sensor hardware can record, but it is a useful transfer function to allow to retain valuable information on both the high-light and the low-light end while recording. In that it is similar to what V-Log aims for, but with the difference that V-Log is intended only for post-processing, while HLG is meant to be understood by displays, so what somebody records using HLG in the camera could be replayed on any HLG-capable display right away.

    Actually, I think that if HLG is properly implemented in the camera, this will leave very little reason to use V-Log.

    BTW: Relevant open source software such as the "zimg" library, ffmpeg and mpv do already support HLG, so by the time Panasonic implements HLG in the GH5, there won't be a problem to replay or convert HLG recordings with popular software players.

  • @eno @thetrickster I meant I don't understand it being forced on. Why not make it optional? Or did I misunderstand something?

  • @Karl,thanks for info!so it just makes it more flatter , but in the end they are not doing any dual gain step to add to dynamic range.

  • Dynamic range is there. Any thing over 10 stops for rec709 is more than Hdr rec2020 ready. You grew up seeing 6 stops footage. Lol.

    Be plesed by Gh5 fetures. 13.5 stops is good enough feature wise in price. the noise!!! that is a feature of m4/3 sensors.

    Why you like super 16 film??? The look.

    Ok 4/3 sensor noise pattern also is a look. Dynamic range and color behaviour also look.

    Is a tool.

    Pay more for better look.

    Even though ''good chap ursamini 4.6k'' is only good up til iso 800. Then fpn arrives.

    Godes alexa cant handle high contrast on white scene, at any iso.

    Red is marketing as sony. All look like plastic.

    Peolple has forgoten that part of this job is know your tool. Gh5 is one more. ONE MORE TOOL.

    Lets continue to analyse tool, sheeps

  • @Eno he shot at standard with all setting -3

  • @Endotoxic,if Alexa is 14-14.5 stops , there is no way in the world gh5 is 13.5 , I can prove to you that Alexa is 14-14.5 usable stops from multiple tests available to public, where you get your claims of 13.5 usable stops for GH5

  • wow, that looks bad @Manu4vendetta