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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • 180 fps (as with any of the FHD slow mo modes) look much better than the softish looking 96fps GH4 mode.

    • NX1 size - 138.5mm x102.3mm x 65.8mm, weight is 550g
    • GH5 size - 138.5mm x 98.1mm x 87.4mm, weight is 725g

    And if you look at MB you'll also see how superior NX1 engineering had been.

  • Can someone explain the LOGIC why exposure info is visible when taking photos but not when shooting video?

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Sorry. This was feature info of GH5. Not many are reading my exposure topic.

    I think this is more important feature than focus peaking or histogram or zebras. I think many would be angry if Panasonic has decided for some reason to leave peaking. Panasonic courages using auto exposure with new features like auto iso in M, iso range and new stepless aperture lenses and then makes it harder to use by not showing what the camera is doing. How can I set up auto iso in M if I can not see the iso?

    GH5 is a consumer camera and not all users are film makers. Photographers sure wonder if their new camera is broken when exposure numbers disappear when switching to video mode. At least I wondered it with my first Panasonic.

  • @Vesku , I think some values which are in automatic can't be shown on display cause they may be constantly and rapidly changing with the exposure.

  • Sony shows and even Panasonic when shooting video with 4k/6k photo. It works very well and shows automatic values with 1/3 EV steps while the result is smooth.

  • "180 fps (as with any of the FHD slow mo modes) look much better than the softish looking 96fps GH4 mode." driftwood

    Thanks driftwood, I would imagine it is not as good as the 24,30 or 60fps 1080p due to compression bit rate limits; but being better than the 96fps GH4 VFR is a big plus.

    Is there any sensor crop at 1080p? GH4 aliased in 1080p and not in 4k, I assume the GH5 is similar. If they are reducing the full sensor to 1080p I would be impressed and it should look extremely detailed.

  • Lots of aliasing in this 180fps example. Not very sharp either.

  • Also 1080p 30 shows aliasing but not as severe as the 180fps mode. It seems that for anything quality you need to stick to 4k just like in the GH4. Seems the higher you go on the frame rate at 1080p the more aliased it becomes. Color moire makes a big appearance also. To be expected but a clear improvement over the Gh4's 96fps which was aliased 720p at best. Thanks J_Cooks and Griffin!

  • @Vesku

    Sorry. This was feature info of GH5. Not many are reading my exposure topic.

    All who care are reading. I fully understand your position and wish for such features, yet it does not help if you push too much and mention it too frequently.

  • Almost every site I go to Vesku is going on about exposure. It must really be important to him. I don't use my cameras in this manner so it is hard for me to understand its importance.

  • As I suggested before, its better to do some courses in basic video shooting.

  • Pleas agree and support this exposure feature need so that Panasonic will fix it and we can then forget it:)

  • @Vesku, I had enough of the "exposure thing"... have no need for such a feature and I think Panasonic should put the effort in other areas. :)

  • I also have enough of exposure...

  • Panasonic always states that they are listening to their customers. But does anyone know how to actually place a wish with them? I really really wish, they would make their promise true, to be able to sync external audio recorder. But for this, the GH5 would need LTC (timecode) in over the mic jack and out over the headphone jack. Now how to tell this Panasonic?

  • That 180FPS "Bored" clip looks amazing! I am super stoked about this more than ever! The airdancer 180fps clip looks like it wasn't interpreted/processed properly. "Bored" video looks crazy sharp for 1080 and free of aliasing! Not only does it looks sharp, but micro contrast and skin tones remind me of much higher end cinema cameras - though some of it comes down to the glass that they used - but nevertheless, put some decent glass on GH5 and incredible slow-mo!

  • To beat a dead horse: Still the GH5 sensor looks larger.

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  • Height_difference

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  • Width difference

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  • That's most likely a rendering of the GH5, not an actual photo of an actual cam. Which is exactly what someone responded to your same post on EOSH.D with.

    Give it up, it's not MAR.