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Ask developers of the Panasonic Lumix GH4, plus, answers about the m43 format
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  • @paulo no it isn't, that story was a joke.

  • I am very keen to upgrade from my GH2 cameras but the only reason stopping me from pre-ordering 2x GH4s is the 29min 59s restriction in EU PAL countries. I need to be able to record live events continuously and often cannot access the cameras to keep stopping/starting.

    Is there any possibility of offering an official unrestricted GH4 for users in PAL countries who are willing to pay the EU "camcorder" tax? Perhaps through a purchased firmware update?

    • Are you considering implementing built in ND filters in future versions?
    • Are you planning to make legacy panasonic and other focus by wire lenses remotely focusable?
    • Can you improve wifi coupling to the point where it becomes useful as monitor for video?
    • Can you say something about relationship with Fuji in sensor development?

    seconded @c_adams - this issue is getting kind of ridiculous. Will there be a future workaround that doesn't entail using the brick?

  • Nick already shared his brief observations on this, still I'd appreciate an official confirmation:

    Will it be possible to record 96fps externally over HDMI (provided that the capture device supports 1080p24/25/30)? If yes, will it then require recording internally at the same time?


  • Thanks @driftwood for this opportunity.

    My questions:

    -What about a constant power zoom f3.5-4 14-80mm or similar like the Sony 18-105mm f4?.

    -A variation on the YAGH interface with a battery but with just 2 XLR inputs and audio levels controls.

    -Why the GH4 has no IBIS?

    -Why there's no 24Mpxls Micro 4/3 sensor?

    -Why the info dissapear from the LCD screen when is recording?, we need to see the audio levels at least.

    I think is enough for now ;)

  • -Will we see a multi- aspect-ratio sensor again? With the GH1 and GH2 the crop factor for video was very close to APS-C cams, and I feel it went a long way towards countering the perpetual sensor-size argument. I would love to see a pixel-to-pixel 4k readout, like the GH4's, but that reaches the edge of the m4/3 image circle (the same diagonal width as the photo mode). I understand that this would entail lowering the megapixel count, but it seems m4/3 has stabilized at 16MP, so a drop to, say, 12MP would not be hard for consumers to accept if the gains in other aspects of IQ (less noise from larger pixels, etc) are made clear. Which brings me to my next question:

    -Are there any changes planned for the marketing of m4/3? I feel that the system has never really had an effective marketing push, thus its poor penetration into the US market. I also feel that cheeseball shills like Giulio Sciorio and Will Crockett do nothing but hurt the brand- people see through them immediately.

    -Any chance of a taller, squarer video mode being enabled, for anamorphic shooting?

    -When will we see a global shutter? I personally am slightly more enthused about its possibilities with high-speed flash photography than for video, but it will be nothing but positive for both. I bet David Hobby (Strobist) would be real excited about a compact, affordable system with a super-fast flash sync. I and a lot of other people hung on to the Nikon D70 for a lot longer than we should have just because of this one thing. There are a lot of video guys shooting sports and action that would be excited for a global shutter, too.

    -How about a tilting, telescoping EVF for the GH line? Like a cross between the GX7's EVF and a compact camcorder's? This could eliminate the need for LCD loupes when shooting video, making your rig even smaller and less fiddly.

    -Would it be possible to offer an alternative/upgrade firmware for the Lumix lenses that would give a linear response to the focus ring? Where a certain position of the ring always corresponds to a certain focus distance, and the speed of the ring input does not affect the amount of change made in the focal distance? I'm picturing this as just a software thing, but maybe it's not so simple. A simple pair of clamps on the focus ring (with lens gear integrated, to mate with a follow focus) and lens body with interlocking ears could provide hard stops, which you could program into the camera... thus repeatable focus pulls would be possible. You could even make the clamps' throw distance adjustable, which would let you dial the system in for your particular lens and FF combo.

    Thanks for hearing my input!

    1. Why is there no (5-Axis) Image Stabilization (in-body)?
    2. Can AE/AF be turned on/off/on/off while recording?
    3. Can 120 frames per second video capture sound into a 720p aspect ratio?
  • 1) As someone who has just purchased a GH3, I would still really like to see focus peaking implementing in a future software update. I don't really need many of the features of the GH4, and I understand the GH3 will continue to be sold along side the GH4.

    Considering less powerful cameras have had the feature implemented with software updates, I really hope Panasonic makes it a priority to include this feature if it is at all possible. Don't forget about us GH2 and GH3 owners just because a new shiny product came out, we are still active customers saving money for some nice Panasonic lenses ;)

    2) This is a photography related question, but in A mode, there should be a way to set the minimum tolerable SS to balance out with low ISO. For example, set min SS to 100, so if camera needs higher EV, it will raise ISO in ISO Auto mode to compensate. Also would be nice to have auto ISO selectable in M mode as an option, you never know.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions!

    1. Ditto to the question about opening up the firmware. I realize it would void the warranty, but would be worth it for those of us whose cameras (like my GH3) are out of warranty anyway!

    2. Can/will focus peaking become a standard feature on all future GH series cameras? IMO, it was a HUGE oversight on the GH3 to not include focus peaking!

    3. Is the aperture adjustable while recording video in the GH4? IMO, another huge oversight in the GH3.

    4. What is in the GH4 YAGH unit that makes it so expensive? And why does a product that size not have space for additional batteries?

    5. Will the m43 sensors remain at 16MP or smaller? I ask this because, personally, I don't think that the vast majority of people need more pixels (16MP is already adequate for ~13x17" pictures at 240 dpi). And to increase the pixel count would necessarily negatively impact low light sensitivity due to smaller sensels. IMO, low light sensitivity is a major stumbling block for M43 (though the GH4 is rumored to improve that), at least above ISO 1600-2500.

    6. Will Panasonic continue the move to IBIS (GX7) in future cameras, especially the GH series? Is 5 axis stabilization in the works? Are there real world technical reasons IBIS is not a good idea (e.g. maybe that video with IBIS isn't any good as another poster implied)? I realize that many of the current lenses have stabilization built in, but those that don't, especially the wider lenses, are problematic in "run and gun" shooting environments (both stills and video). IMO, such a move would both simplify lens construction and further improve M43's value proposition. Not to mention make the use of "cine" manual lenses much more usable.

    7. Will Panasonic be more proactive in the future regarding current camera/lens firmware updates? I ask because there have been no firmware updates for the GH3 for about 9 months. Surely some fixes and/or improvements could have been made in this period of time.

    8. Will the GH4 have better optics in the EVF than on the GH3? The lens (eyepiece) the EVF in the GH3 is viewed through is an embarrassment. I struggle to imagine how a cheaper piece of plastic could have been found. I had better lenses in kaleidoscopes I had when I was a kid in the 1970's. It is so bad as to make the EVF, if not unusable, then certainly much less usable than it should be (off center viewing of the EVF image).

    Thank you for your time Koyama-San!


  • Is it possible to make a m4/3 lens that would work with stepless aperture, or at least in far more smaller steps than they now do?

    Is this camera or lens related problem? And could the GH4 be made to be able to use even the existing m4/3 lenses with stepless aperture control in video modes?

  • Will Panasonic produce firmware that would make zoom lenses act like a parfocal zoom lens? Perhaps could be enabled in menu or button as a type of focus (AFS/AFF, AFC, MF, AFP)?

  • With the advent of RAW filming can we see at least 1 minute of RAW shooting capability on this camera in a future firmware release? You will win over a ton of new users.

  • @matt_gh2

    I'm pretty sure Canon 1DC, c100, 5d etc. would all sell more if they priced lower...... I for one am EXTREMELY happy Panasonic raised the price and added more features. I would gladly have paid $2000 for internal ND filters and 60fps at 2.5k at least.

    The point is the bring the value UP not DOWN....

    Now my question to Panasonic is simple, please support the camera and make a lot of firmware versions available to add any new features the community can use, more specifically custom color profiles.

  • Another question: Why was ETC mode not activated in 1080p60(50) on the GH3, but was for lower frame rates? Is there an ETC mode on the GH4? Is there a similar limitation on the GH4?

    1. I'd like to add a ditto to the question of color space/renditions. In this thread here on personal-view (, there has been much discussion about skin tone renditions and some on color casts. This appears to me to be a firmware (resolvable) issue.

    2. While I know that the above discussion is about the GH3 (a current camera), is there anything to be done about it in firmware for the GH3?

    3. Is Panasonic going to provide more options for the GH4 in this area to help with potential upcoming problems keeping in mind that the GH4 appears to be strongly geared toward a more professional market?

    Hmmm, it seems like we are back to firmware again...

    PS. I apologize for including the GH3 in this conversation, but since it is a current product in the GH line (and appears to be for the foreseeable future), issues with it appear to be pertinent for the GH4. i.e. is the lack of responsiveness to problems with the GH3 a prelude to what we can expect from the GH4?

    AND I would like to get some commentary regarding what appear to be firmware resolvable shortcomings of the GH3 since it is my current camera (especially since some GH2 hacks provide solutions to some of these same problems in a technically less capable camera)!

  • Please please please ask him about opening up the software/interface side of their cameras! Be it opening up as much of their source code as possible (I understand there are legal issues why they can not do this for all of it, but they could at least release most of it) and/or providing an API.

    Give the power to the people to let their imaginations go wild and you'll be surprised what is created and needs are filled!

    Just look at what Magic Lantern has done without any support from Canon (don't underestimate what a huge selling point this has been for many newbies. They might know next to nothing about which camera to get, but they do know Canon has Magic Lantern which "nobody else has". They're wrong in their assessment of course.... don't even pick Canon! :-P But I see this happen time after time after time, as to the reason why a newcomer buys and sticks with Canon. Because of all the news about Magic Lantern).

    The first company which actually encourages this community development will get a huge edge over the competition!

    Oh, and additionally... could you please add a mic input to all your future cameras (is a great pity my G3 doesn't have one). Even the GF and GM series would benefit from it, surely it wouldn't cost much more at all or add any more size of note? Yet would mean a huge benefit for many video users.

    And while on this point, could you make sure live clean HDMI is on all future cameras too? (again, I really really wish my one of my GH1/G3/GF3/GX1 had this! I've got a lot of Panasonic cameras, yet sadly none of them have this! Many directors want to have a live feed to a monitor for them to watch while I'm operating the camera. But I can't. I'd have to get a GH2 or GH3, when in terms of features/price I'd rather get a G6 instead. But that doesn't have it either.... this is unfortunately making me have to seriously consider between the G6 or the Nikon D5200 or even the Sony A6000 instead, as my upgrade this year from the GH1/G3 that I use now)

  • When will the price drop & by how much so I can get one ?

  • Some firmware suggestions:

    -More options to FN-buttons: Video Autofocus, Audio meters, Wind cut filter, Picture controls etc. It would be nice to have FN-button options for menus you actually use during shooting.

    -Exposure values independant for video mode. So camera could camera remember that video must shoot with lower shutter speed than photos. (Maybe that shutter degree option could solve this problem).

    -AE/AF button on-off-on-off possibility like in other cameras

    -More C-memory slots or menu item to save different whole camera setups. I.e. you could configure whole camera for indoor or outdoor shooting. Then you will have all 5 C-memories for current setup.

    -Possibility to change useless EV-button to FN-button.

    • Will the Gh3 be supported and firmware upgraded in the future, along with new gh4?
    • Will the 29'59'' limit be removed in gh3 / gh4?
    • Will the display info always be visible during recording (like in gh2)?
    • Will firmware upgrades give better dynamic range?
    • Will Panasonic consider to suorce-opening their gh(>=3) firmware, as the reason of gh(<=2) popularity was due to the possibility of customizing and improving it by excellent and open-minded users?
    • Is it true that Panasonic will give up m43 lenses and cameras developing, being the gh4 the last product of that type?
  • Another couple of questions: would it be possible to implement a pre-rec function? Like, the buffer storing 5 seconds of video? Maybe in future versions?

    Would it be possible to implement RGB histograms for video?

  • Will you fix the issue of not showing the histogram/meter while changing ISO ? Changing A or S you get to still see the exposure meter, but changing ISO both the meter and histogram disappear.

  • Is there a specific codec we need to download to work with GH4 .movs in Avid?

  • Any chance to add scene files that we can swap with the AF100, AC90/130/160 etc... easier to match cameras

    1. Can you add the ability for the GH4 (GH3+) to detect panning and tell the lenses to not try to correct for horizontal pan movement?

    2. Or is this something that would have to be fixed in a lens firmware update?

    I have a 12-35mm f2.8 lens and at times it can be problematic when performing even moderate speed pans (only VERY slow pans have no problems). I record sports frequently with my kids and I'll be on a tripod one moment and then take it off another and having to remember to switch off/on the OIS in the "heat of the moment" (run and gun) doesn't happen very frequently... ;-)

  • @RRRR - Ditto on the pre-rec function.

    @thetrickster - Ditto on the histogram problem.

    @jamesjjj - Ditto on the scene files (related to other color rendering issues discussed?)

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