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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • Thanks both! So I guess it's easier to make the viewfinder high resolution that way than to use a colour LCD.
  • >It looks like the Sandisk Extreme (16GB, Class 10) would be best for our purposes.

    I think Hoodman:) maybe oiverkill?
  • Vitaliy, what stage are you now with the GH2? (also, let us know if/when you need any more donations)
  • >Vitaliy, what stage are you now with the GH2? (also, let us know if/when you need any more donations

    As I said, I am reversing. And will be doing it for some time (really, for very long time even after released hacks).
    We do not need anything specific today. Donations just allow me to dedicate more time on it.
  • Hi Vitaliy,

    The gh2 will work on a gf2, like the gh1 hack work in a gf1?

    thanks you very much. regards from spain
  • >gh1 hack work in a gf1

    GH1 hack do not work on GF1.
    And I do not have any plans about GF2.
  • Vitaliy, Thanks again for all of your efforts. Do you have any specific features(ie: 25p) you want to add/update before you release the first hacked firmware or will you release it whenever you have any updates ready?

    How do you pronounce your first name by the way?
  • In video shooting it would be nice if in manual mode, the aperture was the default first thumbwheel adjustment rather than shutter. Don't know about anyone else, but in video at least, to cope with different lighting conditions, I tend to leave the speed at 1/50 and use the aperture first, followed by iso, and then a faster lens (in bad light). I would only change to a different shutter speed as a last resort as that is by far the least desirable and least correctable way of shooting video (you can noise-reduce video in editing, but you can't do much about a slow shutter speed).
  • @Mark_the_Harp
    Good suggestion. Also, when I use the thumb wheel press button to get focus assist, I sometimes accidently scroll and adjust the shutter speed too. So maybe a feature to lock shutter speed / aperture adjustment also might be a good idea? (e.g. require a function button to be held in, while scrolling the thumb wheel)
  • very good idea. erm- im new- how do i activate focus assist on pressing thumb wheel?
    whats also very annoying: cant change iso and etc mode while recording... pretty sure everyone would like that on-the-fly :)
  • >GH1 hack do not work on GF1.

    Vitaliy, so you already tested the new GH1 patch on an unhackable GF1 and it doesn't work? That's too bad. So I guess it won't be in the testers section for G2 and GF1, like you previously wrote. Was looking forward to it.
  • Just a quick note on the viewfinder, V.s right, it's monochrome and the backlight just cycles through R,G,B, like a single-chip DLP projector. And yes it's cheaper to get high res in a small panel that way (you don't need to cram in RGB sub-pixels).

    I noticed this 'rainbow effect' straight away and was kinda annoyed by it - but I don't really notice it anymore. I do notice it on my cheap DLP projector all the time, but that's because you see it most if you move your eyes.
  • Interesting. I had just assumed it was chromatic aberration due to the plastic lenses in the eyepiece.
  • @fatpig I second the on-the-fly iso / etc change, but Vitaliy I think said the iso one would probably not be possible.

    By the way, someone commented that they couldn't get slow video shutter speeds. If you want to (I personally don't!) you can access the slower speeds by choosing MF mode.
  • Are the fixed ISO steps a software limitation? I assume the sensor gain (which is what ISO is) can actually be adjusted in more steps? If yes it would be nice to have finer steps, adjustable on the wheel.

    It's similar to Mark's request, but often you want a specific shutter speed _and_ aperature (to get a fixed depth-of-field), so adjusting ISO is the best exposure option. It would also allow a 'Shutter & Aperature' priority mode, where only the ISO is adjusted for auto-exposure (especially useful for timelapses). Even if it couldn't be done during recording, it would still be useful.
  • @_gl Exactly - that would be the best option of all. For video work it's great to adjust iso on the fly particulatly as the GH2 is so low-noise. If it could do that AND go below ISO 160 that would be even better!
  • When and if we get to the point where a GH2 hack is ready will we need to obtain the original firmware file in order to use the hack? With all of the other hacks we have just downloaded the file from Panasonic and then modified it ourselves with Ptool.

    For the GH2 Panasonic has not released that file and my understanding is that it is patented software. Will the firmware be shared for everyone to use or is that a no no?
  • I'm speculating that Panny will release new GH2 firmware (1.1???) when they release new m43 lenses unless each new lens has embedded firmware update for the body.
  • @Stonebat

    Until they do that we won't see the hack right? I doubt anyone will be allowed to share the firmware that is out there right now.
  • I don't know. But I can wait longer for GH2 since I have GH17 in hand. :)
  • We all definitely appreciate the GH17. However, I still think the GH2 offers more. It will be perfect when it is hacked though.
  • >For the GH2 Panasonic has not released that file

    As far as I remember, GH2 firmware leaked some time ago.
  • Excellent!!! As I have GH2 I'm very happy to wait. Such a great camera already!
  • Thanks Vitaliy. That is all we need to know. Great job on the hacks this weekend. We all appreciate everything you do.
  • >Thanks Vitaliy. That is all we need to know.

    This had been on EOSHD and 43rumors some time ago.
    You can find a link in this posts.