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Panasonic GX7 aka GX2, with IBIS topic
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  • em5 allows ibis on video mode. I own an em5 and I can assure this.

  • The real downside for video use is lacking of ext mic input.

    Would be nice knowing if the internal hardware is the same as GH3. It has focus peaking so I do not understand why they did not add it on GH3. Maybe just commercial reasons

  • This is essentially a photo camera and video feature comes free of charge for them. Nothing new under the sun for video features...

  • is there live hdmi out so an external monitor can be used? do you think with the lower bitrate the video image quality will still be superior to the gh3 and hacked gh2?

  • Not wanting to ask about patches but... what are the odds of it being hackable?

    I've been following closely all things GH2 patch related, but I'm completely in the dark to others newer models. Have they been patched?

  • Some more technical information from IR at

    "Movie mode has been updated, too. It's not just still imaging that has gotten the love from Panasonic. Movie shooting has also been improved. Resolution still tops out at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, or Full HD, but with a higher maximum frame rate of 60p, or 60 progressive-scan frames per second. (The GX1 was limited to 60i capture, or 60 interlaced fields per second.) There's also a choice of 30p or a movie-like 24p at full resolution in US cameras."

    " Perhaps more intriguingly, Panasonic says that the better image sensor means that it need only bin four pixels to create each pixel in the final movie, rather than six pixels as in the G6. The mixing is performed in 1 x 4 pixel lines, rather than 2x2 blocks, and the image processor performs low-pass filtering on the resulting data as it comes off-chip."

    "The maximum sensitivity for videos is now limited to ISO 3,200, rather than the earlier ISO 1,600 limit of the GX1."

    This means that the GX7 is only using ~8MP while the G6 was using closer to 12MP. There's some more interesting additional information on the sensor too.

  • Imaging Resource seems to be incorrect about 24p being only for the US model, because the European model apparently will have that, too. The German press release emphasizes that the GX7 can shoot 'movie-style 24p' and the UK specs list 24p as well:

    @duartix How is the megapixel count for video calculated?

  • @double_vision, I know that there is stabilization possibilities for video, but it is not actually physical, like when taking photos, but it's done digitally inside the camera. It would use a shitload of battery to be on all the time. This is confirmed from the fact that the image is slightly cropped when using stabilization on video.

    The results are almost exactly similar though, don't get me wrong.

  • @Mordae The last Olympus firmware enabled the OM-D IBIS for video, as far as I know. Andrew made a post about it recently.

  • It's over, guys: Panasonic has to protect their Gh3, so no external mic option, no high bitrates (maybe in the future?), and above all, they announced a f1.2 lens!

    All we have to do is to claim our 17.5mm 1.2 lens with OIS, and take the g6 instead of this one.

  • The audio part was the bigger bummer for me. No mic input and the tiny onboard mics don't look very promising.

    I use a lot my GH2 to record live concerts - and, amazingly, the onboard mics of the GH2 (even without the Pasadena Pulse hack, which I will try soon) are better than the mics in my Zoom H1, by a large margin - at least in this scenario. In the lowest setting, almost no distortion (except when VERY close of the speakers) and cleaner than the H1 ones, especially at highs. After some EQ, some people asked me if I have a recorder attached to the mixing desk in some of my videos. :)

    I could use the H1 just as a recorder, and use a external mic attached to it - but will need to find a small and inconspicuous mic to use with it, shotguns will be complicated (again, in this scenario). I have a Sony ECM-719 that I've used a long ago, but it's sound quality was not very good (but I was using it with a Kodak Zi8, could be poor audio recording from the camera), will have to try it again. In fact, if any of you know small mics with good sound that can stand with high SPLs, I'm accepting suggestions. :) (probably will open a thread about it in the future)

    Coming back to the topic: video-image wise, as I guessed, the GX7 modes are EXACTLY the same of the G6, in resolutions and bitrate. Then, I expect that the video image being about the same - the variables will be the new sensor and the absence of the AA filter. If you already use external audio recording, this one could be more interesting (and expensive) than a G6.

  • Why can't manufactures every give consumers what they want?? I am pretty sure if they give people what they want, people will buy more. GH3, G6, GX7 all have features and lacking other which it looks very clear that Panasonic deliberately keep them off just to try to force people to buy stuff they they need.

  • Interesting pixel binning. Better ETC performance and better live image magnification? Also Panasonic's first step toward future 4k M43 body? Presumably GH5?

  • @HillTop1

    Because they are running the business and not factory that turns your dreams into reality.

    Check the article at the link for some answers:

  • @stonebat My bets are that the GH5 will be the GX7 with GH3-like body (SLR shape, weather sealing), high bitrate modes and (maybe) IBIS active in video. And maybe RAW video or some more advanced codec, like ProRes.

    Panasonic still have a high-end line of cameras, 4K will be reserved for them. Segmentation (and more profit margins) is the name of the game. :)

  • OK so... what I am wondering is for 1000 bucks is this the best photo camera for micro four thirds?... Seeing as how GH3 is just 100 bucks more on AMAZON....NVMD.... I think I answered my own question... seems silly to get this over a GH3 when GH3 will do all the video things my BMPCC wont... lol PLUS I kinda get ssick of the weird looks I get on photography shoots with my dinky GH2.

  • Better video in ETC mode would be a great improvement, especially when using 1/2" and 2/3" C-mount lenses! Too bad they left out the external mic input! If IBIS does not work in video mode, that would also be a bummer....maybe it will come later in firmware like Olympus did.

  • I wouldn't bet on the later firmware. Olympus enabled movie ibis feature on 5-axis systems like OMD and E-P5, not 2-axis systems like E-PL5 and E-PM2.

  • So I guess the wait continues for a GH-2 or GH-3 type video shooter with IBIS. :( Pocket cinema won't do as no 60P. No IBIS. Ideal for me shooting action in boats would be high bit rate hacked GH-2 or GH-3 quality video, 60 or even 120P, IBIS, and mic jack.

  • GH3 will definitely give you that professional looks (especially to people who don't know your work yet), I been through that with GH2 as well.

    BMPCC will probably be really hard to convince people that is a Pro camera given it's pocket cam appearance even thought it can record really high quality video

  • @ntsan Yeah true but in my Cine-style camera rig with all "the crud" attached (aka necessary accessories) the BMPCC will look pretty damn professional. I get the "looks" when I do photography more than anything... but I think my photo work is not too shabby for shooting m43rds and at the end of the day its the image that matters not the size of the camera.

  • can anyone explain how they are claiming the video would be better than a gh3 when the bitrate is much lower. is that possible?