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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @driftwood and the others: I shot with moon t7 set e last evening. I was wondering when the screen dramatically changed his color after pushing the rec botton. I know thats quite normal in a similar way but the screen preview looked so munch better..after pushing the rec button everything was greenish and not so flat in balanced in the colors as it was on none record mode. I used smooth all at -2. any ideas?

  • @Azo 5D raw is not a cool one, in fact many footages from Vimeo looks awkward when it comes to color reproduction , detail in post 5D raw is not comparable to RED Scarlet even in 2K modes. GH2 Moon T7 is super cool in post I am using SetD. But @driftwood Borg SetD and setE is showing 23.976 in 5dtorgb and clipwrap. What shld I do???

  • @Maya Its a timing trick to get it to 24 in ptools. I haven't had time to fully check if it is true or not - most readers show 24 frames, whereas the popular transcoders like you have found Clipwrap and 5dtorgb show 23.976. I will investigate further early next week.

  • would it be possible to reduce bittrate on Moont T7, to for example 60Mbits? so i can use it on my class10 SDXC card? ... you would probably ask "but why", because i assume "all I frame" is much easier to handle in any video editor, right?

  • @driftwood yes see screenshots here, shows 23.976 everywhere,..if i convert it to 24 frames its loosing its audio track and getting converted without audio. yes let me know if there is a change? @tymeorama i feel i am facing same problem. lets wait for a solution.

    after convertion.jpg
    1390 x 1440 - 441K
    while converting.jpg
    2560 x 1440 - 1M
  • @dado023 moon trial 7 & is not about low bitrates - it was never my intention but to reproduce the highest artifact free encode that I could. Subsequently, moon T7 isn't very good on the L modes because of the quantiser arrangement and requires a constant high datarate and the very best SD cards.

    Low bitrates for Intra simply don't work. I would suggest moon T5 where the rate is much more variable with its Q16 rate control or a Longer GOP like Nebula or DREWnet where the bitrate drops dramatically because of their prediction sampling with p/b frames. These should work better on sdxc cards.

  • @dado023 have tried DrewnetT9 on '45' SD cards with some success. Record and playback work in camera but no spanning. Perfect on '95' cards.
    Latest flowmotion & redshift are OK on '45' cards, but again no spanning. Awaiting an improved Redshift with keen interest.
    Only tested 720P & 1080i PAL

    Don't forget that these hacks are pushing the on board camera processing to the limits and there are production tolerances to consider. As end users there is trial & error and fair amount of luck. Despite the amount of work put in I doubt Driftwood has any control over these tolerances.
    Some GH2 cameras are simply better than others hence our experiences differ.
    Best of luck.

  • @callan when you say no spanning, do you mean it will stop recording, or it will record in files larger than 4GB, because i dont mind huge files :)

  • @dado023 Simply stops recording. Files larger than the 4GB are not possible due to the FAT32 file system used. If spanning were possible as with '95' cards then you could end with a series of contiguous 4GB files. These are combined in the NLE to one large file or viewed as one file using in camera playback.

    Sanity 5.1 spanned correctly on '45' cards as per the basic Panasonic update

  • @spacewig Hahaha. I think I have a migraine now.

  • @callan, on my SDXC card my GH2 camera uses exFAT, there is no file limit on exFAT afaik, but not sure?, i guess this is more of GH2 itself limitation to 4GB...or not?

  • Just a few shots from a job shooted with Moon T7 sete AutoQuantizer 4 - All to details. Absolutely reliable on a Sandisk 64/95.

    Settings: ISO160, Shutter 1/40, Sigma 30mm 1.4 at f1.8~2.2, Cinema 24p, Mode Cinema -2-2-2-2, WhiteBalance Incandescent. It's already graded.

  • I've tried DREWnet T9 on a GF3 with SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s, and it seems to be rock solid: passes the "death chart" test, and gives around 35-40 Mbit/s on real-world scenes (HBR 1080i). However, it looks too soft even with 20/1.7. I've got GF3 only recently, so I'm not sure if it's due to the patch settings, or it's the best GF3 can do.

    By the way, I've been running Slipstream #3 GOP-1 on a G3 for quite some time, it's pretty stable and the quality is amazing (40-70 Mbit/s).

  • The best hack for 1280X720 now is DREWnet T9? am I wrong?

  • @dado023 my '95' x 64GB card is formatted exFAT in camera and spans in 4GB blocks. Maybe the file limit is set within the GH2. Out of interest did you try spanning with GH2 at factory settings? Mine was OK.

    If you really must have the higher performance & spanning it seems the only safe way is to use the '95' card. If you do not require spanning and have other cards the Drewnet 9 would be my choice.

  • Hello!.Az currently'm DREWnet T9 and I can say that is amazing in all rezhimi.720p is good to have this moment.En 24p,25p is droped frustrating the first 3 frames.Thanks!!!, for the good work And I think others finish, DREWnet T9 is very good for continuous operation with midrange cards........... cheerssssssssss ;)))

    1920 x 1080 - 214K
  • Canon 5DMKIII ML RAW v moon T7

    ml raw v moon T7.png
    2169 x 722 - 2M
  • That is a nice comparable shot. However the distance between land and water is much further away from the 5DMKIII. On the GH2 it looks a lot closer and i miss some of the picture from the sides, like the two chairs in the distance. Is that the effect because of the FULL FRAME vs M43?

  • @callan

    yes of course, spanning works with GH factory setting, that not an issue. I have tried Drewnet 8 a month ago, but it usually failed after few minutes, card writing speed issue, altought on my notebook card usually writes 18MB/s, which is much more than normal class10, but i guess some hacks need even more speed.

  • @Driftwood. The pictures actually look quite similar, maybe the Canon have more saturation and little more contrast. I just wonder why all the canon footage have this reddish tone. Specially on skin tones.

  • @kidgray

    reddish tones coming out of the camera are irrelevant if it's RAW, one pinch of color correction and it's like magic

    @driftwood did the 7-14 have any ND filters?

  • Yes I have ND filters. Im gonna test it more tomorrow and upload some footage. Also gonna try different lenses.

  • @driftwood Should I patch my camera back to Moon T7 SetE? The 24 frames doesn't work at all. even the second time with 3.66D ptools showed 23.976 only. Cliwrap, 5D to RGB, VLC, and QuickTime everything shows the same before and after conversion. Please let me know if I have to do anything.

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