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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @thegood83

    I misread it thinking that the final bit rate would be 94.2 MB/sec. I forgot that it would be compressed even further after that.

  • Has anybody called B&H lately to get a update on the status of thier order?

    One guy claims that Blackmagic told B&H they were shipping the cameras out today. So to except it next week.

    I would call, but my order is very recent and I highly doubt I would get it in the first shipment.

  • I ordered the day that it was announced. I called B&H earlier today and they told me that they still have not heard anything about a shipping date.

  • Any information from the event? Would love it if they had a short launch film kinda like the GH3 did... would be amazing to have an idea what can be done locked of on some sticks with controlled lighting etc. etc.

    Im based in the UK and have been in contact with a couple of distributers Visual Impact and CVP and still no dates from them and they seem to think initial volume wont be large but i guess it depends on how many people have pre-ordered if its going to be soon people start getting them in hand.

  • They announced two new cameras! And delayed the pocket and the 4k till late winter.

    New cameras shipping in early spring.




    Check out this pic somebody posted on twitter.

  • looks to thin to be boxes. Looks like books?

  • Yeah I'm geuessing they are the promotional pamphlets that dealers will have. I know Canon and Panasonic always have these things. Just nice pictures and info.

  • Yea... they do say "Spring 2013 Catalog" on them.

  • Is anyone doing a live blog of the LA event?

  • I'm headed over now

  • @woodybrando could you help us ask whether the sandisk 45mbs is enough for recording raw? And also the shipping date. Thanks a bunch.

  • I'm standing at the booth now so let me know any questions u want me to ask

  • @woodybrando Please ask about ship date, will ALL orders be shipped out or are there 1st 2nd batches? If I place an order with B&H today, will it ship or is there an wait? Will raw be available soon or is it still on hold? Which SD cards can be used besides Sandisk Extreme? Thanks!

  • Can two bodies' sensors be synced for 3D? If no, any plans for the future? Or does simultaneous powerup start the sensors in sync? (bet they have no idea but hey)

  • He said it will come in batches but doesn't know how many in the first batch. Also said the visually lossless codec is going to ship. Also, said first batch is on hold pending a newer firmware than 1.4 to implement another feature he wasn't sure of. He Didn't know about minimum write speed said class 10.

  • I preordered from BH too he said two weeks before BH ships and not sure how many.

  • Rep isnt an engineer so answers are pretty broad

  • Sounds like they don't know what's going on.

  • He said they probably won't work for 3d but it has been talked about how it may be able to do it thru lanc in a later firmware.

  • Cool, thanks @woodybrando. So 3D is not completely off their radar, good news.

  • Glad I cancelled my pre-order... Don't want to wait and worry about release dates. Happy shooting with the GH3 for the moment.

  • So it looks like a small batch of "beta" cams are going out in two weeks, they are going to make sure there's nothing wrong with them then ramp up production for the second batch which they wouldn't say how long till that 2nd batch goes out. General impression of the cam is that its going to take some adjusting to such a bare bones body but can't wait to be shooting raw in such a small package. they are still saying raw will be on the shipping camera.

  • Ouch. That means it could be months before general availability.