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Panasonic G6 Issues
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  • Seems like some kind of in camera processing that tries to emulate higher DR. Similar to the Shadows/highlight effect that is found in adobe applications like premiere. Try the same test with higher in-cam contrast adjustment.

  • oscillian - is this halo visable in camera on the rear screen when you view the footage - or is it something that has been induced onto he image in post due to processing in Premiere

    try trouble shooting this to see where the issue is occuring

    I had an issue with my G6 it had a dead pixel cluster on the sensor so its had to be returned for a replacement new body - Im now awaiting this to arrive

  • @CFreak Hopefully it's just my copy

  • @andy_lee Lets keep the discussion to this thread. I wanted to shoot in 50p to have the option of slo mo, if needed. Will try other modes and see if issues are the same.

  • How annoying. Is the G6 too good to be true?

  • Can someone with a G6 do a similar test to see if this is just my camera? I'm trying to get hold of another G6 later today and try again.

  • Wow that looks pretty dreadful.

  • First off: this is probably a hardware error:

    Dark halo-ing on the left(?) of bright objects!

    UPDATE! This is caused by i.Dynamic settings. Turn OFF to avoid these artifacts!

    AVCHD 50p ISO 160 Shutter 1/50 Photo Style: Natural: -5,0,0,-5 WB: Cloudy First clip: Olympus 45mm f1.8 @f1.8 Second clip: Lumix 14-140mm, 14mm@ f4

    MPEG 50p export straight from Premiere