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Panasonic G6 Issues
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  • @oscillian

    It seems that it has some algorithm to determinate where to lift brightness and it can behave in weird way.

  • Since the i.Dynamic feature is set to Auto from factory thus showing up on all end user videos, this should be adressed by Panasonic in Firmware update :)

  • Since the i.Dynamic feature is set to Auto from factory thus showing up on all end user videos, this should be adressed by Panasonic in Firmware update :)

    Btw, it can behave same way for all other cameras, need to ask all owners.

  • All other cameras? Like GH2 or just newer from same generation like GF6 and GH3?

  • @oscillian

    Same thing on my G6, i.Dynamic feature creates shadow borders to bright highlight areas if there are darker areas behind them.

    HDR-to-LDR features like i.Dynamic are always a compromise in some way. Since it can be turned off, unlikely that we'll get much official reaction to this...

  • @neokoo Panasonic should at least put out a notice regarding this, since factory settings introduce it.

  • I did some tests for inconsistent color in JPEG sequences.

    Took series of pictures (JPEG low quality setting) of a color table and a one-color sheet under household fluorescent lights, in burst H and burst L modes, at long exposure times (2" and 5"). The test images were not colorimetric test charts, just color prints, but as the intent was only to measure whether colors change between images, they were sufficient for the test.

    Obviously all settings including white balance were on manual, and all "i.Something" type features were off.

    The colors did change between sequential images. There appeared to be more differences in burst H mode (fastest) and less in burst L mode (slowest).

    In burst L mode color differences were present, but not very big. In this kind of test with household lights, I cannot say conclusively how much of it is the effect of lights.

    But at burst H there are clear differences in colors of sequential images, more than what could be attributed to effect of lights. And in real-world shooting situation it is even worse.

    Here are images from the test, and a sequence from real-world timelapse take at burst H:

    Here is a video of one of the test sequences in Lightroom, showing changes of color in histogram:

    It appears that in burst H mode colors tend to be inconsistent on G6. In coming weeks I'll be using this camera for more timelapse work, will post if I find out more about this.

  • @neokoo "Took series of pictures (JPEG low quality setting)" Isn't this the problem, the low quality conversion of the image in camera, instead of in your computer? Does the G6 have this problem in the high quality JPEG setting in camera?

  • @CFreak

    Colors appeared to be more consistent in burst L mode even on low quality JPEG setting, which would suggest that compression quality is not the source of the problem. As far as I understand, color balance should not be noticeably changed by JPEG-type compression unless the compression settings are really extreme.

    But same thought had crossed my mind, maybe JPEG quality setting has some effect on this as well. Will try high quality settings on my next shoots and tests.

  • I did another real-world timelapse test for color inconsistency in burst modes, this time with high quality JPEGs.

    As expected, JPEG quality setting had no effect on color consistency. In burst mode H, colors change very noticeably, but in burst mode M, not so much. I suspect this is some technical compromise that prioritizes shooting speed over color accuracy.

    Here are some image files from the test. Just 10 of each to save space, as the effect is noticeable even with few images. The problem is most visible in red-tinted areas, but is present in other colors as well.

    Ideas on how to fix this in post are welcome, I was thinking of trying AE color stabilizer and/or some kind of per-channel flicker removal.

  • @neokoo

    May be camera make measurement and adjustment only after certain number of frames. As I do not have any idea why such can happen.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    It does seem like worst color shifts happen after few frames of more stable colors.

    Still, it is strange that the color error is so big, or even present at all. In operating instructions it says "When the burst speed is set to [SH] or [H] (when [Focus Mode] is [AFS] or [MF]), the exposure and White Balance are fixed at the settings used for the first picture for the subsequent pictures as well." So if colors do not change in front of the lens, they also should not change in images.

    Perhaps I should try taking raw+JPEG sequences next time and compare if the frames have same color errors.

  • Unfortunately, this was shot prior to my knowing about the iDynamic issues. Some of the shots in ETC mode during the ceremony look atrocious with a dark shadow across the brides face. Bummer!

  • Did you shot this in 60p?

  • @azza_act 50p on 25p timeline.

  • @oscillian did you notice any loss of detail! Compared to the gh2-3?

  • Talking about loss of detail; I saw a user report ( that showed notably softer image at 50p compared to 25p, I also read the review of the website author which doesn't mention this but honestly am not taking him too seriously, especially because he doesn't find it necessary to comment on that user report and he removed the message from another user that was questioning this as well.

    I have asked this question over at dvinfo but thought here might be a good possibility that this could be checked and confirmed as well, are there any g6 users that have seen this behaviour, is there something going on in 50p mode that softens the image?

  • Had a very strange thing, going into menu and selecting sub menu - playback whatever - I started getting continuous scrolling through the pages as if a button was fixed down. Spoke to Panasonic who hadn't heard of it happening before and sent in for repair yesterday. Just when I really need it of course, having sold other cameras! That pocket camera better arrive v quickly now!

  • 24p is reading as 720 x 480 on my windows 7 computer. It has the correct bit rate and looks right, but for some reason it is displaying as a different resolution in the text description and in properties. It is being read as 1920 x 1080p everywhere else, windows 8, etc.

    Every other mode reads correctly.

  • My 24p displays 480p too in properties. (Win7)

  • I noticed that live exposure view is missing from my camera when on M mode....I mean that the exposure on the screen won't change (meaning if I raise shutter speed the screen the image wont be lighter etc). It works that way on my GH2. I always like to see how the image will look like before I press the shutter button. Didn't find anything in the menus either that turns this on.

  • It's called "Constant Preview" and there is no such option on G6 thus far for still photo modes. Only works that way in manual video mode.

  • pff...well that is really bad.

  • @Rivo_Kikkul, though I too lament the lack of the Constant Preview feature, is the more accurate alternative is to use the histogram. As I become more familiar with my camera I find myself using the histogram more often.

  • Hey guys I need some help! When I have the camera set to M (manual aperture and shutter speed) on video mode, it still does automatic exposure compensation +/- when the lighting changes that ruin some of my shots. I bought this camera as a b cam to my gh3, but I'm not happy about this camera thinking its smarter than me. I also can't believe that it doesn't reflect ISO settings until a picture is taken. Seems pretty useless to have an evf if you can't constant preview it.

    Does gh2 have this problem as well? Strongly debating selling my brand new g6 to buy a gh2 since I feel the wifi is mainly a gimmick compared to being able to actually control the camera.