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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • Early resolution test by show slightly more aliasing than GH2/GH3 Video-Crop seems to be 2x, they suspect it's a G5 Sensor.

  • More moire? Sigh...

  • Difficult to be certain about that from their results? In any event will be a lot less than all dslr, except the d5200 which then throws nasty fixed pattern noise into the mix and naff ergonomics c/w with the G series? Nothing perfect yet it seems but the G6 moves in the right direction, now Panasonic open up the Multi-Aspect ratio on the G6 why disable it? maybe its a processor thing.

  • @oscillian Julian on EOSHD forums posted some footage with a lot of high detail, roof tiles, fine patterns, etc. Moire and resolution definitely appear on par with GH2. Moire is certainly less than GH3. I wouldn't worry.

    @adventsam MAR has always been exclusive to the GH series and disabled on G series, until the GH3, since that's a Sony sensor that wasn't designed specifically for Panasonic. Fingers crossed they step up their internal sensor development and we see a new multi-aspect sensor in GH5.

  • Yep, I checked with Julian and he said it's as moire free as the GH2 :)

  • From what I can tell the G6 is substantially better with jpg output over the gh2, interesting jpg comparison here; . Be interesting to see raw results once you get a raw converter for them.

  • We should petition Panasonic to release publicly v1.00 of the firmware on the same day as they launch a camera! So then we won't have to wait around quite as long for it to be possible for a hack to start on it :-)


    G6 with New 14-140 Lens - £739.00 - taking pre-orders - 3 Year Warranty Best deal I can find in UK and basically means the Body costs less than £300!

    This is not a plug, just genuinely shocked at the price

  • @Sph1nxster

    Marketplace exist for this.

  • Quite impressive MTB-actions filmed with Preproduction G6

  • I have a feeling I'm gonna love this camera :-)

  • What do you guys think about the G6 and the LX7 and shooting everything in 60p?

    I'm pretty happy with my GH1s for interviews, however, matching them to my LX7 is tough mainly because of frame rate. 60p is so very smooth. While it might not be the most "cinematic," I think that for talking head documentary and my local TV work, folks might really prefer it. I'm understandably torn.

    My new TV show episode (a self-shot four camera show that merely captures our metro Atlanta radio show), will be up tomorrow and it looks pretty decent. Still, the LX7 and the GH1s really do not match.

    Therefore, I might consider selling my GH1s and buying two G6s for my latest doc. One advantage would be that it would be easy to match the two G6s and possibly, the LX7 could be the "C" camera. Any thoughts about this?

    And it would be great if Pansonic would sell the camera "body only."

  • My supplier is getting body only, don't worry :)

  • Very cool! If the price is right, I might pre-order two bodies. Where would you suggest ordering from?

  • One other thing worth mentioning is where this camera sits with regard to the Black Magic Pocket Camera.

    I think that for doc work, the Panasonic will be a smarter purchase. The BMPC might be unwieldy in terms of DIT and in camera storage as you collect b-roll and interviews. I can get hours on a 32GB card and then pop it into my old MBPro and archive the footage using either FCP7 or FCPX in no time. I just think the workflow in terms on on set DIT work would be tougher using the BMPC.

    Maybe the picture won't be as good, but workflow is a critical concern. For example, on my most recent doc feature, Three Days at Foster (, I shot over a TB compressed in AVCHD. I suspect that BMPC would be three or more times that right out of the camera. One can see how storage and backup would be an immediate problem.

  • @AlbeertBarnes - yes convincingly

  • @mifan - Buy only if the hack is there - until then the G6 has fallen in price

  • @AlbertBarnes I've only been able to watch that video on my lowly iPod but the results look amazing! I've had my panties in a bunch trying to decide what my next camera's going to be, and the G6 is high on my list. Other contenders are: the Canon HF G30 and Panny AC90. I have only been shooting video for a year, with a TM900, and I'm looking for something that will give me the ability to work in lower light and with a wider lens. But I'm beginning to realize I will need to upgrade to FCPX to get the color grading the pros use to create these great shots...

  • I am still not convinced that the G6 is a worthwhile upgrade over a GH2 (hacked). The G6 scenes with lots of movement, e.g. water etc. IMHO looks much worse than a hacked GH2. I think the bit rate is just too low.

  • There's a 'confirmed' rumour at 43Rumors than the Panasonic GX2, out in August, has a tiltable EVF, in body image stabilization, and an 18 MP sensor. Kind of difficult to believe Pana already have a new sensor this far in advance of GH5, so the 18 MP figure makes me wonder if this is another camera they're putting the GH2 sensor in. If so, and the manual control is there, maybe that will be the camera to go for over the G6.

  • @Cde Yep, looks legit. Man, there are too many cameras coming out. I better stick to my guns (GH2) and wait this one out.