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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Photo and movie samples

    ...this guy knows next to nothing about video ! Note he has a 1080 at 20 fps video ! ....I'm downloading it....just because my harddrive hasn't eaten this afternoon !


    ....haven't read it yet...but in my experience, this guy doesn't know anything about reviewing cameras for video...but it's all we've got for today !

  • ...and I wrote the first comment for his review ....first questioning this -

    Optical image stabilisation is built into the camera body, with the 14-42mm kit lens lens that we tested the G6 with lacking a physical OIS switch. Instead it can be turned on and off through the G6's menu system.

    ...and then his interpretation of why you adjust shutter and aperture in video, no details on sweep panorama, time lapse, stop motion.....then ending with suggesting he takes one of blooms workshops !....he deleted the comment !

  • Hoping to see a US bundle with the new 14-140 lens. I read that this was an expected option in Europe, maybe they will wait to offer this until the 14-140 is closer to shipping.

  • Very interesting comparison between Gh2 and G6.

    The G6 seems to be a true upgrade to the gh2. Hopefully we can have a hack or at least if the hdmi is clean to record.

  • Looks very promising. I'm waiting for tests with the 12-35 and if this accentuates moire (especially on the GH3, but even on the GH2). If not, this is a perfect for me!

  • Would definately swap this for my B cam and steadicam if it had the 30 min restriction lifted for PAL.

  • Get one from Honk Kong, ebay, all pal will be unlimited out of the box and cheaper too.

  • The G6 looks cleaner to me. A year is a long time for another hack though.

  • @tinyrobot should already own a hacked gh either 1 or 2. The g6 will be a good investment regardless, although I definitely saw the mud in julians video comparison , and it will need a higher bitrate to cleanup.

  • 24Mbps for 25p/ 28Mpbs for 50p, no moire, less noise, less yellow, timelapse mode, no new batteries, $750 price tag - all that at expense of slightly tighter crop and awkward card slot placement? I'm sold. Even without hack.

  • Would it take a long time to hack the G6? I wish the gh2 hacks could somehow work for the g6

  • @mjfan Vitaliy needs a firmware update release before he can do anything, and seen how long we have waited for G5 updates, it could take a while.

  • @rigs is right. Panasonic should better not work against the hacking society, for keeping their selling rates upwards.

    Panasonic, if you hear me: I bought total six of your GH1/GH2 cameras only because they were hacked. I do not attend to buy GH3 or LX7 or any other new model before they get hacked too.

  • do not attend to buy GH3 or LX7 or any other new model before they get hacked too.

    Really, LX7 was $250 few days ago :-) Why not?

  • The way I see it, once these turn up in Hong Kong and we loose the European time limit, that's enough hack for me :)

  • It is tough to match the LX7 with the GH1 hacked with the 24p hack. The LX7 is really nice and handy, but the 60p is so smooth, it looks significantly different. This leads me to wonder whether the G6 would match in its 24p mode?

    I would like to see 24p footage and compare it to the GH1 and GH2. Honestly, after cutting my latest feature doc shot with two GH1s, I'm hard pressed to jump to the GH3. My experience with the GH1 shooting more than 100 interviews for films and TV has been very favorable. But the price of the G6 has interested me in adding it as camera number three. Coupling the G6 with the 14mm f2.5 would give you a nice wide shot for interviews.

  • It is tough to match the LX7 with the GH1 hacked with the 24p hack. The LX7 is really nice and handy, but the 60p is so smooth, it looks significantly different.

    60p (and 30p result) is much better for most projects distributed on web.

  • GF5 G5 don't have firmware 1.1. I wouldn't cross my fingers for GF6 G6 either.

  • Yes, I have considered that the firmware will not be released which will make the wait for a hack so long, that by the time and if it happens, the GH3 will already start being discounted - of course after a few months of the release of the hack and the price spike.

  • The G6 is really looking like a nice upgrade for GH2 users. Now, if only Panasonic would allow for some Vitaliy magic to occur.

  • ...promote a firmware upgrade by complaint. Buy the camera and when you find something wrong, write panasonic service. When they get enough justifiable complaints, they'll fix them with a firmware upgrade. It's a simple process.

  • @kurth Excellent advice. I like TOTALLY complained to Panasonic HQ about the GF1's high ISO noise and they were like whoa, someone somewhere wants a firmware update, better get one into the pipeline STAT. Next day, bam, firmshnizzle updizzle. Just like that.

    But then I'm like, dog, why stop now? So I tweeted to no one in particular, "Yo, not sure if my pancake is auto-focusing as fast as it should be, but maybe it's cuz I'm so hiiiiiiiiii" and then 15 mins later, bam, another firmware update. Those Panasonic digital imaging division dudes be RESPONSIVE yo!

    One time, I didn't even say anything. I just thought in my head, "Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret. I wish my GH2 had switchable NTSC/PAL video and an higher 24p bitrate" and BAM! Look on my Chinese Android tablet (props VK) and doncha know Panamuthafunkinsonic jimmy-jammed another F to tha U on they support website. For realz yo. It's like they homeopathic or sumpin.

    So yeah, when you get your G6 but you don't want to shoot as much as a frame of video till it be all hacked and whatnot, send your complaints to and see if your head don't be SPINNING YO. Panasonic don't be playing, dog. They ON it.

  • @Shaveblog - so, you do slams, right?