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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • It would be nice if they would enable this in the GH3 on the next firmware update.

  • @Henry

    But video is just horrible.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev the demo or the focus peaking feature?

  • No MJPEG?

  • @Henry the demo, obviously. Focus peaking can be turned off by people who don't want it.

  • @Henry The demo video was out of focus most of the time, making it difficult to see the G6. Next time, use a different camera or set your focus properly. The G6 peaking feature, on the other hand, looks great!

  • The video that Renovatio posted on the previous page does indeed look soft, but look at video that Panasonic uploaded taken with the GH2:

    It's similarly unsharp. But it does display noticeably more banding in the sky.

    Bottom line is, we won't know what the quality is like until it releases. Fingers crossed for GH2-esque sharpness. I'm really looking forward to this camera. It's a shame to sacrifice multi-aspect ratio, but 1080p60/50 (even in ex-tele mode) is an acceptable trade-off. I think this seems like a better camera to direct hack resources too than the GH3, which has nice, gradable codecs already.

  • Didn't the G5 also use the GH2 sensor? If so should we expect the G6 to have much of a different image to that of the G5? If the G6 and G5 image is similar, does anyone know what the actually detail level of the G5 was relative to the GH1, GH2 etc? Where would the G5 sit in that regard and should we expect the G6 to be any better than that?

  • agreed...hack priority status !

  • It should probably look something like this, plus 24p and manual video

  • has a new venus engine ...although that g5 looks good to me !

  • G6 vs GH2 TEST

  • G6 looks pretty good. A little post sharpening and it should really be an improvement over the GH2. In particular the low light Noise.

    This promo looks specatular:

  • will the unhacked g6 have the same filmic image as the hacked gh2? is the multi-aspect ratio on the gh2 a big deal? i plan on purchasing my first camera and need to decide between these two, thanks in advance!

  • Looks like a possible replacement for my stolen GH2. I just hope it gives me that special GH2 filmic feeling, which I have not experienced before or since.

  • @mjfan, I think the Multi Aspect feature was a nice plus, but it's not the end of the world. There seems to be better Noise Reduction going on from what I can see in these early videos. Looks like plenty of good IQ from the new processing in the G6.

  • Provided that G6's sharpness was dialed down to -5 compared to -2 on GH2 they seem to be quite on par in terms of resolution. Note that G6 also has 20mbps codec while GH2 was hacked. I also like color rendition on G6, less yellow cast. It also seems to have less noise. So far so good.

  • G6 was at -5 sharpness, so I think detail between the two cameras is equal.

    @mjfan It's lacking the multi-aspect ratio feature, but it makes up for it in having 1080p50/60 instead - even in ex-tele mode, which even GH3 lacks. I think the image is in some ways more filmic, in that it seems to have less 'digital' screaming artefacts like banding and shadow noise.

    G6 also has a 3.5 inch microphone jack (and I think manual audio control) and focus peaking, which are more serious video features that are nice to have.

  • can we do HDR timelapses with G6? I have no idea about the menu and timelapser settings.

  • Looks like the green/yellow cast is fixed and the rolling shutter is better. Resolution looks about the same. I'm sold.

  • The noise at higher ISO looks pretty good in the pictures, much less blocky than the GH2. I'd like to see high ISO video though as the video noise in the GH2 is much worse than the photo mode.

  • @svart, the G6 vs GH2 Comparison video above shows some high ISO and the G6 looks cleaner. It just seems that the newer NR in the G6 processing is perhaps superior.

  • Can ISO be changed in G6 during recording video?