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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev It's just important to remember that although there are pretty nice deals out there, one would need to get C-Mount lenses designed for 1" sensors or bigger, as those are the only ones who cover S16 sensors. And it seems they are a lot more expensive and harder to find.

  • Speculating on specs is a nonsense. This camera may look like shit compared to a GH2, or it may compete with a Sony F55, but the specs will never tell the whole story.

    I remember when Scarlet and C300 were released, the huge outpouring of scorn on Canon for the C300 specs, and the whooping with joy about the Scarlet and it's amazing specs. Well look at how that panned out! C300 adored and used widely for it's reliability and no nonsense approach, Scarlet bitched about relentlessly for it's problems, unreliability etc.

    We will never know until reviews and footage surface.

  • C300 adored and used widely for it's reliability and no nonsense approach, Scarlet bitched about relentlessly for it's problems, unreliability etc.


    For both new BM cameras, the bigger question than WHAT exactely is WHEN exactely. Having that much trouble getting the BMCC out the door I really wonder why they seem to be confident announcing the next TWO (!) cameras. I'm still not convinced these aren't fake pics.

  • Says 1080p sensor on the banner, why does it say 2k in the title?

  • @LucasAdamson @stip

    With all general BMCC talk go to approapriate topic, we have one. Keep this one about Portable Camera.

  • At the price, it is hard to pass up. "Active" would mean that your Panasonic and Oly/Zuiko lenses (like mine) would work with this camera without some kind of adapter to control aperture?

    Got the assembly edit on a doc feature I shot last year on two GH1s (hacked) and an HMC150 and it looks lovely. Sure, it wasn't a challenge for the camera because it was a lot of talking heads, but the image is just great! I'm cleaning up the film now and going to do score and narration next, but I'm having a hard time getting away from the GH1 for interviews. Having two of them gives me a safety and options. Adding a third that would have better DR would be perfect.

    This BM compact or pocket camera would make a nice addition and at the price it is almost a "no brainer." Is there any word on when it might be available? Seems like a summer release would get it in the hands of many vacationers.

    Also the picture of it seems to suggest that it has a mic in (sure it has to have that) but possibly a headphone out. Imagine how that will affect sales of the price plunging Canon 6D (moire and all). If you can run an external monitor to the little BMCC, the camera will see some major work. Finally, with the small footprint, think about how good it would be as a guerrilla cam on the street.

  • Seems to be all true. I just preordered the Pocket Cinema Camera, now let's see how long I'll have to wait for it :)

  • @stip How and where did you pre-ordern the pocket? It was 'leaked' a matter of hours ago?

  • What's the crop factor? x2.7 x3.0?

  • This pocket baby is just another marketing bullshit! Everything will change for sure (it'll be worse in some specs...)!!!

    If the members of PV remember, initial BMCC's "marketing" (whith Canon mount) started a long time ago. Where are all these orders now? Some pre-orders are still in the "pre-orders" status? A lot of orders are still in the process of delivery/manufacturing.

    About a year ago they (BMCC team) promised us a non-active m4/3 version of BMCC? Where is it now?

    About a year ago they promised us an active m4/3 version of BMCC? Where is it now?

    This whole company reminds me of the RED Scarlet's marketing (initial price was $3000...). Everybody knows what happened then...

  • From Ikonskop discussion: x3.5

    A 28 mm lens is a 28 mm lens. Always. What varies is angle of view. On one camera, the lens makes a wide angle. On another, a close-up. It depends on the diagonal dimension of the sensor.

    Three sensor sizes you will often meet are:

    1. 135 This is usually what is meant by "full frame" 35 mm. It is the size of 35 mm still-photography film. It is 36 mm by 24 mm (diagonally 43 mm).

    2. Super 35 and other cinematography formats, like Academy 35. Ironically, the formats of movie film are smaller than those for 35 mm still photography. Their exact dimensions vary, but the diagonal is around 28 mm. (This happens to about the same as APS-C, or DX, in the DSLR market.) Compared to 135, it has a crop factor of about 1.5.

    3. Super 16, 16 mm, and 2/3" are roughly the same size. The diagonal is 11-13 mm. Let's say 12. The crop factor, then, (43 divided by 12) is about 3.5.

    So, let's calibrate ourselves.

    A wide angle lens for 135 is 28mm. For S35, 18mm. For 16, 8 mm.
    A medium lens for 135 is 50 mm. For S35, 30 mm. For 16, 14 mm.
    A nice telephoto lens for 135 might be 300 mm. For S35, a 200 mm lens will give you almost the exact same >shot. In 16mm, about a 85 mm lens.

    A 8-85 mm zoom lens would be a very versatile lens on the Ikonoskop. It would be like a 28-300 mm. Sadly, therefore, most 135 lenses, like your Nikons, will be telephoto on the Ikonoskop."

    So 8-85mm then :(

  • Super 16 lenses are the obvious choice, and considerably cheaper than 10 years ago, since the rarity of Super16 shooting these days. It may be the only lens group that has gone down or remained stationary in price!

  • @oscillian I'm pretty sure that's not correct. According to Wikipedia the S16 diagonal is 14.54mm. So not 12mm at all. Consequently the crop is roughly 2.96x.

  • @LucasAdamson Although S16 lenses may be the obvious choice, it's the price that scares me away. What's the use of an awesome 1080p RAW Cinema Camera if you have to buy lenses for twice as much (or even more)?

  • @oscillian The Ikonoskop sensor is around that of regular 16. Regardless of what that article says, super 16mm has a longer diagonal and therefore less crop.

  • While S16 lenses will be cool, it's not the only story in town. The Lumix 12-35 will be what 35-105? 40-110? Somewhere in there? F2.8 IS? That's not horrible.

  • Very very interesting times, I guess no more excuses as far as affordability of "that (semi?) pro" stuff coming our way. So where is this picture taken from? Shell we expect some official announcement on their site or something? Really hope this one materializes soon and it is not just "smoke"...

  • Keep in mind BMD was calling the BMCC a m4/3 sensor last year at NAB when it is a bit smaller. They could just be rounding it up to s16.

  • So where is this picture taken from? Shell we expect some official announcement on their site or something? Really hope this one materializes soon and it is not just "smoke"...

    It is picture taken at NAB.

  • Great!

  • @niGGo some super 16 lenses are actually quite cheap , zeiss 10 - 100 t2.8 goes for about £450 on ebay, other than s16's i agree the 12-35 and 7-14 pana lenses will be nice , i also think the voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 could be really nice on this....

  • @jakepowell

    Good business idea - collect good C mount lenses that can be converted and collect good manual glass :-)

  • Seems a B4 2/3" lens on this would be perfect for these.. we shall see what size the sensor really is.. and if BMD can crank these out... I can't wait to see some sample footage and compare to the tried and true hacked GH2.

  • @Cde Ok, that sounds better. With x3 crop my preferred lenses would then be SLRMagic 12mm 1.6 (35mm), Nokton 17,5mm 0.95 (50mm) and a yet to be announced @SLRMagic 8mm 1.6 (24mm) Are you listening Andrew? :-)

  • @jakepowell @vitaliy_kiselev Manual glass will be very desirable. Focus-by-wire is a pain in the ass!