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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • I have no problem with manual lenses. I used a nice old m42 on my doc until I bought the Zuiko 45mm. The issue was maintaining focus and the legacy lenses have a little different color to them--my 50mm is a little yellowish. And the quality of the Bokeh varies--some of it is a little ugly.

    But I like the idea of an active 4/3 BMPC (pocket?). This will be critical to my decision. Also, what about shooting stills with it? I'd like to see the stills.

    The workflow for raw might be a pain as well. Will BM bundle the camera with some software that will help us with raw workflow?

  • Blackmagic will be on live show with chat questions (apparently?) here at 12pm pacific time:

  • The title of the topic says "2K", but I don't see that anywhere on the banner. Can someone clarify?

  • @QuickHitRecord

    Right now no specs exist other than photo leak :-)

  • in the small print below, I think it says 1080.

  • The super 16mm BMCC camera is going to slap Red, Sony and Panasonic. Btw, C-mount are some of the best, relatively cheap, and sharpest lenses. I'm using the Switar lenses on my Gh2, and the picture quality is astounding.

  • There's a ton of C-mount 16mm Glass out there dirt cheap that can be adapted to this. It's an interesting prospect in that regard.

  • Never mind just handled one. Sd-card slot on me bottom. Feels great it's tiny.

    3264 x 2448 - 1M
  • Features a removable lo-ion battery aswell as a v12 tap.

  • that thing is awesome, I still think if gopro can squeeze 2k in a small package, BMD can also.

  • @lertavu, how big is the camera?

  • @lertavu cheers a ton for the picture.

    Just been looking for some c-mount glass, there certainly are some options, even to go wide. Any ideas what will be to avoid not to get vignetting?

  • @lertavu

    If possible set lower resolution for photos.

  • @lertavu - A removeable battery? That will never catch on.

  • Is that the Panasonic 14mm or 20mm lens on it? Gosh, if it available for pre-order, I think I might click that button.

  • 2k killer w metabones speed booster omg! Ima start buyin' c-mount lenses like aint no tomorrow!

  • @DailyFilmFix

    BMC always sets new records, now it is preorders for items not even announced.

  • Very funny, call me and my GH1s part of the early adopter crowd...

  • It's interesting how some manufacturers are using early adopters as beta testers.

    Additionally, their customers have now become their financiers. You pre-orders only to experience great delays, relief to get your device within a year. That isn't pre-ordering, that is a capital investment company X will now use to start manufacturing the camera they pre-sold.

    I'll wait until after all the screaming, glitches & bugs, firmware update, 'beta testing' etc before I even take this camera seriously. The last 5 years in 'camera land' has taught me well.

  • I'll be a guinea pig. I just sold my 7D, I can't imagine it will be worse.

  • BMC did what the other camera manufacturers refused to do a true 2k / 1080p Raw / ProRes camera @ an affordable price point. 16mm size sensor is all good for me, I predict that this little beast will set an all time record in camera sells..

  • Press release up, website down. They can't even sort out the hype.

    EDIT: @TrackZillas , that was fun. I bet an all time record in canceled camera preorders due to production delays.

  • You know, waiting on the BMCC didn't affect the price from what I could tell. That cam seems to hold its price well. The thing about a $1k camera like this is that it seems like a BMCC with a smaller form factor and some other changes but the experiences with the BMCC should help with the bug control, I would think. Of course, that's probably wishful thinking.

    One other think about that active MFT mount, would it also support Panasonic OIS?

  • @Raysito22

    Nothing new. Last year was the same.

  • image

    The sensor is exactly the same generation as the 2.5K BMCC, but it’s active area is 12.48 x 7.02mm, close to Super 16