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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @trackzillas: cheers for the link to the article m8! Sounds all very promising. Although that tiny pocket camera looks kinda ridiculous with the larger zoom lenses. I wonder what i will tell retired bypassers what i am doing with this calculator with that huge lens :)

  • Hopefully it handles distortion & CA corrections, too.

  • In terms of recording raw, on the official website they write, "Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera features a built in SD card recorder that captures stunning ProRes 422 (HQ) and lossless compressed CinemaDNG files to fast SDXC cards."

  • I'm not seeing any thumbwheel...


  • It's quoted from the paragraph under the picture of the Sandisk SD card

  • The major contributing factor to the other companies not doing this is that they're top heavy. They have too many departments working on too many things [TVs, Stereos, Bluray players, headphones, electric razors, mp3 players, cameras, lenses, etc.] And all that creates massive overhead. They can't afford to take these kinds of risks. BMD can do this because they are agile, and clearly they have a 5-10 year plan to move everything in their direction. The new DaVinci 10 has convinced me of that. They have put Canon in their sights as #1, and everyone else as #2. If they continue to push the envelope, and offer great gear at lower prices, the consumer wins. They will build a trusted, loyal consumer base, and that's what they want. I like BMD and what they're attempting. I think they'll eventually turn the whole film/video market COMPLETELY upside down, but they still haven't made a camera for me. I want them to succeed. But I'd love a RED-killer Camera for under $8000 [preferably $5000] (And before today I'd have been insane to ever think of such a thing being possible).

    16bit 4K, variable frame rates [I don't think 200fps@4K is too much to ask for], decent ISO 50-6400 usable, 13+ DR [18 is insane, but I'll take it], a solid 3:1 RAW codec, global shutter, swappable short flange mount with factory machined options for popular lens types, SSD slot, small modular form factor 5-7lb range, and an EVF of some type.

    When that BMD cam comes out. I will kill muthafukkas to be first in line to get it. I figure they're a year or 2 away, depending on how badly they want to be #1.

  • Ummm... make sure you upgrade your computer first before killing muthafukkas

  • shian just had a heat stroke! but its been a long day with all those announcements :)

  • just shot myself the pentax cosmicar 25mm f1.4 c-mount lens on ebay, 35 $ is a price no one can argue with :). that will be a wonderful portrait lens on this camera :)

  • @mirrorkisser I doubt it. It has some strange swirly bokeh. Interesting at first but I grew to hate it. YMMV.

  • @stonebat : i know several people who swear on that lens. on the gh2 you have to watch out for vignetting, but the material i have seen shot with it looks really promising. Besides the lens usually costs around 200 bucks and i got it for 35. Plus another 8 $ for the adapter.i dont call that taking any risk :)

  • From Wikipedia "In January 2009, the SDA announced the SDXC family, which supports cards up to 2 TB and speeds up to 300 MByte/s".

    From mee. Low end cards which most people buy bottomed out in price awhile back, the high end cards have gone through the roof, and they seem to be milking it with the 64GB 95MB/s card being out for awhile now along with the other top cards which have barely dropped in price. Recent additions to that top speeds category including Toshiba's Xceria which have brought prices down a bit suggest we are getting near the next speed jump, and perhaps this is the missing part of the equation. I would guess a minimum of 150 MB/s but perhaps they will just gun it and release the 300's side by side (for a serious premium of course). After that comes a new form factor.... I put my money on cylinders.

  • So far doesn't appear to be saying anything you couldn't glean from the press releases. Specifically not answering stuff like whether it's a CCD or CMOS sensor in the 4K.

    Edit: Well that was pointless. Laforet now. Bleh.

  • Horrible. You'd think he would know a thing or two about a thing or two.

  • Yup totally pointless.

  • I wonder what size the LCD screen is. Looks too big for any loupes I've seen.

  • Shows up with an old BMCC to talk about the new ones not knowing anything about them.

  • I just realized how economical this could be for underwater video. With a pancake it may just fit some already cheap housings out there, and force any camera specific creations to be reasonably priced.

  • I really like the form factor on this too, not a big fan of rigs and general paraphernalia :)

  • Lets all just wait until we actually see footage.. Lets remember how bad the BMCC moire and aliasing are before killing muffukkas to get one..

  • Lets all just wait until we actually see footage..

    You can find big amount of footage already, as it is same BMCC, but with software crop of the sensor (central part). They also seem to ditch peltier and active cooling, so noise must ramp up after some time.

  • Ok, raw and prores 13 fstops dynamic range are great. lots of post production possibilities, amazing for highlight/shadow details and texture, but...

    Once again the same thing: manufacturers giving us ALMOST what we want.

    Where is 60p or at least 48p or 60i? Will need a B camera to do it.

    Will low light performance be any good with such small sensor?

    Where is the flip LCD? Will need external monitor or EVF.

    Shallow dof will need speed booster or it will be only available with telefoto lenses in close-ups.

    Pretty good tool add to cine/video production, but ALMOST again... want more, pay more.

  • Pocket Cam tiny rolling shutter snippet starting 0:50 min:

  • @apefos To me it's not really a problem not having 60p I can use my GH2 for that.