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Nikon D800 topic
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  • I own both and hardly use the GH2 anymore. Like ahbleza above I also swap my my ai/d/g lenses with the GH2 via adapter. D800 hands down if had to choose one - especially if you do a lot of stills. And with all the rebates, refurbishes, etc you can get it for much cheaper than the earlier adopters like me who couldn't wait ;-)

  • @ssh D800. Partly because of 4:2:2 when using HDMI recorder (although it's only 8 bit), and secondly because I can monitor sound with headphones. I solve the pre-amp issues using a Juicedlink Riggy RM222. I also have a huge selection of legacy Nikon glass that works just fine for video, and it's a true full frame equivalent to Canon's 5D Mk II or Mk III. The only thing it lacks is a flexible display, but I can use an external monitor (Zacuto EVF or 7" monitor), and in return I get superior weatherproofing.

  • @squig @last_SHIFT @ahbleza Thanks guys! D800 it is.

  • I have GH2, GH3, D800E and Ninja2. I prefer GH3 operationally. Inspite of theoretically better color on d800, I always pull better and easier keys with GH3. It also has a tad more details. For stills, no contest, the D800E is incredible.

  • @jspatz, which codec do you use for keying with gh3? 1080P50 50mbps?

  • @conscius Any of the 50mbps, but I am NTSC. I have been using 1080p30 for interviews, etc. and p60 for everything else.

  • This has become a very expensive thread for RBD.

    D800, refurb, Samy's, and a refurb Nikkor 135mm f2.

    No more switching out of Live View to change the aperture.

    (Although, of course, the D7000 makes excellent stills.)


  • @RBD

    Congrats - that 135/2 is a smashing lens - I've taken some of my best portraits with it.

  • Does anyone have seen some d800 video with the mosaic filter. There was one by mosaic but nothing else I have seen.

  • Just got my D800. First impression - great video. No evidence of any noise reduction at high ISO. I wouldn't even touch the luma NR in post, just a touch of color. The default curve is a bit too contrasty to my taste. I was very impressed with image stabilization - 70-200mm VR handheld at 150mm 1/30s looks smooth and shake free. A little bit of judder, some moire... DR is awesome, sharpness is good. Sound is horrible. VR that is barely audible when you shoot renders the audio absolutely unusable. It is almost like the internal mic is screwed directly to the body with no regard to operational noise isolation. Is Nikon mic (ME-1) any good?

  • @ssh I use the JuicedLink Riggy RM222 as a pre-amp stage for my D800. This solves the sound issue, and lets you use XLR microphones.

  • Nikon ME-1:

    Type: Back-electret condenser microphone Number of channels: 2 (stereo) Directionality: Unidirectional Frequency response: 70±16,000Hz Sensitivity: -42dB ± 3dB Signal-to-noise ratio: 60dB or more Output impedance: 2.2k ohms or less Power supply: Supplied by camera Plug: Gold-plated, L-shaped stereo mini-pin plug (3.5mm) Low-cut filter: Controlled by low-cut filter switch (ON/OFF) Supplied accessories: Microphone body, Wind screen, Soft case

    You gotta be kidding, it should be $30 max.

    @ahbleza I love Riggy RM222, it is seriously cool. I have an external non-XLR recorder, gonna figure something out with that. I feel like anything mounted on camera is still going to pickup the swoosh-swoosh from the focus ring, and the ZZZZZZ of the VR. Nikon sounds like a tractor when used. Suxxx for run-n-gun.

  • D800 Antique Nikkor 50mm f. 1.4 Cropped from a body shot. Love those big files.

    651 x 864 - 391K
  • So.

    I've been shooting portfolio stills--backsliding, I guess, from my video aspirations--and am at a loss to deal with the D800.

    I love the image quality, but I shoot Live View, and it's insufferably slow.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Do I have the wrong settings?



  • @RBD. Don't shoot Live View. That was a frustration for me too. Either use the eyepiece, or add an external EVF.

  • @ahbleza


    I shoot off a tripod with a cable release, so the viewfinder isn't an option.

    So I can hook up my Small HD?

    Do I need any special settings?

    Much appreciated.


  • You can definitely hook up your Small HD, and still have Live View on the camera if needed. But please note there is an annoying lag once you hit record as the HDMI feed dips to 720, so you may need to punch it down to 720 in the cameras HDMI settings. It helps a bit, as this is how I do it when i use my DP4. Personally I use my Zacuto EVF more than the DP4.

    Or just buy a loop - faster and lighter AND cheaper!

  • @RBD I know what you mean. I use now the 7" IPS monitor by Neway and it works great with the D800 (check the deals, VK had it for quite a while)

  • D800, Nikkor 135 f 2.

    Window light.

    594 x 936 - 198K
  • Here is a quite useful analysis of the sound recording capabilities of the D800 and D4 cameras. As we knew, noise is a problem due to pre-amp inadequacies.

    That’s another problem. Higher sensitivity settings are not useful due to excessive noise. My camera has an SNR (signal-to-noise-ratio) of 90dB at setting 1, but only 28.5dB at 20. That’s about 18µVRMS over the entire signal band (DC to 24kHz). A state-of-the-art audio pre-amplifier chip has something like 0.2µV, which would mean much more useful 67dB SNR. Interestingly, there is less noise at the same sensitivity if the internal microphone is used in a quiet room. While the D4 is better (38dB SNR at 20), it is still far from good.

  • Some of you may have already seen this. It's an excellent analysis of the video mode(s) of the Nikon D800.

    Among the interesting findings:

    0) Crop a region of 6720 x 3780 sensels (crop factor 1.095)

    1) Then scan every third row (but all sensels on that row.)

    2) The sensor samples every vertical column.

    3) A native 1080p video frame is 6720 x 1260 px, demosaiced to a 2240 x 1260 px RGB frame.

    4) And the final 1080p video frame is further downsampled 7:6 to 1960 x 1080 px which gives the D800 a slight edge in resolution and edge flicker behaviour over a 5DmkII.

  • @ahbleza Great looking video. I can't tell which is which. Every angle looks good and evenly graded. Nice work on your part.

  • @johnnymossville Thanks Johnny. If you liked that, try this video that I shot last week on my D800. It's just over 2 minutes long -- a casting video for a friend who wanted to audition for a part in a web series.

  • Really nice looking work here. Goes to show if you know what you're doing, you don't need too much gear. D800, Flycam nano, a slider an AIS glass. If we get Cinestyle as rumored - then FTW! Not that I love Cinestyle, but more so excited that we are getting the recognition and support, therefore more options. Fuck ML too, the RAW hack is great and all, but it just ushers in more incompetent fanboys and endless tests :-p

  • Very very nice footage from D800 and ninja recorder