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Nikon D800 topic
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  • This is a ProRes and/or Ninja issue. The ProRes codec has hard cut offs on both the highlight end and lowlight end unlike DNxHD which, to me, usually feels more organic. Most the time these cut offs are good enough and unnoticeable, but if it's not implemented properly you can quickly see the issues. My guess is Atomos will issue an update to correct the problem.

  • As far as I remember thay already made some update, you can check their site.

  • Just found out there is a setting in the D800 you need to set to respect the limited range of the ProRes codec.

    Page 257 in the users manual.

  • when will it finally be in stores???

  • Here is a short clip I shot with D4 mostly, several shots with D800, just a couple with GH2

  • @olegkalyan Wow really nice. Some great locations there... I assume this was an official Nikon event, and they handled all the logistics?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev The comparison of the D800 with the 5D in the Calvary event was a little unfair. To match the cameras better, the D800 could have shot in cropped (DX) mode, and with the external battery it could easily have handled a sustained 6 fps. (The external battery system plus D800 are closer in price to the 5D Mk III.) I look forward to seeing their next review on the video modes of the two cameras.

  • Yes, the logsistics were done by the Nikon. It was a promotion event to introduce the D800 to European camera users.

  • Just saw this. Screen captures of D800 video shot with a D800 version of Mosaic Engineering's anti-aliasing filter.

  • fstoppers finally provided the files, Ninja vs in camera.. to me it's similar on GH2 stock vs Vk hack.. do you own tests, make a conclusion.

  • @olegkalyan

    Look at previous page of the topic :-)

  • If the mosaic filter is a good at what it seems this could end up as the best dslr for now and clearly better than the 5D3.

  • test iso 2500 no neat video, etc..

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev sure, but the guys screwed up with Ninja settings, redid it all, if you read vimeo page it's clear, it's news, having video again was mistake.. it has not changed.. not sure how to post the link without embedding the player..

  • Not really video, but here is a comparison of D800 vs. Hasselblad.

    tl;dr: The H4D's 40 MP still has clearly better DR and skin-tones, and can pull details better from blown highlights, while the D800 does better at pulling detail from underexposed shadows, and is superior when shooting at a higher ISO is required. In terms of detail, there's not a lot of difference between the H4D-40 and the D800 when a well-lit subject is properly exposed.

  • good info for the D800 owners

  • Very good test with of the D800 and atomos ninja

  • does anyone here at the forum already have a D800 (or D800E) and can give some insights on video quality?

    and here is an interesting post, comparing the d800 and the d800e (regarding the bayer aa filter)

  • Video detail is about identical to the GH2 but lots of moire on the d800E. About 2 stops better noise, but the patched GH2 noise is not a problem. I shot a music performance with both and they mixed well. Gh2 at 2500 and d800e at 5000.

  • I think moire on d800 and d800e should be the same, given that the AA filter is made for a specific pixel density...

  • Check out Mike Kobal's D800E clip:

    Video settings for the WANTED clip: all clips where shot at ISO 640 manual WB 1080/30p Neutral Sharpening 0, (scale 0 to 9) Contrast -3, (scale -3 to +3) Brightness -, (scale -+) Saturation-3, (scale-3 to +3) Hue 0, (scale-3 to +3)

    recorded to a SanDisc Extreme SDHC, 32gb card

    Lenses used: 24-120mm f4G and the 50mm f1.4G.

    First Impressions: The Good: VERY sharp, highly detailed, high resolution video files right out of the camera(no sharpening applied in post, camera sharpening set to 0) No frame skipping ISO 640 looks very clean very nice shallow depth of field rendering no moire and aliasing on fabrics in this particular shoot High dynamic range

    The Not so Good: No focus peaking 720×1280 quality issues, prone to moire and aliasing whereas a nearly identical shot at 1080/30p looks perfect Maximum internal bitrate 24mbps. No articulated LCD

  • Here's a slightly funny D800 shootout with a Canon 5D Mk III.

    Edit: Here's part 1 first.

    And now part 2. Bonus: sexy robot pics. :-)

  • Just got my D800 - haven't had much time to play yet. However one odd thing is the onscreen exposure meter disappears once you switch to live view video mode - any ideas why this would be left out of the feature set? I mean its not a deal breaker - but totally bizarre WTF Nikon?