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Nikon D800 topic
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  • Here is what seems to be an official Nikon site with tutorials for a range of Nikon cameras, including the D800/D800E.

    Some very useful stuff here.

  • Adorama just emailed me to let me know they got a large shipment of D800s in, and will send me mine next week. I ordered back in March, so only four months' waiting time.

  • @ahbleza

    Best Buy currently has them in stock.

  • @ahbleza,

    Let us know what you think. I've had mine for a month and I love it - i also take a lot of stills. For video I'm shoooting with a 50/1.8 AIS. You can check shian's ColorGHear topic where I posted before/ after screen grabs. The D800 has a bit more DR than the 5DM3 and grades very well - also prefer the Nikon color rendering.


    Any reports on your first impressions of the D800?

  • I know @GoodEmpire has one too. It will be interesting.... I'm planning to do a three way shoot off between my GH2, AF100 and the D800, and see how they differ.

  • Here's a nice review of the D800 with some excellent shots.

  • Just for fun, here is some D800 footage I shot on Monday, with a series of light grades applied. The lens is the Nikkor 70-200mm G series f2.8 v2, with a variable ND filter.

    @last_SHIFT I really love the video I'm getting from the D800. It just seems to come very smooth, and that's using the internal card, not external recording. I'm very pleased with some of the other shots I achieved this week, and can't wait to release my new music video next month.

  • @ahbleza

    Cool stuff - unfortunately I don't own the 70-200 V2 anymore, mainly using ais lenses, and they combine for a very nice 'look'.

    The camera is still relatively new, so we can expect to see more great work and resources (profiles, firmware upgrades, - haha, etc).

    You gonna post your music video here right?

  • Sensor data - Sony IMX094AQP (from the Nikon D800 DSLR) It features a Sony 36.3 MP FX-format CMOS image sensor and delivers a 4 fps burst rate.


  • I fully agree with @Ahbleza Love this camera. Although I had to turn down sharpness and contrast first. But the aesthetics of full frame justifies it all. GH2 is sharper most of the times, but when these cameras are working together, I think they are hard to beat. Maybe in low light Canon is better, but I'm not really doing much in low light. Plus, I don't have $$$$ for expensive glass and I'm shooting with an old Tokina 80-200, Sigma 24-70, Nikkor 28mm f2 (Tokina and Nikkor are great on D800). Just recently I bought a 28-300mm Nikon which isn't the best lens ever made but it covers the whole focal length and seems to be the right choice for run and gun video. I haven't yet tried it though. I'm also pretty much satisfied with D800's audio capabilities with both shotgun and lav. The noise people were complaining I don't hear anything that couldn't be corrected in post. There are minor things that piss me off. For example the lack of GH2 like exponometer, the need to quit the liveview if I need to change the crop mode and others. Also, I was stupid enough to drop my camera with the lens on the concrete floor. The body was strong enough to survive (needs to be fixed now), but the lens had to be sent to repair shop.


    I'm in the same boat as you - love this camera as well (use for stills a lot too) and I'm also using cheaper lenses, Nikkor 50/1.8 AIS works excellent, and love that 28/2 also. I owned the 5DM3 at first, and from my personal view yes the Canon does better in very low light. My main gripes about the D800 is the exposure meter you talked about, the white balance, and also the HDMI out dropping to 720p on record to CF cards.

    Oh, and please let me know how that 28-300 works, especially the VR performance - as I want to pick up at least one VR lens..Tokina 24-70, Nikkor 24-120, or the 28-300.


  • let me know how that 28-300 works, especially the VR performance

    As far as I remember 28-300 was favourite of Ken Rockwell :-) The D7000 is clearly Nikon's best-handling DSLR of all time; the D800 and D4 regressed from the D7000!

  • Sony IMX094AQP (from the Nikon D800 DSLR) Imager Process Review, that's

    At the heart of the D800 is a brand new Nikon-developed sensor that boasts 36.8 million pixels in total, with a maximum effective output of 36.3MP. Its ISO span is 100-6400 natively, expandable to a range of 50 ('Lo1') to 25,600 ('Hi2') equivalent. Nikon's highest resolution DSLR to date, the D800 more than doubles the pixel count of the flagship D4

    I think the review by Sony cost $16000, not the sensor, which is $200.

  • @last_SHIFT Today I was shooting 1st time with 28-300. Man. I was very impressed. 3.5 on a full frame is more than enough. If I want to go handheld in a dark place I can use Nikkor 28 f2 or my lovely Tokina 80-200 (on a tripod). Everything else is fully covered by 28-300. For video it's a prefect multipurpose lens. I don't have much respect for Ken Rockwell, but this lens really suits my purposes

  • Haha - Ken Rockwell - the Phillip Bloom of the internet photo bloggers ;-) (ok maybe that was a bit harsh but I joke...)

    Anyway - we had topic about D800 'posterization' a couple of members posted some pics - maybe I'm blind, but I don't seem to have these problems with my particular unit.

  • Does anyone know the flange to sensor distance for the D800? Just wondering if legacy, non-Nikon, glass could be used, with a simple adapter.

  • @JanH 46.5 mm (1.83 in.)

  • @ahbleza Many Thanks. I'll keep this camera in mind as a possible option to m4/3.

  • Ok, so the Mosaic Engineering filter sample vid is up. Pretty impressive - and that's an 18mm lens - earlier 5DM2 filters could not pull off such results on wide angle.

  • Here is the web site for a short film (horror genre) shot entirely with Nikon's D800. The DP is Janusz Kamiński, who won academy awards for his work on Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan. Obviously, this is sponsored by Nikon -- I wonder if any of the feedback from the DP will influence future firmware upgrades?

    The site is a tease, because it doesn't really show any footage.

  • i want a test D800+Mosaic vs. GH2!!!!!!