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Quad and Hexa copters
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  • Not quad or hexa, but sickest aerial reel ever, not just random clips also GOOD REEL!

  • I've been investigating the rules on this, and have come across:

    Which works out to be a £1200 two part written and practical exam.

  • WoW!!!! Nice looking stuff. I see manned helicopters going away real quick in the near future!!

  • Amazing video!

  • Yep! This is so developing area. Some refered this in US some media like when internet spreaded. It is so easy to develop tohse small quad´s and test with own knowledge and possibilities. But bigger hexas etc filming multicopters can´t go with the latest. Just take what already is reliable and works. Sooo much work, when add filming. I need to defently take more example still´s and sell those. Hehe! So much easier gig´s than video. I use GH2 now, because there is no other good (meaby GH3), my resent customers neededs always fullHD. Finally got really good stabilation brains to my camera gimbal = Less cropping with warp stabilizers. I dont know date, but here even Finland collagues flys Red cams. Sorry I don´t want to spread this topic too much, but this seems to be only Aerial topic? I think, but had more problems with copter than cam, but now I need to get best out of my clips. Here´s all heliclips filmed by me with GH2 . Winter car testing in Lappland. There was even Phantom to take slomos, I got deffently 1/10 price cam comparing next cheapest cam ;).. But there was too much data in the air :). And shooted 1080 50i and posted it out 25 p with post stab to edit... first my favorite part 2 and then this longer one.. all aerial clips shooted with GH2 (not happy to quality) WHAT hack You other aerial filmers now recommend. I got some Valkyrie? Now I filmed latest stuuf jut rendering, with newest Flowmotion and 720/50p snowboarding. Try to upscale with plugin 1080p to get some nice slomos also..

    Here´s latest videos I got stuff in it:

    part 2 nice slomos with phantom and atmosphere what we got up in north :)!

    real test video:

  • This thing looks pretty good for $679 flyable out of the box.

  • @mintcheerios

    We'll have one on deals, if people wish.

  • We'll have one on deals, if people wish.

    I wish!!

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev "We'll have one on deals, if people wish." I'm ready for one... Al

  • The Phantom is a toy. Don't waste your money if you want anything besides some shaky amateur goPro footage. And since it's an all-in-one deal, you can't use the transmitter for anything else after the phantom is trashed.

    Also, that pro balancer is junk too. You need to be able to spin the prop 360 degrees to balance the hub too. Something like the DuBro TrueSpin is a much better tool.

    I know I'm always negative in this thread, but I've been through all this gear and know that it takes a lot of money and skill to get even decent results from these copters.

  • I picked up a phantom a couple of weeks ago and I've been having a blast with it + GP3b. I did need to balance the props and motors to eliminate issues with rolling shutter. Learning to fly the thing is very interesting. I haven't had any issues with the GPS or flight systems. I plan to pick up brushless gimbal and FPV system.

    Great platform for learning before taking the plunge on more serious system.

  • I also picked up DJI Phantom since I already own a HERO3 Black Edition. The flying experience is fine but the GPS is VERY unreliable (depending on where you are in this part of the world as in order for the HOME LOCK to be useful, the Phantom requires 6 or more satellites to communicate with it) and we crashed ours a few weeks ago. Now it is sent for repair.

    As for the footage, we balanced the props and install an intermediate sponge material between the GoPro and the Phantom mounting point. We eliminate 90% of the Jello but then the vibration is still there. We think this Phantom is good for training but it is no way useful for professional footage capturing.

    We have a few friends that own the DJI S800 with Zenmuse Gimbal system and they are what you really looking for to capture professional useful footage if you asked me.

  • @Vitaliy What group deal you are planning for? The DJI Phantom of the DJI S800 and Zenmuse? I will be in if you are looking for a very good price for the S800.

    Practice can't make you flying this thing perfect, it requires a certain talent if you asked me. Take a look at this footage:

  • What group deal you are planning for? The DJI Phantom of the DJI S800 and Zenmuse? I will be in if you are looking for a very good price for the S800.

    I do not plan any group buy. We'll have deals on Phantom and can look to arrange deals on other copters you suggest.

  • More demos on the Rotor Cinema videos page...

  • Lead! Don´t follow :)! Keep it as simple as possible! Learn to fly and forget gps stuff at first :). Balansed probs is also nr. 1 ;). Hope Henning sees this in some point. 3 years ago I got interested aerial filming by this talent (Check videos, older ones also):

  • password:stadi

    Last sunday I had full day filming work stuff, but I did at end of day one 4 min flight from one park in Helsinki. After short shoot, got amazed how twixtox handled flow motion hack cinema 24 p... Meaby I can make from this just sample to my website.

    I´ve not posted this as public yet, no color correction and just posted this out. It´s always lottery how it act´s as packed in Vimeo... more coming soon! Filmed with Droidworx AD6 HLE hexacopter and Photohigher AV200 gimbal with Photohigher Skyline stabilization. AND OF COURSE WITH BEATEN GH2 WITH KIT LENS :). Need to shoot more Helsinki for my video bank. 4 min´s lift and land it´s not enough :)! But just got amazed how twixtor works :/...

    I´ll meaby fix this video and add clip´s, just got so amazed by myself...AT least You can see Southern Helsinki in winter time form here :)

    My badly updated website:

    just pm, if You need some help. 1,5 years experience about different with multicopters...

    ps: buy blade msr indoor heli , and learn to fly, It is totally different if Your goal is get to real shoots in outdoors. Check how YOU CAN FLY ;):

  • @P13DM Sorry, if this not work as it should be. i got really bad experience gps faisafe. I just try to keep ererything as safe as possible. onec got connection fail. Looked soooo bad how 4 kg hexacopter try to fly "home" by itself. I saved it on up north in Lapland in middle of nowhere. But in busier places. in naza and all DJI braind there is also compass in gps module. Now I have failsaf assembled that lad there where you loose connetion. I feel this safer than self flying object "trying to find home"= sick speed sideways. I feel it safer to fly safely and fail safe lands multi to place I loose connection if it happens. Of course need to upgrade regulations of my country. Last update is from january.... and no one will call me :/..

    Thanks for reply. Soo much stuff to handle :)! Nice I see this topic also come to more active on best site EVER for filming!

  • Now we can start practising 3d flying with multicopters. I mainly crash theese :)! I fly a lot of these for prctice. Just a bit work with to learn softwares, but I really like to fly these cheap Quads for practicing, and also one of my first reel is actually filmed mostly with un balanced multiwii quadcopter and contour camera attached without gimbal to foam, only downpart clips with gh2 and droidworx Hexa :), because just strong gusty winds. There is only gyro and acc on, so thats why I know compass is not nessesary ;).. And you can put all sencors behind switches :)!

    That´s why odd layer, and some yello.I did 2 hours filming for this and just afterwards planned with friends to puplish this clip anyway.

    @P13DM . Thanks for comments. Not Happy to progress of my reels still. Need to buy new computer to not get frustrated to sit and wait rendering :)... :).. Nice to hear If DJI has changed things. All hava problems, but this is also work of maniac :).. human errors are more usual, But I dont regret av200, been so glad I took it traight and Skyline stabilizer now because it finally started working. It has still some issues on software, but changed my stab totally which came straight from Naza before.Naza camstab is terrible. Now calm days I´m able shoot clips, which I dont need to actually post stabilize at all :). And I can film already in 7 m/s winds ok! EXcept NAZA is sooo easy to fly, but so "angry" to keep itself sabilized :(. I crashed my Hexa now 2nd time since august And now bacause strong gust. luckily on 2 m hight. But that it how it goes... There is so many things that some day you crash :(.. but no pain no gain. hah and Naza has bit too agressive gain! Just amazed how strong Droidworx is and gimbal. I Have all insured, but hope it pays itself back. only probs broke.

    Now I got also all sencors I am working on. Even gps & bluetooth, i can adjust my multiwii with android :)! When it enough good meaby throw Naza a awy in somepoint... but there is coming all the time new stuff :), but I am not running after latest never. let other first crash things :)!...

    Multiwii is the thing to check out: sell´s those and here Really cheap and good copters to flying! Softwares are open source. those started really work good last summer, cause I am not so good in patient to learn code´s and coding :)

    Sorry long reply, but soo bored today to edit. Heh!

  • @P13DM Niiice! Hvent read any about phantom etc. 3 things in this order most important: 1. Stiff frame (barains dont understand if frame is too flexy) 2. There is no ready balaced props 3. Balanced motors, no bended shafts

    and all should be like in balance. wheight, motor, props. Naza dont giv a much forgivenes. I putted it to first to warthox guad.. and with contour I added just 2 batteries, I couldn´t get rid of wobbling...:( same setup with multiwii braind no any issues..

    Also to Multiwii. First thing is stiff frame! My friend had just problems with that. Heve a nice day. I go also fixing my hexa now :)!

  • Hi Everyone,

    New to the forum, so I hope this post does not break protocol....

    Here is something that may interest you guys.

    This is our new prototype multicopter designed to give clear forward and even upward view for the camera without props in the shot. There is a video below, although this flight was not about getting good footage, it was the first test flight for the Hexa version of the frame!

    Flight characteristics are fantastic, with great stability and handling, and the offset of the rotational plane of the rotors between the front arms and the other four, helps greatly with stability in wind, and to avoid the dreaded 'toilet bowl' during descent. Flight times with batteries provided will be around 15 mins + subject to how you fly, weather conditions etc

    Also fitted to the machine is the Vulcan Vibration Isolation system for use with other gimbals, such as the PhotoHigher AV200, which can be simply attached instead of the Z15 Zenmuse. Wiring and a UBEC for gimbal servo power has been built in ready for this option, so even if you have man existing gimbal, this machine can carry, power and control it.

    Built to the highest standard with top of the range components, this machine is now available off the shelf as a complete ready to fly package including everything you need start your aerial photography business. The only thing not included is the camera (Sony Nex 7 required), but we are happy to supply that too on request- for full equipent list see below.


    Equipment List: Vulcan Mantis 900 Hexa Airfarme DJI WKM Flight Controller DJI Z15 Zenmuse Gimbal (Nex 7) DJI iOSD On Screen Display for all flight parameters DJI 5.8Ghz 500mw Video Downlink with Clover Leaf Antennas DJI Retractable Landing Gear Futaba 14 Channel 8FG Super with R6014HS Receiver Tiger 3515 Motors HobbyWing 40A OPTO ESCs 14 x 4.7 Full Carbon Fibre Props Vulcan 400A Power Distribution Board Vulcan Vibration Isolation System 5 - 7.5A UBEC 4 x 6100mah 6s Overlander LiPo Batteries LiPo Battery Charger 7" TFT Monitor with Sunshade for Camera view 1 x 5000mah 3s LiPo for Screen and Video Rx Power

  • @VulcanUAV . Looks nice :)! My Hexa with DJI Naza (Wookong also?) has really sencitive YAW. I see in Your video also really fast Yaw movements and those ,in my opinion, panning video too fast spoils it easily. I had to smoothout "YAW" curve like 65% from my transmitter and now it feels reaaly smooth. I am not sure, meaby it depends so much about whole setup You use, but I saw in you example video also quite fast pannings? On Video making view it doesn´t look nice in my eye´s. My friend collaque also finally admitted it and made smoother curve for turning.

    But frame lifted front looks nice design to not get propellers to video wheb flying fast forward :).

    About safety, I warned about "GPS home" was just my one scary experience in Lappland in really safe spot (Up thet north GPS doesn´t work good is also problem) After arctic circle GPS works bad :) ), but in busier places there is a lot of other signals etc.. so I ve just didn´t find quite old info by Alex Paris, how he didn´t never use magnetometer in cities.. because of all risky things.. for example electric lines? And of cource I don´t know at all how dji software works and handle things.

    Anyway meaby this is too clear for everyone. I fly always and film in really off remote spot´s first two week´s with new copter, to get trust etc.. for it. But all can fail in some point anyway. So main thing is, I plan all flights as safe as possible, now filming snowboarding, and warn all guys I shoot about things etc.

    Sorry if I repeat. Did someone ask me about some problem? I´ve been out for a while and saw some question, but missed it?