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Nikon D5200 topic
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  • @adventsam

    "They made the d5200 too good!"

    Haha...I'd rephrase that as they made the D5200's sensor and video processing good...but the video features (exposure control; auto-focus; lack of 50p/60p) suck.

  • I think there are only two things I don't like about it, with a zoom lens that has a variable f number , the aperture always changes when I zoom in so I have to go out of live view with the zoom that I like and then go back to liveview. The other thing is the exposure. But I think there could be workarounds to these ploblems, external monitos for exposure and constant aperture zoom. Some zebras in nikon would be so good. The other thing that I like is the Cinematographer pro software for nikon

  • You can buy other fix aperture zoom lens from Tamron, sigma and Nikon.

  • I was about to say there are plenty of decent priced constant aperture zooms.

    Heck variable f number zooms will shift no matter what you use...even on camcorders. A lot of gear head videophiles tend to shoot with manual focus also :-D

  • Does the D5200 have the crop mode just like the D7100?

  • only in 1080i, not stills or prog video.

  • I would be nice if a German speaker could summarize from the slashcam article. Have people seen the slashcam picture profile. It looks very flat and the raise black did not look noisy at all.

  • Just go to the googletranslate web page and paste in the url.

    I had some trouble with the grey market D5200 seller and I cancelled my order a few hours before the D7100 was announced. I might hold off now 'till the D7100 arrives. The feature set of the D7100 is a lot more appealing to me but whether or not it produces a more filmic image remains to be seen. Samuel needs another volunteer with a D5200 to help him do some dynamic range tests and determine whether the D5200 needs a new flaat profile.

  • This is quite impressive, I cannot comment on detail because of youtube compression, but colors etc hold very good at 6400 and even 12 800.

  • Impressive indeed. I may be making a mistake to pull the trigger this early (before we have proof that the HDMI can deliver a 23.98 fps output), but I have ordered one. It should be here on Monday.

  • @danyyyel I saw that but there's some conflicting information. Two days after that post, Andrew Reid wrote:

    The ProRes is slightly better but the main issue is that it is 30p in live view, and drops to 720p if recording to the card. So no 1080/24/25p over HDMI from this camera until Nikon sorts it out with a firmware update. Might be possible to get 24p from the 1080i output but this needs more testing and possibly firmware updates from Blackmagic and Atomos as had to happen with the D800.

    (Here is the page: )

    Just trying to figure out what is going on. This would be a huge boost to this camera.

  • What I know from the HDMI issue. The D5200 outputs NTSC or the current recorders only accept the ntsc signal only.

    On the Hyperdeck shuttle and Ninja 1 you can only record 30p and can get 24p from the 60i by using the stoneage pulldown method.

    With Atomos Ninja 2 it can do the pulldown for you. Hyperdeck and Ninja 1 doesnt do pulldown sadly.

    I also did a few tests with the D5200 and NINJA 1 with 30p and there is a fair amount of extra detail from recording on it in comparison to the sd card footage.

  • Atomos are looking into it I'm told.

  • @danyyyel

    That looks very nice, especially considering it's the kit lens! Now I have a dilemma: Do I pull the trigger on the D5200 or wait for the D7100???

  • We will have to see some video of the D7100. I am quite astonished that we did not see any video until now.

  • There is so much aliasing and moire in this video that I find it hard to believe that this is real footage from the D5200, because in my video's I haven't seen any of that!

    @Craftwerk maybe the guy turned in-camera sharpenening on to maximum

    No one I know would compare the nex7 to the gh2. The moire and aliasing of the Nex is also on another level than the gh2.

    @danyyyel what did you mean exactly? I actually did compare the GH2 with Nex-7 (I made topic for that) where Nex showed higher DR, considerably less moire and also had better results in night footage by 1600 ISO. Barely comments, so I tought nobody on this forum is interested in Nex-7 cameras. 1080p60 resp. 50 for PAL countries is also very interesting.

  • There is so much aliasing and moire in this video that I find it hard to believe that this is real footage from the D5200, because in my video's I haven't seen any of that!

    This guy posts fake test footage for hits (and presumably ad revenue). He's been doing it since at least the introduction of the Canon 5D III.

  • So ... as I read, no 1080P24 mode possible using hyperdeck... No D5200 for me since it would be possible.

  • Another impressive video pitted against the 5dmark3

  • Oh please, my wife in the movies;-) For D5200 you only have to remember that you can not prevent the underexposure of the material at a higher ISO. Because otherwise you are big noisy even as low (3200) ISO. In the case of ISO 12800 result was so good, so gentle overexposure. Sorry for my bad English (google translator) ;-)

    Source file (Nikon D5200 (ISO 6400, 12800)):

  • very impressive, in all the shot the range is better on D5200, thus looking more cinematic, it must hurt for 5dmk3 owners.)

  • With Kit lens as well...